Girl With No Arms Shoots Various Guns With Her Feet

She even makes a witty comment about being “armed” at the beginning:

The shooting starts at 4:50.  Before that the guy is just showing her his guns.

She also reminds other armless people who are learning how to shoot guns, not to put their toe on the trigger until they are ready to shoot.  Jeff Cooper would be proud.

I’m always blown away how positive some disabled people are about life.  Good for her, I couldn’t handle that for 5 minutes.

Glad to see the guy hosting her, didn’t troll her with a Deagle.

 has a youtube channel where she records herself doing various things (without arms of course).

I posted about one other guy shooting with his feet a while back which you might want to check out.


Hat tip: Colin


12 responses to “Girl With No Arms Shoots Various Guns With Her Feet”

  1. She’s pretty adorable.

    I gotta love people with some pretty serious handicaps simply shrugging them off, with a smile!

    Nothing is gonna stop them!

  2. i wanna know how she wipes after taking a crap.

    1. SixtyForty Avatar

      She addresses that issue in her latest video.

  3. Good for her. I’m working with a one handed family member by running weak hand only. It’s a challenge.

  4. wow, she has a great spirit about her.

  5. @5:40 she doesn’t flinch with the trigger goes “Click”. Now thats amazing stuff! I catch people all the time with that (snap caps in a loaded mag).

  6. That girl is amazing, and probably a better shot than me.

  7. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Am I the only one who is wondering what else she can do with her feet?

  8. and what’s on the side-bar advertisement right now : the Endo Apparel “No right to bear arms” t-shirt
    …oooh random coincidences ….

  9. Beyond awesome.

  10. Bebopwing Avatar

    I saw her on the CBS evening news, and she said she started the videos as a way to network and show potential employers shes capable of anything that anyone else is capable of. Shit, I’d hire her if I was able to make such decisions. I was once shooting a news piece on wheelchair tennis, and my reporter asked a loaded question to athlete about the difficulties he faced, he danced around it and talked about how he wants improve his back hand, and when he finally came back to the difficulties of using a wheel chair, and how simple things like moving laterally takes great effort and practice, he followed it up with “But it’s not like I have any other options!”

  11. get her a NRTBA shirt.