AK-47s For Peace

*Insert exteme eye roll here* A dramatic trailer for the event:

23 AK-47s (The greatest killing machine in the world) decommissioned and transformed in the name of peace.

A look at the actual event:

From an art standpoint I think the idea of a lot of them are cool.  I don’t like the “OMG GUNS ARE BAD” message though, which was the whole point of the exhibit.

0:58 – So she says she found blood in the barrel?  Possibly I guess… but my guess it was probably oil or a number of other things.  I’ll wait to hear what the lab results say… oh wait.


Hat tip: A whole lot of you that sent this in over the past few weeks.


18 responses to “AK-47s For Peace”

  1. Congealed blood in the barrel? Riiiiiigght… If that was true somebody wasnt using the gun as a gun were they?

    I’d love to have the cash to buy one of those and have it reactivated… Just to punish the 23 top international artists that couldn’t come up with a concept bigger than painting an AK pink.

  2. i think i have seen the hydra dip of that front one for sale online (the $$$ one)
    but once again i have to say – how the f**k is this art? and how is it worth more than $10 over the cost of materials?

  3. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    wow that was just straight fucking stupid.. she bedazzled a gun and called it art. im sorry but no most children would have done the same to those guns if you left them alone with it in an arts and craft store.

  4. Sivl32 (elvis) Avatar
    Sivl32 (elvis)

    I would also like to add that I do visit galleries and have an appreciation for art. this was just whack!

  5. AK-47s for Peace?
    What the shrieking fuck?

    And just what the hell’s next?
    Taliban Jihadists for Christ?
    Obama for the Second Amendment?
    Vigilant Spectre for Firearms Safety?
    Chicago Citizens for Honest Politics?
    Socialists for Free Enterprise and Capitalism?

    This is the kind of stupid that is utterly freaking painful to look upon…
    After I finish entering this comment I’m going for about 3 ounces of 100 proof ANYTHING I can swallow.
    Seriously. I don’t go near artists or art galleries because I think I have a life threatening allergy to ignorance.

  6. How can it be about peace when you want to bash them with their art?

  7. Do those kids have dick noses at 0:50 in the second video?

    1. and vagina mouths?

      1. And holding Kalashnikovs. But what does it MEAN?!!? We have to get deeper. It’s batshit insane, therefore it must be profound and have a hidden meaning.

  8. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
    AAFES Hot Dog Guy

    This is retarded. Hell, hadjis do a better job of this stuff, and leave the weapons in functioning condition. Pic related.

    Anti-gun crap like this disgusts me.

    1. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
      AAFES Hot Dog Guy

      Apparently that link didn’t want to work, so I uploaded the picture to imgur.

  9. FALSE. Those are Chinese Norinco Type-56s, not AK-47s. You can tell because the guns in the video have hooded front sights, whereas AK-47s have no such hood.

    At least they look like Type-56s to me. Me gun knowledge is next to nothing.

    1. You mean everything you know about guns you learned from this blog?

  10. Your art faileth. The FAIL is strong with this crap. My AK wielding children piss on your art.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  11. Fucking stupid. And how did that woman go into the barrel? Is she friends with Ms. Frizzle and has access to the magic school bus so she can shrink down and go inside a gun barrel where I’m sure there wasn’t any fucking blood.

  12. Then of course covering an AK-47 with dollar bills is brilliant. Of course that fact that the AK-47 was paid for with rubles or if they are Norincos, the Chinese yuan. But somehow they are blaming the U.S.

    I am so glad I don’t appreciate art.

  13. Yeah, that’s fucking stupid. Like this exhibit is going to bring about world peace.

    Also, can anyone identify the rear sight in the first video at 00:23?