.410 Shotgun Arrow Tip Rounds

The gun store guys give it a try:

Interesting.  I wish everyone that did this type of thing had a high speed camera.

They go off on a pretty big tangent about cut shells for a bit, but the DIY for the arrow rounds at 6:34 is worth watching to see what they did.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever do something similar?



3 responses to “.410 Shotgun Arrow Tip Rounds”

  1. JohnnyTToxic Avatar

    I was hoping for .410 strapped to arrows with duct tape 0_o

  2. Thumbs down. Should not have been an 8 min. video.

  3. at the ranges they checked these at you could get the same penetration from just about anything!

    that doesn’t look like real ballistics gel either, more like knox gellatin…