Vanilla Pudding Glock Torture Test

This is a whole other level of nasty:

From the same guy who brought us the red Jello And scrambled egg Glock Torture tests.

A bit of an initial hiccup, but then the rest of that magazine dump was smooth as pudding.

Thoughts?  Are you a bit wary of operating in pudding related operational environments after seeing this video?


11 responses to “Vanilla Pudding Glock Torture Test”

  1. shockfish08 Avatar

    The spray of puddin’ that came out when he dropped the slide lock was hilarious!

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Bet it tastes better than Frog Lube and it’s still bio-degradable. LAWL

  3. aside of some of the stranger sex fetishes i’m not sure how this is applicable.

    1. Stranger? We clearly don’t hang out with the same crowds, this is nothing.
      ( •_•)
      In fact…..
      ( •_•)>⌐■-■
      Its pretty vanilla.

    2. Yeah, it’s closing in on fetish territory. One more video for confirmed status.

  4. Your having dessert with the family, large bowl of this stuff. Someone breaks in, you grab your glock, confront the guy. A struggle breaks and the glock lands in the bowl. Knowing that it’ll still work yea, I’d grab for it then try a different tactic.

  5. OMG this guy is pissing me off with the mouth breathing and slow mo speeds of movement. It’s like he was afraid to get the pudding on his hands.

    1. This over 9000! He moves so damn slow!!

  6. enfieldem2 Avatar

    This looks like something out of the most surreal cartoon or nightmare I have ever seen.

    Especially the thumbs up at the end.

  7. fatherdeath Avatar

    The sounds of the pudding and the action of the glock grosses me out…

  8. I’m just waiting for the barrel to be blocked and there is a blowback that includes the slide to chest or head.