Nintendo Zapper Gun Gets Real

This was bound to happen.  Someone put a real laser inside a Nintendo Zapper gun:

Wow that seems quite powerful for such a small unit.

If he doesn’t already carry the thing around in a Nintendo Zapper Gun Kydex Holster he is doing himself an injustice.

As cool as I think this is, I’m really not interested in going blind so i’ll probably stick to playing things I know more about.  I would like to make an XY-Table laser cutter though…

You can check out the DIY instructions with lots of pics over at the North Street Labs website.


Hat tip: Brent


10 responses to “Nintendo Zapper Gun Gets Real”

  1. Wow that seems quite powerful for such a small unit.

    Thats what she said!

    1. It doesn’t count if you do it to yourself.

  2. Looks like a super laser (Spyder 3?) inside of that thing. I want that laser so bad, but its over $300!

  3. Flippin Sweet.

  4. That’s pretty epic!

  5. all i can say is…

  6. I’m waiting until they shrink this for EDC.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I hate tinyurl so I replace it with the regular link.. but yea that thing is deadly!

  7. That is cool. Can I get one of them?