Call Of Duty – Surprise Trailer

I hate to think how much Robert Downey Jr. And FPS Russia got paid for this:

I’ve seen worse trailers.  This one was easy on the eyes at least.  Not surprised they are still milking the Back In Black song.

With around 2 weeks until launch date, it’s pretty obvious that the Call of Duty guys are going to beat us to death with teasers and trailers for a while.

You can pre-order Black Ops II at Amazon for $59.


Hat tip: Andy


13 responses to “Call Of Duty – Surprise Trailer”

  1. ….aaaand the COD franchise officially cedes the realistic military shooter title to MOH.

    1. lol?

  2. I was just rolling my eyes until FPS Russia showed up. Then I was like “Gun Culture is fucked.”

  3. That guy who killed FPS Russia is a goddamned hero.

  4. I’m sure i’m gonna be alone on this one, but I kind of liked the trailer the first time I saw it on TV. I enjoy the fact that COD has accepted how ridiculous it is. Now they’re using it to their advantage.

    1. Me too. Looks like fun. Can’t take this stuff too seriously. I mean, has anyone stopped watching action movies cuz Hollywood doesn’t get all the gun-handling stuff right? It’s entertainment. Let’s leave it at that, yeah?

  5. Porterhaus Avatar

    Why does everything have to be terrible?

  6. To be fair its a GREAT ad…I mean FPS Russia got his start running FPS videos on Youtube and we KNOW he’ll be playing the shit out of the new game when it drops.

    This is their target demo.

    1. I get why they used FPS Russia, but can you explain Robert Downey Jr.?

      I can only guess RD Jr. + Back in Black = Iron Man fans?

  7. Spencer Wade Avatar
    Spencer Wade

    That was an awesome vid. This is going to be a fun game just like all the rest of them. If you cant accept that then go to a therapist and talk about it cause you’re in denial. Andy Wolf ” Gun culture is Fucked” i don’t know what kinda gun culture you see or are a part of but this is a game and it is supposed to be military game play and in no way relates to civilian sport/rec shooting. IT WILL BE A VERY FUN GAME

  8. Really FPS Russia?? Damn we time to get a fake accent and start shooting shit on camera..

  9. MOH Warfighter SP was dope, the ops where so black… it was amazing.

  10. Yeah, I’m getting warfighter.