Melting A Hi-Point For The Hell Of It

The gun store guys completely melt unarguably one of the ugliest guns ever made:

hahah someone on youtube suggested that they make bullets out of the melted hi-point, then shoot the bullets out of another highpoint.

Just to troll they should have pretended the hi-point wouldn’t melt, and made a serious video about it.



21 responses to “Melting A Hi-Point For The Hell Of It”

  1. Super cool story bro.

  2. Hi Point: when you can’t afford a gun.

    1. DEKiwacka Avatar

      So what all guns should cost a thousand dollars? Lets see how quick a Glock or M&P would melt.

      1. overkill556x45 Avatar

        Does the stainless steel of an m&p melt before the pot metal of a hi point? Gonna guess no. Just because hi points can function despite being made of garbage does not make them good. There are a ton of better options for another hundred bucks. I don’t mind people owning junk guns. I also don’t mind pointing out junk guns.

  3. Hi Points offend me.

  4. And nothing of value was lost…

  5. I like like hipoints, they are my disposable, leave at the scene gun of choice.

  6. Had to watch it to the end to see them lift the barrel out of the dutch oven. So at least the barrel is made of something solid.

  7. Hi-points melt over high heat??? Piece of shit wouldn’t trust my life with it.

    1. It may melt in fire, but these are perfect guns for taking to the arctic (watch the previous gun store guys video when they froze one to -110 degrees).

    2. Because a glock won’t melt, nor will any of the other countless polymer pistols.

  8. If the Hi-Point wasn’t super low capacity and so horrendously fuck ugly it would not be a terrible gun. They seem reliable enough and cheap is cheap. A good survival cache/kit pistol at the very least

  9. I’m really glad that they admitted that they’re not trained professionals.

    They suck at cinemaphotography, I would have much preffered an actually time elapsed video that was only 60 seconds long. They finally did it at the end but that shit was way too slow.

  10. Were these the dudes on the Nuge’s new show on Discovery earlier this week…the ones with the steel doors?

  11. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    the cool part of this is that they could mail that mess back in and hipoint would replace it.

  12. Don’t knock ’em if you’ve never owned one.Dependable and acurate ,,Don’t feel like cleaning it?,,Don’t. It will function just fine next time you need to shoot.Every time.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      As I was reading your comment I thought the answer to “Don’t feel like cleaning it?” was going to be “Don’t! Buy another one” haha

  13. i think i will have to get one just for fun one day.

  14. I have a buddy that runs a security company, and had a guy show up carrying a Hi-Point and wearing a Dragon Skin Tac Vest…

    I think somebody’s priorities were a bit out of whack.

    1. he probably thought as a security guard he was more likely to be the shootee than the shooter.

  15. And… He could always throw it down and say he was working unarmed.