Que From INGO Watches James Yeager

It’s your responsibility to be responsible.  And when the time comes for you to train for the fight…

The 5 screen simultaneous Yeager setup in the reloading room was a nice touch.

I knew I had seen Que before, and then I remembered the James Yeager Parody video.  It is HILARIOUS if you haven’t seen it yet.

I gotta shout out all the guys over at Indiana Gun Owners, I see links coming from there all the time and I appreciate it.

Hat tip: Andy


12 responses to “Que From INGO Watches James Yeager”

  1. Nick - SilentWarrior1 on INGO Avatar
    Nick – SilentWarrior1 on INGO

    I’ve met Que. The dude is hilarious, and a stand-up guy. I’m still in tears from laughter.

  2. Wow. He’s my new hero.

  3. Thanks for the INGO plug ENDO! Que is a fellow Moderator and he’s been putting out some GREAT videos lately.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thank you guys for the support!

  4. It’s your responsibility to be responsible… ROFL

  5. Hahahahaha!!!!

  6. I inadvertently plug INGO every time I post a reply on ENDO.

  7. fantastic video , makes a monday morning that much better thanks guys

  8. Fing epic! I lost it when he talked about internet experience.

  9. I know / like James, but that was pretty damn funny. LOL

  10. F**king EPIC!

  11. SittingDown Avatar

    James reminds me of a “cabbage patch kid” with a goatee. I can’t help but LOL. See: http://www.cabbagepatchkids.com/