Kydex Chopstick Holster For The Tactical Asian

Or if you’re not Asian, this will buy you mad Asian street cred:

Sent in by 17 year old blog reader Brandon, who says his holster is used by.. and I quote “operators in operations in China”.

If I showed up for sushi with that holster on, bricks would be shit. haha

You can check out more of Brandon’s kydex wizardry over at his facebook page Vanguard Armament.



22 responses to “Kydex Chopstick Holster For The Tactical Asian”

  1. *facepalm*

  2. Mountain Nagant Avatar
    Mountain Nagant

    I can finally be not only a mall ninja but also a Japanese restaurant ninja.

    Could use some stupid tacky decal that says something down the line of,

    “My other holster holds a (Pistol model)”

    1. Naw, I think you’d need something more along the lines of a concealed carry badge to go along with this.

    2. I think the term you’re looking for is “Mall food court ninja.”

  3. Tactical Hipster Avatar
    Tactical Hipster

    Would this holster work for appendix carry?

  4. MrMaigo Avatar

    CCW model?

    1. definitely waiting for the iwb model

  5. Critter Avatar

    As soon as mine gets in, it’s off to dinner at The Happy Panda!

  6. Arm3nian Avatar

    Legal in California???

    1. Yes, as long as you limit your eating capacity to 10 calories or below.

      …Or am I thinking about New York? Zing!

      1. Arm3nian Avatar

        I see what you did there ;)
        Also, can you get more than 10 calories in, with chopsticks???

      2. MrMaigo Avatar

        You’re thinking the tactical cup holder

  7. EnfieldEM2 Avatar

    For some reason that looks really neat to me, and I almost never eat Chinese food. Ain’t getting one though.

    1. I think it’s because like the mug with tactical rails on it, it’s obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

      I hope.

  8. if it came with a yarn pouch i think i would get one for my mom for her knitting needles

  9. Here I was thinking that I had everything that I needed for the zombie apocalypse…

  10. No thank you! I can just see this guy in the emergency room getting his chopsticks removed from his spleen.

  11. Completely useless, and completely awesome at the same time!

    1. And on a side note, I viewed his facebook page and he does awesome work!! I play around with kydex a little bit but he seriously does a good job!

  12. Thank you very much! That means a lot to me! (And yes, it is completely useless LOL. I find myself having to get myself into situations that warrant its use.)

  13. Dracon1201 Avatar

    I’m sorry, I can usually stand the stupidity, but I can’t bring myself to enjoy this, but I’ve seen enough of this, the NES holster was cool, but I’m done. I’m out, and this is now just plain ridiculous. This guy needs to find something more productive, cause this is a waste of Kydex.

    1. I don’t know if you realize this or not, but I am not the same person who made the NES holster or any of the other comically oriented Kydex products, as this is my first venture into such a subject. Also, I would not consider this a waste, for the opportunity-cost of producing such a holster is very low, being that this creation has brought about many benefits, including publicity and the ability to show my friends at school my work without being detained for possession of a knife or firearm on campus. All at the cost of approximately $6 worth of materials.

      Now, if you’re still offended by such vulgar usage of Kydex and would like to see actual, practical applications of Kydex thermoplastic and other firearm based products, you are welcome to visit my page linked in the description above ;)