Vehicle Center Console Gun Storage

The system holds an M4,Shotgun and handgun in your large vehicle:

Some issues I have with the product:

  • It’s aluminum.  Yea I know it’s to save weight, but that’s at the cost of having easy as butter to break into.
  • The lock mechanism looks weak.  Seriously, an L-bracket secured by two screws?
  • It opens up only in the direction of the driver, creating a barrier to the passenger.  I think i’d rather have it open forward, so the passenger could quickly get a gun too.
  • The price.  For $2400 I wish it at least came with an AR500 steel plate in the lid so that a person could take cover behind it if they got ambushed.
  • It’s tied into your factory door locks.  So does that maen if a thief smashes the window and hits the unlock button he can have all your firearms?

As far as my last gripe goes, I know it’s not meant to be a safe… but it very well could be one if it the product was done properly and at least provide the thief with some barriers to entry.  Lastly it appears their target market for this product is law enforcement, not the regular guy.  I don’t know how much of a problem law enforcement has with vehicle weapon theft, but i’m sure the issue is not that widespread considering how stupid someone would have to be to do that.

Check out the Console Bunker website for more information.


Hat tip: Chris


28 responses to “Vehicle Center Console Gun Storage”

  1. that totally looks like a factory GM accessory.

    whats the term, hide in plain sight?

    oh the times ive needed to 3-gun immediately upon exiting my vehicle. seriously, buy an SUV, put the rifle between the seats in the back folded down. gun in glove compartment. why is it so damn hard?

  2. me want me want me want

  3. Damn that company makes some strange expensive storage

  4. When your vehicle is locked, and the windows are smashed in your door locks are disabled. Lock your car with a window rolled down and try it. Those are bolts not screws. Opening towards the front would present problems for accessing other equipment such as radios. We also have been building Console Bunkers that have Kevlar in the lid for added protection. It would be cheaper to produce from steel and anything can be broken into if you have enough time. The average time a thief spends in your vehicle after breaking in is a couple of minutes at max.

    Thank you for your comments

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      What about the lid opening to the rear like most truck center console lids? It’s a cool product, will check out your website now.

    2. liquidflorian Avatar

      Any plans on making these for cars/sedans?

    3. law-abiding-citizen Avatar

      Yeah, not all manufacturers disable lock buttons when the doors are locked. I have an ’01 Grand Cherokee that does not, & an ’02 Expedition that does not. On the Jeep, the alarm will sound when the doors are unlocked with the lock button, but the Expedition does not have content theft deterrent.
      Personally, I think tying it to the door locks is a pretty terrible idea. If you’re in a situation where you need to access a firearm quickly, this system would have you unlocking all of your doors at a time when you probably really should be keeping them secured.

  5. needs cup holders.

  6. NukemJim Avatar

    Looks interesting, I would be concerned if it could take the abuse of a large 10-12″ screwdriver. Not a crowbar. John Adrian is correct is correct that normally a thief only take a few minutes and that any safe can eventually broken into.

    To me a reasonable test would be if an adult male 17-35 years old using a 12″ strong screwdriver or other lever could force it open in less than 2 minutes.

    I don’t know if it would take it or not, would love to see it attempted.


  7. I’m really digging the in between wall studs and concrete floor set safes they have on their website – I’d go so far as to break up concrete in the basement just to reset with a safe in it for under a carpet or something.

  8. I don’t know about trucks, but my car locks the doors automatically as soon as I put it in gear. So if the the console is tied into the vehicle locks, then how do I access the gun while moving?

  9. Ninjavitis Avatar

    Good question. Mine does that too but can be unlocked once I’m rolling. I’d like to see it with a little more camouflage. Maybe matching the interior and that thing just screams “cupholder”. If they did it up right, the thief might not even know what he’s looking at. I wish I had one that fit in my sedan. Just big enough for my Mossburg 500 and some spare magazines. Any ide how this would fare in a collision?

  10. My vehicle does lock as soon as I put it in gear, but it can be unlocked by pressing the button. However if I lock my vehicle with the window down I can reach in and unlock the doors, but an alarm sounds. That may make a thief uncomfortable, but not so uncomfortable as to leave a $3000 carbine set up behind I’m sure.

    I like the product, but it would have to be more secure and have a different locking system before I could take it seriously. If that happens I could see getting one for my vehicle and for my wife’s as well.

  11. id just take guns out at night… problem solved

  12. doyletoo Avatar

    Good concept, but I agree, the lock is pitiful. One hard kick or blow from a hammer or crowbar and it’s open. However, if the idea is to keep it secure while the driver is in/near the truck, it can maybe do the job.

  13. theblackknight Avatar

    Why is this good again? Just one more thing for paranoid prepper faggots to spend money on?

  14. The locking mechanism is far from pitiful. The flange drops down a narrow slot and a stainless steel pin goes through a hole in the flange. The pin is supported 360 degrees on both sides and the complete locking mechanism is fully encased. We offer a Mul T Lock version for the same price which negates the convenience of the locking system. We test all of the products we build and offer a lifetime warranty. Try to bend a small rod such as a screw driver when it is supported completely except for a 1/4″ slot where it is exposed. All products have some sort of compromise. I always enjoy product reviews from from people that have never had any use or contact with the product.

    Thank you very much for your interest

    John Adrain

  15. Don’t get butthurt John, if anything this shows you where you need to focus your marketing. i.e. show them how secure the lock is, people don’t know if it’s not in plain view on the website. If i think that something isn’t secure while looking at it, there’s a slim chance that i’m going to call a sales drone to try and convince me that it is. I went to both the product website and the linked review and didn’t see any pictures or diagrams of the lock. now mebbe some of that is opsec, but security through obscurity doesn’t cut it these days.

    Personally i like the embedded padlock designs found on weathertite truck boxes, i would feel much better about leaving guns in my car if there was something like that to be locked while i am away from the vehicle.

  16. Cool idea… but really, meh.

  17. Now you want us to put diagrams on how the locking system works on the web site. Perhaps we also could do a mass mailing to all of the felons in the area.

    Thank you for your interest

    I close with this

    John Adrain

    1. bigghoss Avatar

      Good concept and probably a solid product but you’re attitude guarantees I’ll never do business with you.

    2. So, a petty felon could break this lock if they saw it? Leads me believe that it’s a piece of shit, an expensive. Thanks, I’ll keep my money and my guns asshole. Have fun in the unemployment line.

  18. thats a persnickety reply…

  19. Not to be rude, but I think Mr. Adrian is mainly looking to tap the LE market. Few can or will afford his price point except local state and fed purchasers who seldom worry about price. Hence his testy reply, your not the customer he needs/wants to please.

    1. liquidflorian Avatar

      Another excellent use of my tax dollars.

    2. Well maybe he should put more trust in us how does he know we cant afford his product. If its only for the LE community why advertise to the mainstream. His post on his site even quotes “Personal & Home Defense Magazine”.

  20. SittingDown Avatar

    I’d rather have a roof mount. Way easier to deploy. Doors just get in the way.

    My favorite is the Progard G5500 Rack. Goes on the roof and is out of sight.

  21. Phenicks Avatar

    I think this would be slower for ‘fast access’ needs then the glovebox. If your looking for ‘hide in sight” rifle storage, look at the Du-Ha.