Lady Gaga Strapped With The AK-47

A preview of her new song “Cake” and a shoot she did with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson:

Posted in the trap strapped with the AK / aiming at your fitted cap / cake like Lady Gaga

IIIIIIIIIIIInteresting….  I’ve gotta say I do like the new “Lana Del Rey” pinup type look she’s got going on.

You can listen to the entire song below:

I’m pretty sure she made the song as a gag, but you never know. Talented girl, definitely a weirdo though.



8 responses to “Lady Gaga Strapped With The AK-47”

  1. WTF are those?! Half an AR?!?!? WTF O_o

  2. SittingDown Avatar

    Man face alert. Yikes!

  3. shockfish08 Avatar

    Hot damn! :O Sheeeeeee’s a freak :P

  4. I don’t think that’s lady gaga at all “rapping” in that song. I listen to a lot of electronic music, and since the summer, there’s been a massive movement of “trap” music – think a bit of dubstep with Gucci Mane/Juicy J beats – and you have “trap.”

    I dunno who that is rapping on that track, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on here. I don’t listen enough to Lady Gaga (seriously – does ANYONE? lol) to know if that’s actually her or not. Maybe someone here does? :-P

  5. Well i think its nice transsexuals are making such strides into cheap pop music.

  6. HUH? What? Ass? Ok.

  7. She must have seen

  8. Meh. This lady does it funnier: