Violence Tax On Guns And Ammunition

Cook County Chicago is trying to make it happen:

Cook County Board President Preckwinkle is eyeing a violence tax on guns and ammunition sold in the city and suburbs

The idea is to curb the number of guns in circulation, he said, citing a report issued last summer showing that nearly one-third of the guns recovered on Chicago’s streets were purchased in suburban gun shops. Other statistics are more dire: Murders in Chicago are up 25 percent this year, according to recent police statistics, and the county jail is filling up — with 9,000-plus inmates, nearing the 10,155 capacity.

Full Story – SunTimes

I imagine it would probably reduce crime to nothing, considering Chicago is an island surrounded by a force-field where no guns or ammo from any other place can get in or out.  Oh wait…

This is what DERP to the power of infinity looks like.  I can’t even wrap my mind around how they think this could possibly work.

Oh the county jail is filling up you say?  *mocking Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh* That’s what you get for making jail too comfortable and treating criminals like actual people.


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  1. Wow. The next tax they need to implement is a tax on “stupid ordinance bills.” In line after that should be a tax on “stupid council members.” And still after that should be a tax on “wasting council meeting time for introducing stupid bills by stupid councilmen.” Chicago would be rolling in dough from all the taxes I just suggested. Do you know what they’d do with it… they’d just build another jail.

  2. Yes, lets be profiteers of *violence* instead of doing something to curb it. This defies their own warped logic. Anything to stifle law abiding people who are not part of the problem.

  3. Good to see it up, Mike.
    I’m driving to Chicago in a few hours, but I’ll be back in Free America by Sunday.


  4. where did the other 2/3 come from?

  5. The proposal is all about revenue. Curbing violence or reducing gun ownership are the lies used to sell the proposal. Do they think this could work? To reduce violence? I don’t think so. Do they think this could make money? Most certainly.

    1. I kinda doubt there are enough gun owners in Chicago to add much revenue. I think they really are that stupid.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        The criminal element definitely owns a lot of guns in Chicago. The “tax” would hardly effect them though.

        1. I did mean gun owners who purchase their firearms and ammunition from places that collect taxes on said purchases.

  6. $5,000 bullets? Damn those 50 BMGs are getting expensive! On a serious note, I have a proposal to clear out the jails. #1:Pass a law allowing prompt execution for first time violent offenders. #2: Also, build a wall around Chicago (just to contain the corrupt infection that is Chicago).

    Btw, am I the only one who read County Board President Preckwinkle as Prickwinkle?

  7. lol @ Chris Rock.
    “That’s what you get for making jail too comfortable and treating criminals like actual people.”
    My thoughts exactly.

  8. Apparently none of you tough justice hardasses have ever worked in a prison. I took that stance before I worked in one. Prisoners are humans, even the violent ones, and prison is fucked up enough. Prison doesn’t fix the problems that got people there in the first place, but making it “harder” won’t accomplish that either. You want justice? Or just childish vengeance?

    For those calling for swift executions, pay attention to the news. Hundreds of wrongful convictions have come to light in the era of DNA testing.

    As far as Cris Rock; he’s a funny guy but he’s just parroting back the same misguided ass gravy that has been funneled into the black community for decades. Just give up all of your guns and the nanny state will make the problems that we caused go away. Sad that he bought it, but not at all unexpected.

    1. To 032125. I only advocate harsh punishment for those who are 100% CONFIRMED to have commited violent crime, if there is video, muliple credible witnesses, and DNA, that shouldnt be a problem. I dont care what tough of a life some criminal has had, why should we tolerate them and pay for their continued existance as social leeches that never change? History has shown that tough responses will take care of the majority of crime. Its giving all these bastards 20 years to life that has created our crowded prisons, sentence more to death and that problem would disappear.

  9. “Oh the county jail is filling up you say? *mocking Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh* That’s what you get for making jail too comfortable and treating criminals like actual people.”

    and mandating minimum sentences for even non violent crimes. theres no reason for someone to do 2 years in jail for petty theft, i.e shop lifting. I mean… going to jail, for a month should be enough, keeping people in jail is a joke IMO. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. I mean… What does that say about our justice system.

    That said… I refer you to – they report on hoodlums and their crimes, and they show how frequently these crooks are busted for, let say…. illegal Possession of a firearm, or probation violations. Quite often charges are dismissed, like PWID – Cocaine Near school. Or Possession of an unregistered firearm WHILE coping to a PWID-Marijuana AND PWID Crack/Cocaine. So… What gives? If i had a pistol and multiple baggies of crack or cocaine and a couple blunts, I would get locked up for a VERY VERY Long time. Also note that the charges which did stick, are served congruently, i.e at the same time, so 5 years for cocaine, 3 for the gun, and 4 for the weed, is all served over the course of 4-5 years.

    1. Don’t forget early release for good behavior. Otherwise thank you for your post. My hometown suffers the same problem of perps getting caught numerous times with guns when they should already be locked up according to the dates of their previous convictions.

      We have leiniency on three tiers here in the U.S. First, LEO’s may let some charges slip by to cut perps a break with a warning. Second, after LEO’s have given enough warnings, the prosecutors may feel the person deserves a break. Third, once the prosecutors have given enough breaks, it’s the judge’s turn to hand out breaks. By the time a person is actually getting sentenced to jail, they’ve got quite a contact list with LE and numerous victims.