Living On The Edge Of DERP

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry made an appearance on Sons Of Derp:

He’s a legend I know, but Joe might as well change his name to Jolene with that bad looking hair.  His wife’s would suit him more; Joe handled the auto fire much better than her though.

The point of Joe’s visit was to get an old cannon restored.  I didn’t see the episode so I have no idea what kind of shocking DERP they bestowed upon that antique, but I’m sure it was something cringe-worthy, and neva, been done befo’.

Thoughts?  How did the cannon end up looking?


9 responses to “Living On The Edge Of DERP”

  1. shocking? hm. a wooden carriage. decent looking one too.

  2. They restored it, put it on a wooden carriage, and it seemed that instead of just polishing up the bronze (or brass) of the cannon, they duracoated it green

  3. I had to stop watching the show because the daughter. She came off like such an idiot that I couldn’t take it anymore. Derpin’ for sure.

  4. He looks like he’s one of those terrible mothers from some awful new jersey based reality tv show hahaha

  5. perry has man boobs

  6. TheRealDave Avatar

    I don’t like reality shows, but I tune this one in when I am on the road out of boredom. It is not bad and I have never seen them do anything that really qualifies as anything more than silly.

  7. In fairness it wasn’t a bad episode. My son insists on recording it still, and I tuned in for the WW2 AT cannon shoot off. Which was pretty cool. They did a good job on the cannon but had to shoot it at a wooden pirate ship that exploded (shocker). WTF do they get so much pyro?

  8. This show sucks. And yeah, he did better on full auto than I would have expected him to do.

  9. He’s been full auto many times before. Good form.

    Meanwhile when you have to coach a person’s stance before they pull the trigger, its pretty dumb to have the gun be full auto.

    Nothing like laughing at safety issues! Dicks!