Good Guy Yeager

James Yeager’s generosity and the genesis of a new meme:

His offer at 1:55 :

If you are a wounded warrior that has been discharged from the military and you are missing limbs or whatever you got going on.  First of all thank you for your service… I am going to train you for free.  Tactical Response is here for you even when Wounded Warrior is not.

That is such an amazingly generous offer… It has really been difficult not to like Yeager recently.

As much as I enjoyed the Buck Yeager meme, I am giving it a rest for the time being.  Sure I may bring it back, but I think this good guy Yeager one needs to get some air for a while.  Click HERE for a blank meme picture so you can make your own up on this video or future videos and share it in the comments.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Wounded Warrior debacle, you can check out my brief post covering the hypocrisy of it on MILcentric.



25 responses to “Good Guy Yeager”

  1. Pure derp. Nuff said.

  2. The Philosopher Avatar
    The Philosopher

    Someone point me in the right direction…..who trained Buck?

  3. I still watch his videos as much as he gets bashed on here, IDK.

  4. ok, we know you’re in love with James Yeager, stop posting his stupidity

    1. I thirst for derp and all these fags like buck and vigilant sphincter block me when I troll them so endo is my only hope of continuing my crusade against derp. Keep the butthurt coming mike.

  5. I don’t agree with every little thing Yeager says but for the most part he is a pretty squared away guy. I started watching his videos from seeing them being made fun of here. But it was actually a breath of fresh air from a lot of the YouTube community. There are some great YouTubers but the first time I saw Yeager “danger check” I was sold.

  6. SittingDown Avatar

    Mid-life crisis.

  7. Hard not to respect that.

  8. Crunkleross Avatar

    I’m happy someone is willing to train the “fucked up”.

  9. The tide turns…

  10. Why would anyone want to be trained by an incompetent instructor, even if it’s free?

  11. James Rustler Avatar
    James Rustler

    Hell, if he didn’t have that silly nut-tickler goatee and the 100% Affliction blouse wardrobe, I might even like the guy given his string of normal, human-like behavior.

    1. James Rustler Avatar
      James Rustler

      *As of late (I meant to conclude).

  12. I still can’t figure this guy out. Part of me wants to take a class with him just to see what he’s like in person.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Please wear a hidden camera and microphone. This would make a great exclusive for ENDO. ;)

      1. I was thinking a gun mounted camera. You know, photograph the photographers, mix it up a little for ’em.

  13. HE should really write down what he’s going to say b4 doing a vid, pratice and then make the vid. Instead he just st_stutters along and curses. what an idiot. i cuss but come on theres a time and place for it. this guy fails at life

  14. “You guys who are all fucked up need to protect your family” wow….. Real nice of you.

  15. SittingDown Avatar

    I played this video for a girlfriend and she asked, “Why: are his arms so small (big goatee makes his arms look even smaller), is his shirt so tight (makes his arms look smaller), does he roll his shoulders all the time (drawing attention to his small arms)?” Laughter ensued.

    1. I don’t know if Yeager does it for the same reason, but I sometimes catch myself rolling my shoulders in order to adjust my cover garment.

  16. Kind of curious why ex-military would need to be trained in tactical shooting? More so why Yeager thinks that he is equipped to train those with missing limbs. I like shooting and if I were a wounded warrior I’d take him up on the offer. I don’t know enough about Yeager to say, but if I’m going to take a class on tactical shooting it better be taught by someone who has been in a situation of high stress, non-simulated life or death someone’s got a gun and is hoping to shoot me kind of deal. I had a guy at the range give me his business card a while back offering me a discounted intro class.. I asked his credentials and he said “I’ve been shooting since before you were born and I was a reserve in the sheriff’s office… what are yours?” Guess he could tell that I thought his only tactical defense would be to be on an incline that he could roll his heft down towards the attacker. Not saying Yeager isn’t qualified.. just that I’ve only watched two of his videos and wasn’t that impressed.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      You too can become a firearms instructor and reviewer. Here’s how:

      1. Get tattoos. Better yet, become a tattoo artist.
      2. Take the hair off a Troll Doll and place it on your chin with super glue.
      3. Buy all of the XXX-Small shirts from Spike’s Tactical.
      4. Shave your head or wear a hat all the time. Preferably in Coyote color.
      5. Get a mediocre, butter faced girl to be co-instructor or at least appear on camera. (Optional)
      6. Do back flips, frog leaps, hurdle tires while firing at a paper target.
      7. Film every idea that comes to your mind and pretend it’s a request from fans.
      8. Roll your shoulders every 15-30 seconds.
      9. Bash all firearms that aren’t popular. Especially 1911s.
      10. Perform “Over The Beach Tests” on every firearm ever made. But do so as slowly as possible.
      11. Glue green pool table felt on every surface in your filming environment. Don’t forget the exercise equipment nearby and the acoustic foam stapled to every wall in the building.
      12. Talk about your expensive watch and jewelry collections every few days on your Youtube channel.
      13. Engage parking brake while sitting at dangerous checkpoint on Route Irish in Iraq. Shit pants when gunfire is heard. Panic. Abandon vehicle and teammates to their deaths. Come up with excuses to hide the fact you cannot be trusted to drive under stress.
      14. Perform 45 minute “table top” reviews and hour long “run and guns” in the desert while gasping for breath and running at the pace of a snail in full kit. Talk about “jimping” all the time. Make sure all kit is brand new, unsoiled. All guns should be in perfect condition and not have a single scratch on them.
      15. Go to firearms schools and gun shops and ruin people’s knives with horribly amateur engraving.
      16. Tell people to vote for people who have no chance of winning whatsoever.
      17. Fake an accent. Don’t even bother to replicate the real thing. Just do a shitty job and smile a lot.
      18. Open training school.

      Feel free to add additional items where relevant. You are now a true bad ass firearms instructor and reviewer.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        This list will become a t-shirt line eventually. Hopes and dreams. ;)

    2. Well. it depends on what their MOS was. Maybe they were a truck driver and got hit by an IED. Maybe they were a mechanic. Most of the military is non-combat personnel. Ever heard the saying, “an army marches on its stomach?” Besides, even if they were combat troops, if they’re missing an arm, having some who’s willing to spend a few days to work with them and give them the equipment and facilities to practice would be very helpful. In all likelihood, Yeager has no experience training someone that is physically disabled. Even if that’s the case, just working with them can help both parties to figure out what works.

  17. FarmerJoe Avatar

    stupid should be painful. nuff said.