A Good Day To Die Hard – Trailer

John McClane is back:

I don’t know why, but this trailer doesn’t really make me that pumped up for this movie, but i’ll definitely watch it sooner or later.

No word on whether or not the punks in the movie will be carrying around Glock 7s.

In theaters February 14th, 2013



18 responses to “A Good Day To Die Hard – Trailer”

  1. Hmmm Die Hard European Vacation? Oh hell yes.

  2. Does this one have John McClaine coming out of the rest home and shaking his walker at kids whilst screaming “Hey you kids, GET OFF MY LAWN!”? RED gave some acknowledgement of his age, and that was five years ago!

    and here I thought that Rocky 5000 was bad, can’t we come up with new ideas anymore?!?

    1. Expendables 2 mentioned their ages somewhat too, and it was good blow stuff up entertainment, i will watch it. I’m more worried that skyfall wont break the chain of mediocrity for bond movies.

  3. I’m disappointed. I thought the plot was that a group of “scumbags” had gotten ahold of those deadly MP7s. You know, the ones that don’t have any civilian purpose and can kill anything at 300 yards.

    They aren’t as stealthy as the 100% plastic Glocks from Die Hard II.

  4. Critter Avatar

    the last McClane movie was a real yawner. i wonder what villians we have now? evil pizza delivery guys?

  5. Needs to not be like 4. Meaning to hell with PG13; go back to its roots. Also, he needs his iconic M9 back. I can’t believe they took that away from him after three effn’ movies…

    1. FlynnCastle Avatar

      I concur.

  6. Hmmmm……. Hind-D makes this interesting….

    1. i really need to save up for one of those…

  7. Well, I will watch it simply because one should.

  8. In a world where walkers reign supreme, John McClane finds himself in Rockford rest home on Christmas and the bad guys have just ran out of their blood pressure medicine.

  9. Tbphhhh... Avatar

    Classical music – Check!

    Justlin Long not being a bitch – Check!

    Suave, well dressed, European bad guys – Check!

    Maybe the Die Hard series suffers from a bad case of IndianaJonesitis where all odd numbered one suck and all even numbered ones kick ass.

    1. You did mean that the other way around, right? For both Indiana Jones and Die Hard it’s the odd ones that were good.

      1. Tbphhhh... Avatar

        Yeah, I got that backwards didn’t I.

        1 and 3 involved (for both actually) killing well dressed Europeans.

        2 and 4 made no gaddamn sense.

        1. And the ‘star trek curse’ is the other way around.

  10. Well the girl on the motorcycle has my attention.

  11. Can’t we just put a stake in its hear and be done with it?

  12. bigghoss Avatar

    I’ll watch it but like the 4th DH it doesn’t really fit in with the first three. I thought Live Free was an OK shoot-em-up action movie but it shouldn’t have been made as a Die Hard sequel and I’ll probably think the same of this movie.