One Shooting Instructor Shoots Another – Internet Cover-up Ensues

It happened during a shoot house portion, Gene and a student was doing an AAR after a run in the house. XXXXXX enters first room engages targets (no lights). Gene and student did not positively ID their presence in the second room, XXXXXX goes into room two, engages target with failure drill with Gene standing in front of that target and the student nearby. Two to abdomen, one to the arm. XXXXXX shooting under no light at a target he previously set up. But the problem compounded when XXXXXX did not account for all people in the class, the people in the shoot house upon hearing the shots, did not ID their presence, and shooting in low light with out a light to ID target…….

Well well well… looks like someone wasn’t as HSLD (High Speed Low Drag) as he thought he was.  Whoever could have imagined such an accident would happen?  *eye roll*

I’m not naming names (yet, although if you read the links you can figure it out), because although several of your emailed me various links which I’ll add below, there is very little concrete evidence to support the claims.  I emailed the owner of the shooting range where this happened, and even he didn’t want to verify the story and told me to email the person in question.  I declined to do that because why would that guy in question cooperate with me in me making fun of his dumb ass?

Here are some relevant links to discussions:

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.  I hope the guy he shot (THREE TIMES apparently!#!#!#$!) makes a full recovery.

Amazing how information on this all seems to be “unavailable” or else wiped from the internet.  Even this news story on the incident has basically no useful info.

I’m sure XXXXXX feels terrible, but in my opinion you don’t get any 2nd chances with stuff like this.  Safety is paramount, and if that’s not your main concern when training people then you’re just putting everyone including yourself in a whole lot of danger, and stuff like this WILL happen.  You can beat your chest and bark about “big boy rules” and “real world combat is 360 degress” all you want, but if there are not safety protocols that are being diligently followed (no matter what the class skill level is) then I would consider that gross negligence.


Hat tip: All you guys that sent it in!  I don’t want to name names because some told me to keep theirs quiet.


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  1. “play stupid games. win stupid prizes” the exact polar opposite from yolo. use it all the time.

    accidents happen.

  2. If someone should happen to believe they operate so hard that they don’t need to exercise common sense in gun safety, they shouldn’t shoot somebody accidently. You can think you’re as operator as you want but once you’ve shot someone in training you might want to rethink what you’re doing.

  3. So noone thought to clear out the shoothouse before the shooting started? Firing blind at targets? Thats why we invented NOD’s and mounted lights.

    Clearly this bunch is not Tier 1, Teir 10 maybe.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      I’m guessing he was teaching/practicing some high-speed Spetsnaz method of shooting targets in the dark. Unfortunately between him and the assistant instructor the range was not cleared, so either someone neglected to clear the range, or someone was shooting when they weren’t supposed to. Either way, they failed at their first obligation which is eveyone’s safety. I’m just glad it wasn’t a student that was shot.

  4. Not that any credit can be given to the shooter in this case other than the long shot thought that it would have been OK to ignore safety where he comes from… but at least he did own up to it being his fault.

  5. Every picture that Sonny guy is in he looks like a fucking drug fiend.


    come on! u mean to tell me that guy did something unsafe, which hurt someone? I do not buy it for one nano second.

  7. I know Army shoot houses aren’t all that high speed, but they could have looked at the current TTPs for running one. Last time I went through, an NCO was at either door counting people in and out and an E8+ had to clear the house between iterations. Body armor isn’t a bad idea either when you’re shooting indoors at stuff ten feet away.

    Oh yeah, I don’t recall being taught to shoot at ANYTHING without good target ID. The Army gets testy when you shoot the wrong people. Hell, they get testy when you shoot the right people anymore.

    Again, not saying Army training is the most high-speed ever, just that there are some simple safety TTPs that could have saved the day. But safety measures don’t make people feel like operators operating in operational operations.

  8. Barely lit shoot house,with an character probably similar to Buck Yeager runs in blind with no positive target ID and shoots,injuring one?

    If I was doing a “shoot house” and this incident were to “accidentally happen” while a student and I were doing an AAR,first thing I would do is grab the student and yell “GET DOWN!!..”,
    “FRIENDLY FRIENDLY!!..HOLD YOUR FIRE!!” and kiss the ground while waiting for the dumbass to stop and holster their weapon and for the lights to be brought up.

  9. Two to the stomach, one to the arm. Motto of high speed high fag operators everywhere.

    1. At least he can’t aim

  10. Another AAR with pictures and write up – guy wasnt there for the incident.

  11. Oh, and he taught another class this weekend as well….

    1. I love those ‘who farted?’ drills, comedy gold.

  12. And wasn’t there gobs of butt hurt Haleys, Chos, and other HSLD instructors defending Sonny after Haley posted a link to the new Panteo video of Sonny saying what a top notch operator he was after all of us “piss-ants” (as Haley called us) ripped Sonny to shreds for his dual wield AK and pistol egress move where Sonny blindly fires that AK as it lay across his arm? Just look at that Panteo video (if it exists anymore) and you’ll see this jackwagon Sonny doing all kinds of crazy crap and saying stupid things too. Since this crap happens in threes, can’t wait to see if Buck Yeager and Vigilant Sphincter get some ‘accidental’ shoots too. Hey! Here’s our hero!

    1. The problem with all the butthurt surrounding that video is that people thought that he whole blind firing AK thing was something he was teaching. In actuality Sonny was just demonstrating something he had seen a soldier do in desperation to escape a situation where his whole squad was wiped out. Safe? No. Is it something he was teaching as a HSLD method for slaying bodies? No. That video is taken out of context way to often in my opinion. That being said, I am disappointed that Sonny would be so negligent in this recent mishap. Definitely wont be taking courses with him anytime soon.

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        If that video clip required so much context to be correctly understood, then maybe it should not have been used as a promotional clip. The teaser for a video is usually some short clips that are representative of the training that is included in the video series. If this dual weilding Matrix move is a how-not-to lesson it should either be declared as such, or not included in the trailer. If you don’t want people taking things out of context, then don’t show alarming things out of context just to hype-up the video.

  13. This blog is so full of fail

    1. I know, isn’t it great? All the best fail from around the Internets in one convenient place. :)

    2. Yes! It’s great to see how much fail people have with guns and have it on one nice blog to look at!

  14. Egotistic Narcists Deliberating Obediently Avatar
    Egotistic Narcists Deliberating Obediently

    Fags licking mike’s butthole, as usual, nothing new to see here

  15. elephantrider Avatar

    “Fags licking mike’s butthole, as usual, nothing new to see here” Whoa there Sonny P. I know it’s been a tough weekend for you, but no need to go homophobic on us.

    Seriously, from what I’ve seen over the years of the instructor in question, this was just an accident waiting to happen. I have no need for the “Big boy, 360 degree range, this is how the Spetsnaz does it” rules B.S. as a means of explaining away unsafe drills in a class.

    1. liquidflorian Avatar

      It was probably Buck Yeager, but with out a “say-it-to-maaaah-face!!!eleven!!!1!” its hard to tell for sure.

  16. I wish no one to get hurt or shot, but if you ask for you it you deserve it. Here’s hoping for a full recovery and an eye opener.

  17. SittingDown Avatar

    Isn’t this the guy that does the weird shit with the AK that looks spastic and retarded?

    1. liquidflorian Avatar

      I hate to say it but aren’t their a couple of guys that do that?

    2. elephantrider Avatar

      This is the guy who likes to ignore basic safety rules while he and his students perform drills. See how fun it is to skirt safety rules. But, if that’s the way the Spetsnaz do it then who are we to question his methods?

  18. RTT-CQB man doesn’t approve..

  19. I can’t believe something like this hasn’t happened to the vigilant sphincter derps by now. O well a guy can dream.