Hand Painted Metal AR-15 Type Silhouettes In A Stained Glass Motif

From Artist Alexander Mijares “Make Art Not War” series *insert eye roll at series name*:

They start off as CNC cut aluminum blanks and Alexander paints what you see on by hand:

It’s pretty much a given that I’ll shit on any and every art project someone sends me a link to.  For one, this Alexander Mijares guy calls himself a professional artist and obviously makes a living off of what he does.  Bottom line is I could do this (and most of the other “art” I post about), and I just might do it for personal satisfaction.  Secondly, I get the whole concept of taking “artistic licences” when representing something.  I didn’t need this AR-15 based rifle to be a carbon copy of an actual rifle, but seriously the proportions are way off!  Why is the barrel nut way behind with the delta ring?  Why is the magazine retardedly shaped?  Why is the barrel profile on a diet? I could go on and on.  Maybe he wanted it that way, but my guess is he knows nothing about firearms and googled “assault rifle” and took the first picture of some airsoft bastardization and made that his model.  That’s Ok too though… he hangs out with good looking girls (see his facebook page), likely drinks for free and eats some stinky cheese on the reg, so all in all it looks like a pretty good life.

Visit the artist Alexander Mijares‘ website for more info.


Hat tip: Karl


31 responses to “Hand Painted Metal AR-15 Type Silhouettes In A Stained Glass Motif”

  1. So *EdGy*

  2. hahahah thanks! that was pretty funny.

  3. This isn’t art. This is cliché’ that he just prescribed to. I wonder if he ended up in 100k worth of debt from his shitty art college. Hipster bullshit.

  4. Santi, either you appreciate the art or you dont… no need to talk shit.. its a form of expression just let it be

    1. Yeah, I hear ya.

      1. Good attitude Alexander. And i think the coloring of your work reminded me of the guns in that game. Bright/vivid.

  5. Alexander, I’d be happy to provide you with an accurate vector path for you to work from, in exchange for one in bare aluminum.

  6. Calling bull on this one. He could at least have gotten the proportions right.

  7. i bet these cost waaaay more than the real functioning version, just because it’s “art”

  8. Unless you personally know the artist, I would refrain from talking shit. Assuming anyone who uses guns in art is doing so because it is ‘edgy’ is sort of silly, so unless we get a personal statement from Alexander himself validating the aforementioned statement don’t treat it as a fact. This doesn’t really seem different than using a gun in a video game, and perhaps it will cause someone to acquire an interest in guns which will result in an interest in the shooting sports. Even if he is trying to be edgy, who gives a shit? He’s not portraying the guns in a bad light or going ‘They’re bad mkay.’
    And give the guy a f*cking break, did he at any point claim he was attempting to recreate the Colt M4 in exact detail? I draw guns based off other guns all the time, I purposefully change details sometimes to make them look interesting even if it would ruin the punctuality of the gun in reality because ITS A MOTHERF*CKING PICTURE, NOT A TECHNICAL SPEC BLUEPRINT.
    To Alexander Mijares, please don’t judge the entire gun community off of this one blog post.

    1. Sorry, ruin the “punctuality” of the gun? Meaning the gun will tend to be late to appointments due to your changes?

      1. Urgh, meant to say functionality, not punctuality, thanks for catching that.
        And hey, you could theoretically refer to locktime of a gun as ‘punctuality,’ right…?

        1. I suppose you could.

  9. Gabe, thank you! and btw i love guns! hahah

    1. No worries, I get annoyed when people who aren’t artists or who aren’t involved in the art community piss on art, they’re usually the same sort of people who scoff at anything abstract/modern but haven’t tried to make it themselves (to Mike: with all due respect, creating original works is harder than it seems).
      Judging artists off one broad hipster stereotype is like claiming all gun owners are mass murders; its total bullshit that only ever really shows that the person making the judgements doesn’t really know what they are talking about.
      Respect on the breast cancer fundraising, and good luck with your art!

      1. thanks partna!!! same to you!

      2. “judging artist off one broad hipster stereotype is like claiming…”

        Good point.

  10. and so I was a bit over zealous, I can admit to that.

    1. Santi I was thinking it before you said it. I’ve seen too many “chop up perfectly good guns and make them into shitty art” and “look at me! I’ve depicted guns, I’m so edgy!” projects, and now my knee jerks violently when I see gun “art” from guys in fedoras. Call it a Pavlovian response.

  11. I’ll give you $1.79 for a red one.

  12. Doesn’t seem to be villainizing or destroying firearms. I kinda like the stained-glass look.

  13. Wow, thank you Mike. I am now locked and loaded for the next person I have to make fun of… “I bet you eat stinking cheese on the reg.” Ha! Perfects. Oh, and the “art” is dumb.

  14. Hey Alexander, just a word of advise, unless you’re shooting trap or skeet competitively, I would recommend practicing engaging targets off the coast of Miami with both eyes open. Don’t want to leave the left half of your firing sector uncovered.

  15. SittingDown Avatar

    Do these come in “FLAT” Dark earth and does the RDS take coin cell CR2032 batteries or are they solar powered? I keed. I joke.

  16. Crunkleross Avatar

    Inb4 someone holds up a liquor store with one.

  17. Lol ok, look at the rest of his art. Are you also going to say his artistic depiction of a human being is out of proportion from an actual human body when it’s very obviously abstract. He made it the way he wanted to…with the proportions, colours, etc that fit his idea….the way he imagined it. Guess what, it’s art. Stare at an actual at-15 if you think something needs to be true to life to be enjoyed. And post some pics of your women, in your town, and your life on your IG right beside the pic of you and your proportionate gun. I wonder what most people will think looks better. Geek.