Rob Pincus Cuts Larry Vickers Daniel Defense Grass

Finally a hype man at DD who talks TO the viewer, not at them.

An introduction of Rob Pincus:

Tour of the Daniel Defense factory:

Grip and muzzle position:

Close Quarters Combat:

You might remember Rob Pincus from some past posts I made on how much of a tactical operator super ninja he is (HERE and HERE).  He’s still up to that type of stuff to an extent such as in video #1 where he stabs cinder blocks with his rifle, vaults over up hay bales to engage targets, and does a backflip over a fire pit onto a horse while dumping a drum mag at exploding targets. Fine I made the last one up… but the first two were true.

The videos got to the point, and contained mostly useful information.  I could listen to this guy all day.  Rob didn’t even tell us to “listen up” or call us “homes” in any of the videos either.  Refreshing.

I own a few Daniel Defense rifle parts and they have worked well for me.



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  1. Rob Pincus is a penis who can’t cough up his credentials nor back up some of his more weird and esoteric reasons for doing some of the screwier things he likes to do. He’s like a less stuck up, less douche, less roided version of Yeager.

    1. SOLD! That’s a great endorsement right there.

    2. There is a VAST difference between “can’t cough up” credentials and “I don’t think he’s qualified”. You are welcome to hold the latter opinion, but the former accusation is ridiculous. I’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and my “credentials” are well documented. Highest among them is that I’ve teaching professionally for over a decade since leaving law enforcement and my students span from many hundreds of people who have never held a gun to many hundreds of special operations personnel.
      We all know that pisses some people off because they want to see a long record of public service or hear at least one cool gunfight story. Apparently, neither are necessary to be “qualified”.

    3. Maybe this will help you understand me better. :-)

  2. The tactical dorkwod Avatar
    The tactical dorkwod

    first he says be flexible with your weak hand in a firing position, use whichever fits the situation, and then he says low ready is the only way to go. inconsistencies are not good mr. pincus. and the little demo for what high ready would look like is total bullshit.

    1. The fact that SOME things are more flexible than others shouldn’t cause you so much concern. Think a little harder and I’m sure that you’ll find many instances where it pays to pick ONE way that works well over the widest plausible set of circumstances. Don’t buy into the “it’s a way, not THE way” stuff to much… Sometimes that just translates too ” I’m not sure, and I can’t explain why I’m prefer what I prefer…”. Support hand position is NOT one of those things, because there are significant advantages to various positions under plausible circumstances.
      At any rate, thanks for watching the vids.

      1. The tactical dorkwod Avatar
        The tactical dorkwod

        my only concern is for misinformation mr. pincus. there are many different ways to do a lot of things in shooting. saying what you do/prefer is the best based on a one sided argument is just that. one sided. my instructor is a SF guy from 3rd, ran SFARTEC for 10 years or so, he has been taught both high ready and low ready, and both of us agree its all a matter of training for which ready position you prefer. you cant use cookie cutter tactics.

        1. That’s one opinion. When I have SF guys as students they use high ready. I’ve been taught a lot of things.. I don’t pass them all on, because some are less valuable than others. Only a hobbyist tries to learn it all.

      2. SittingDown Avatar

        I’m “tickled Pincus.”

        1. Rob Pincus Avatar
          Rob Pincus

          Guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m gay.

  3. I dunno, I thought being called, “homes,” by ex-Delta was refreshing because I was honestly never expecting that. :P

    1. Yeah, I don’t know about Mike’s over 35 y/o rule, I’m 42 and homie/ homes has been in vocabulary since the mid ’80s. As for Mssrs Vickers and Pincus I don’t worry too much about their fitness or quals, if they’re good instructors and relay good TTP it doesn’t matter where and how they learned it. A lot of early instructors lacked cool guy bona fides. Plenty of cool guys can’t teach, plenty of good teachers aren’t cool guys. Maybe “the LAV” nick is a reference to the USMC version of the Piranha, the personality and build are similar.

  4. High port v. low ready? He setup the example to fit his hypothesis. Special Forces is trained low ready, SEALs run high port. I train with a few local SEALs and I guarantee you the guy would not have got ahold of the barrel of the gun. The key is not to present the gun as he did.

    With proper techinique, high port, mid gun and power point work very well. They allow you to use the weapon for striking, they allow you to use your hands for striking, if a lower level of force is indicated. The weapon protects you centerline in the case of strikes and thrown objects. Finally, you get your rifle pointed at the head or COM faster than coming from low ready.

    That being said, I would not want to be up against a Delta operator running low ready or a SEAL running high port.

  5. So, does no one own an AR style rifle for “fun”? Does no one see the fact that while yes, there are some over the top acrobatics in the commercial, it speaks to the diversity of the product. After all, they are “modern sporting rifles”, no? By getting hung up on the special effects that are used, you are taking away from the main message that DD is trying to send. Whether its Pincus, Vickers, or anyone else, be lucky that they are out there promoting a product we can actually get, by an American made company. DD rifles arent like HKs which “shouldnt be available to civilians” like some magazine editors think. And its apparent that DD had to go with Pincus instead of Vickers purely based on their claim of being LIGHTER alone.

  6. theblackknight Avatar

    Ed is correct, Rob Pincus hides behind his “combat focus shooting” which is designed to be un accountable to standards of any kind. He says that all of his technique is based off science and what the body does naturally, but really it’s just to insulate himself from criticism. He hides behind the “my training isnt for the square range” bullshit.

    He selling his training like a crossfit franchise, and advises his legion of tacnerd instructors to never actually shoot at a target in class(but rather the berm), and if they have to do a demo, they dont do it at full speed. You could literally suck with a handgun and still be a CFS instructor.

    1. TiredOfDoodies Avatar

      Hey, theblackknight – it’s pretty obvious you’ve got a hard-on for Pincus, but your franchise comment is just ignorant. You do know that Vickers has a similar program, right? Same with Suarez, Givens, and many others? The SAME AS THE FREAKIN’ NRA? Are you intellectually honest and consistent enough to make the same complaint about all of them, or is it just Pincus?

      Seriously, give it a rest. Upping your meds might help.

      1. TiredOfDoodies Avatar

        Ooops, meant to say Ayoob, not Givens. Though he might, too, for all I know.

      2. theblackknight Avatar

        LOL I’d love to see which CFS instructor this “tired of doodies” account lines up with. You know you don’t have the fine motor skill to use a proxy in a dynamic online buttclinch moment? It’s true, I put my info-mation in front of scientists and stuff and they tell me good things cause I pay them handsomely.

        I am intellectually retarded. However, I realize that the idea of a firearms training franchise is actually a really good one. That dosent mean that all firearms franchises are good. You have to assess each one based on it’s standards or lack of. The author of the post above must deal in absolutes a lot.

        What is intellectually derped is when beta-males try to use the tired old cosmopolitan magazine psychology that states if I”m being highly critical of someone actually means I see them in a positive light,a fixation even. This kinda of “opposite truth” is the same tired mode of thinking that states if someone is driving a bro-dozer, ie a lifted truck with big wheels, baja lights, etc, that they are actually compensating for a small penis. These idea’s are, in reality, intellectually bankrupt.

        One thing anyone will notice is that when his name is brought up online, he magically appears to try his slight of type bullshit on people. He’s really the only “instructor” I’ve seen do this.

    2. Ever heard of center mass idiot!!! Same thing….

    3. Teod Stratta Avatar
      Teod Stratta

      As far as I know sucking with a handgun is a requirement to be a CFS instructor.

      There is a reason Pincus and his cronies do not shoot in competitions

      1. SittingDown Avatar


  7. Wow, you guys sure do hate him. I actually like his videos. They’re well done and not annoying as shit. I may not agree 100% with everything, but there is nothing he has said that I think is absolutely wrong. Then again, I’m not full operator status. I’m more of a jump over something and shoot you in the face kinda guy! haha, that was joke.

  8. Taylor TX Avatar

    Thought the barrel strike on the cinder block was sweet. I wonder how many blocks could be smashed with a really aggressively shaped comp on there.

  9. SittingDown Avatar

    The name Pincus reminds me of the play on Latin words from Wiley Coyote cartoons (i.e. Eatius Maximum Roadius Runnerus). :D

    By the way, when Larry Vickers and Pincus get together, do people call them “Pincus and the Brainus?” ;)

  10. I don’t hate Pincus. I just don’t much care for him, his ‘techniques’, or his lack of ability to say what he’s done, where he’s been, and why the fuck I should listen to him and what he’s peddling.

    Every instructor I’ve had was able to logically string together their methodology, made no bones about who they were and what they did, and were able to not only be able effectively communicate the material, but were also able to perform and demonstrate and show a mastery of it. I’ve had instructors who were, and still are, some high speed pipe hitters, but I’ve also had instructors who were policemen and competition shooters. They all had something to offer, didn’t try to blow smoke up my ass, and didn’t veer wildly out of their lanes when teaching something they thought was valuable to pass on.

    If Pincus can do this, I’d go to the trouble of trying to get him to come to my neck of the woods. Seeing as how he either can’t or won’t, I reckon I’ll spend my resources on instructors of known quantities.

    1. Ed, I’m not sure how hard you have tried to find my explanations and my “logically strung together methodology”. Anyone who has trained with me will assure you that I go out of my way to explain everything that I teach… especially when it is questioned by a student who doesn’t understand “why” it is being taught.
      Too many people want those answers to be based on some prior military training or some example… I use physics, physiology, anatomy, neuroscience and empirical evidence from thousands of students in many hundreds of classes… along with what many, many examples have shown us about the probabilities of defensive shooting situations. You mention “lanes” as if it matters… it really doesn’t. If some plumber shows up tomorrow with the cure for cancer, I’m not going to waste away while moaning loudly about how the guy was “out of his lane”. There is a big difference between wanting someone to explain themselves and wanting that explanation to meet your expectations of what it should sound like.
      Read through student AARs from CFS Classes and you will see a recurring theme of explanation and logic.
      If you are interested in hosting a course: [email protected]. Love to train with you sometime.

    2. Your comments are about as useful as practicing three step sparring in a street fight!

      1. That comment was for Ed.

  11. If on a boat, use high port.

    If on a helicopter, use low ready.

    If on the edge of a cliff, use a sparta kick to the chest.

    If neither of the above, use whatever you’ve trained for. If a new tactic proves superior to what you already know, train some more and adopt it to your repertoire of tactical ninja skills.

    That is all.

  12. Perhaps before someone writes a book about “combat focus shooting”, they should have been in combat? At least once in their lives?

    So while LAV may not have the charisma, he was Delta Force, Alpha Squadron. When he talks the talk, he’s walked it. Rob, IIRC, was a ROTC and a beat cop for a year in some midwestern town. While Rob may have academically figured out some way to approach gunfights through his training and second hand accounts… how many gunfights has he been in? How many people has he shot? Perhaps… you may want to take driving classes from people who have driven before, not people who have studied and interviewed people who have driven?

    We’ve been at war for a long time people. A lot of recently retired SEALs, Green Berets, Delta Force Commandos who are teaching classes have literally been in hundreds of gunfights and shot hundreds of bad guys… each! Rob is a good businessman and a good communicator. Just don’t tell me he knows something about “Critical Dynamic Incidents” more than any grunt in combat arms in the last 10 years.

    1. True, I’ve never been in “combat”… but those guys you are talking (many of whom have been my students) about may know nothing about the things we teach in the CFS Program (counter ambush shooting)…. as for my resume, use Google, you are way off.


      1. SittingDown Avatar

        Are you still doing the Outdoor Channel shows? I haven’t seen any in a while.

    2. That would be like saying because I am not a licensed race car driver I don’t have the credentials to teach the basics of driving to my son or daughter! What a ridiculous comment!
      Not everyone that gets a concealed carry permit wants to be trained to go to war and still others want only to be better shooters or learn more basic safety for NON competition shooting or maybe their husband has a gun and they would feel safer to have a basic pistol training course. I am a certified NRA Pistol trainer and haven’t been to combat, do you think I should quit providing a service for self defense classes or CPL classes just because I haven’t been to war or shot someone? If that’s what you think you are a real moron! And yes there are plenty of service men and women and police that offer classes, but not every one of them want to, or are necessarily good teachers. Some are only good at following instructions and carrying out missions and when they are out of the service have emotional issues and training someone is the last thing on their minds. Also, sometimes there just aren’t enough of them in some areas of the country either. Sheesh get over yourself already!
      BTW one of my good friends was a SWAT tactical commander for 17 years and head instructor for his county and uses a lot of the techniques that Rob uses, is he not qualified too?

  13. Is this a joke? Pincus?

    His claim at a “Law Enforcement” background is a joke. He served for what a year?

    How does someone sell “Combat Skills” when they have never done a single thing? OK, no actual Mil or substancial LE background. Zero training worth mentioning, other than serving in an admin position at Valhalla.

    The guy is a slick I will give him that.

  14. My USASF ODA was trained by Rob and I can honestly say that he taught us very valuable and useful skills. I used these very skills along with training received from other contract personnel in various combat situations. It has saved my ass more than once. I hope that Rob sees this and understands how valuable his training has been to me and my teammates. I hope that I can have some free time in the future to receive further instruction from him.

    If you don’t like what Rob has to say, seek life elsewhere. No one is forcing you to watch or undertake his training concepts. Most of you are intelligent humans. So act like it!

    33D1 Out!

    1. Thanks Much, Tom. I know you guys are out there doing what you do and I am extremely proud to have played any small role in making you better at it.
      The fact that you took the time to post means a lot, you have better things to be doing.


      1. Not understanding all the hate comments?! What credentials do any of you haten on Rob have? I suspect nearly none! I learned my skills mostly from my brother expert in pistol and rifle and yes Rob has some good stuff in the two videos I have! Your comments about not being valuable because he didn’t have combat experience is compete stupidity, it’s like an astronaut not using the space shuttle because the design team didn’t take it to the moon first…

  15. Rob…still throwing clients pistols across the range? is that part of your CFS curriculum?

    1. bwahahhahaa…. just did it last Saturday. But it was an APH class, not CFS. ;)

  16. dogtrain Avatar

    Pincus is a bully, that preys on people who have less skill sets than he does.

  17. Aldo Pemtree Avatar
    Aldo Pemtree

    Rob is a joke.

    To his potential future students: open your ears up and listen to what the tier 1 instructors are saying about him and his training…..

    The dudes just an entrepreneur; to much talk, sales, and internet IQ tests telling everyone he is really really smart.

  18. Kudu GS Avatar

    Tom What GRP & ODA were you with? Just another SWC guy wanting to know.

  19. Kudu GS Avatar

    Anyone touches my weapon or attempts to throw it will be swiftly dealt with, with extreme violence. People pay to be taught. Not yelled at and have their weapon thrown about by some hot head look at me troll. Never met a active GRP guy or SWC guy who’s been to one of RP courses. Not saying they haven’t but the community is small and everyone talks.