Buck Yeager Debates Open Carry Again

This time with a YouTube guy who knew his rights when stopped by the police back in 2011:

Yeager loves talking about how much he hates open carry.  This isn’t the first time he’s debated it with someone.  This time he let the other guy talk most of the time, which was quite surprising.

I agree with the end message, which was just carry a gun no matter what.  Open… concealed… whatever works for you.

Quite a nice looking berm Yeager has… I’m assuming that’s at his school.  I imagine the sand makes it easy to cover up photographer blood too (haha low blow I know).



13 responses to “Buck Yeager Debates Open Carry Again”

  1. I was watching this video when I realized that James “Buck” Yeager is also known as “Buck Angel”.

    Turtle S.

  2. Bucky’s body language gave it away (just like the president’s did at the first debate)
    Folded arms show that there is a sort of barricade between them and other people (or their surroundings) and indicate dissatisfaction. Bucky had already made his mind up (apparent from the other youtube video) and was just entertaining the conversation between TheHoss and himself.

  3. Is that portly former Marine wearing colonel rank on his hat?

  4. Way too long to watch them talk. My 2 cents are the same as always. If I was a bad guy about to do bad things and I saw you OC a gun. I’d fucking shoot you. That’s why I conceal.

  5. Jon Hutto Avatar

    I like what Hoss is saying.. If you are against open carry in downtown Dallas, fine, but why prevent the 90% non-urban parts of Texas from open carry?

  6. John Fritzed Avatar
    John Fritzed

    Buck appears nervous just thirty seconds into it. It’s not only his body language but his voice. Wonder why…

    Good video.

  7. billy bob Avatar

    Sounds like two dumb guys trying to sound smart while some random dude rolls a tire across the background (that was the best part). I couldn’t watch more a few moments of dialoge before I started to feel dumb. Maybe they talked beard product off camera and felt each other bicepts.

  8. nikonmikon Avatar

    “I’m kind of a big deal”

    I don’t know how to take that from someone like James, no lie. I defend the guy all the time but god damn dude… lol

    Good video though!

  9. People can open carry if they want. I just don’t see how it is beneficial socially and tactically as a civilian. I guarantee that I can use slight of hand tricks to lift their firearms if it is carried between 3-6 o’clock positions which most people are comfortable with.

    1. nikonmikon Avatar

      You do realize if the holster has any kind of retention you won’t be able to right? I’d like to see you unholster a fully loaded gun from someone’s holster without them realizing it at all.

      1. Who said anything about them not realizing it?

  10. this fag blocked me off of youtube and i actually like his videos and im kinda mad ;(

  11. tv_racin_fan Avatar

    I understand some of you do not care to open carry. I got no issue with that. However I have the right to do so if I wish and I have the right to disagree with your reasoning.

    For instance G-man you left out the part about your getting close enough to do so. I know for a fact that you can not take my handgun off my side from 21 feet or more. You do not get within that range without me knowing or allowing it. Sure maybe you can take it off me with some slight of hand tricks. However while you are performing those slight of hand tricks it may well be that I am performing some slight of hand tricks of my own and you might not like the Texas reload blasting away at you or the knife in you. Not to mention you might not have seen my son who is generally also open carrying with me and/or my wife who doesn’t open carry. It might not be pretty you attmempting to take my handgun from me with one or two of them deciding you don’t do that without repercussion.

    I have heard of two cases here other than LEO had their open carry arms taken from them. Both cases the victims were unaware the attack might be coming. That aint very prudent of a person who open carries. I also know of a case or two where someone open carrying actually prevented a crime just by the simple act of open carrying.