Haters Gonna Hate If You Carry A Gun

MrColionNoir has a few words:

“Understand what you’re dealing with when arguing with someone about guns.”  <— Very true. It’s really frustrating arguing with people who use emotion rather than facts.

I agree that you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Thoughts?

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17 responses to “Haters Gonna Hate If You Carry A Gun”

  1. I like this guy more every time he puts one of these out.


  2. I’ve arrived at the point where I don’t offer explanations or compromise. I might have conceded some relatively minor aspects of gun ownership, but not anymore. Our insurance is the unfettered maintenance of our gun ownership rights. Having to argue this point should only be spared for those that might actually consider what you say, but sadly, many just ignore those elements of what you say if it does not support their beliefs. still, sometimes, every so often, you can be a small part of someone’s transformation into being a gun owner. Isn’t it like a conversion of faith?

  3. Arguing with stupid people is like playing chess with a pigeon.
    Doesn’t matter if you are the best player in the world, he’s gonna mess with the board, shit on it, and think he just won the game.

    1. liquidflorian Avatar

      This is the best analogy ever.

    2. That’s an Insult to PIGEONS! I’m pretty sure pigeons would carry a gun too LOL

  4. Funny, I posted on youtube last night, “$1 says this will be on endo by morning”.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha but that’s not really a stretch.

  5. He’s got a great outlook and seriously has his head on his shoulders. Plus he’s funny as fuck!

  6. Much like why an animal activist will publicly confront a celebrity for wearing fur, but not the Hell’s Angels for wearing leather, the antis like to confront law abiding citizens instead of gang bangers because they know their shit would be ended otherwise.

  7. Whammy! Avatar

    “I’m not gonna go into the axinine reasons…”

  8. I like planting trees just as much as I like shooting guns

  9. Not sure about the initial statistic. Half the population of the US is antigun? Really? Doubt it. I doubt there is anything half the population of the US agrees on. It’s more likely that a whole bunch of people don’t care one way or the other, while one small minority is progun and a similarly small minority is antigun.

  10. Probably depends on what question is being asked to measure pro- or anti-gun. I doubt very much of the US population even know anything about current firearms laws, federal or state. I met a guy recently who thought that the paper work he filled out to buy a shotgun in Tennessee was to register it. He refused to believe me when I tried to explain that Tennessee doesn’t register firearms. I’ve met a lot of gun owners who don’t know much about federal law in particular. I’ve actually never met an anti who could even tell me the process involved in buying a gun.

  11. Warpike Avatar

    I got into a fist fight with my brother in law over this discussion on a family vacation in Florida. The Colorado movie theater shootings happened the night before and I made the mistake of saying “And that’s why I carry everywhere.”. The dumbass was trying to argue that just by carrying a gun, karma, god, and mothernature has now designated me a target, made me more likely to shoot a person in an argument, and just in general a hazardous, idiotic part of society.

    I tried to argue the finer points of being a law abiding CHL holder. De-escalate the situation. Walk away. Responsibility of ownership and carrying. Bigger mistake. He got loud, started swearing, “your fucking stupid and what’s wrong with this country.”. 1 throat punch later he ran upstairs, got his wife and his kid and then let them “hold him back” from getting throat punched again. Funny thing was, I was carrying at the time. Kinda made my point with that one. My wife laughed.

    Anyway, fuck arguing with idiots. The Chess Pidgeon applies.

  12. To be fair, I did laugh at the end of Titanic.

  13. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    i wont get into discussions about it because even if you win you lose. also i dont advertise that im armed and if somebody happens to see it i dont make a big deal about it.

    no thats my dick.

    no its a dildo.

    1. +1