Drinking And Shooting In Georgia

Or not, because your shooting range account will be “flagged” if you drink:

“Customers will have to order a drink with their identification card and once the card is accepted, and flagged, they cannot be checked back into the range that day.” The statement went on to say, “Georgia Law allows persons with gun permits to bring their weapon into a restaurant that serves alcohol, we are taking it even a step further.”

Full Story – HERE

The flagging of the account, and not allowing access to the shooting range is a good idea.  People are just flipping out because they aren’t paying attention to the details.  Like the video and the article mentions, you can already carry a gun into Georgia restaurants that serve alcohol.  Not to mention the fact that most of us have gallons of alcohol at home along with access to all of our firearms.Just like everything else potentially dangerous, it’s all about how responsible you are.  



11 responses to “Drinking And Shooting In Georgia”

  1. Sounds like a fucking rock solid idea to me.

  2. That woman is clueless. Also, at some points it sounds as though she has been drinking.

    1. I’d still hit it.

    2. It also almost sounds like she was queued to say that and multiple times by the reporter…. Also, that’s the only person in that subdivision that cares because this is GA, and the rest of them have guns and can’t wait for it to open. Plus who wouldn’t want a bar so close to home? :)

  3. Not a bad idea.

  4. M-cameron Avatar

    i dunno, there are plenty of gun clubs in my area that also serve alcohol…..its never seemed to be an issue. no ones going to a gun club to get hammered…..

    quite frankly i dont see how this is any more dangerous than a gun owner having a drink in his own house……

  5. Checked the facebook discussion related to the news story. The amount of stupid people having kneejerk reactions without even watching the story made my head hurt…

  6. I actually live CLose to Powder Springs and plan on checking it out. I carry concealed everyday, and often times I am in restaurants that serve alcohol, so what’s the difference. I think it’s cool if you want to go to the range with your buddies, and after you are done you lock your firearms in your car or locker and share a frosty brew. I do that anyways on range days…

  7. NMBigfoot02 Avatar

    Channel 2 does this shit all the time: makes normal things sound scary, then provides details later in the story that totally render harmless the earlier fear mongering. There’s a reason I don’t watch local news…

  8. My shooting range serves alcohol too. You just aren’t allowed to shoot after you drink. No issues with it in the 72 years the range has been open.

  9. The libs get teary eyed everytime you mention guns let alone bringing booze into the mix.