XKCD On Police Being Killed In The Line Of Duty

Caption: We can’t let this happen again. We need to build a secure TWO-day-before-retirement safe room.

Hearing of people dying so close to retirement, or before retirement in general always makes me sad.  If it wasn’t for the “two weeks notice” courtesy (sometimes law?) I always thought the best way to retire from any job would be, just to tell your boss you won’t be coming in the next day once you decide the current day is your last.


6 responses to “XKCD On Police Being Killed In The Line Of Duty”

  1. Of course, he is actually mocking the cop movie trope.

    1. The troupe has to have been used more as a joke than not not by now.

  2. i bet just before he died he showed a photo of hid girl/wife/kids/boat to someone and took the elevator playing ‘girl from ipanema’ muzak

    1. his

    2. liquidflorian Avatar

      They left out saying that he was “too old for that shit” as well.

  3. MrMaigo Avatar

    Retirement doesn’t work that way.