Superhuman Shooting Skills

Shooting dental floss swinging like a pendulum:

I’ve posted about 22plinkster before, and although I don’t post every single one of his videos the guy’s skills never cease to amazing me.

I don’t care what attempt # this was on (in this case he says it was his 4th attempt) it’s impressive.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to see dental floss swinging at that distance, much less have any sort of hope of being able to time a shot from a .22LR correctly in order to cut it.



6 responses to “Superhuman Shooting Skills”

  1. Every video of his I watch only makes me want a colt woodsman that much more. Are they rare?

  2. Excellent. Wonder what year the W’man is?

  3. great shot… kinda anticlimactic…

    1. Very anticlimactic. But very cool also.

  4. Seems slightly strange to weave the gun with the target, I would *think* that it would be easier to aim steady at the center and time the shot… but I don’t know jack about this so i’ll shut up now.

    I wonder WHERE he shot the string at though… Higher up, close to the pivot point, is going to be moving a lot less and a lot slower then the point at the washers.

    Seeing it shouldn’t be a problem though, you don’t really need to see the string because you can know its position by knowing the end-points. That is, as long as you can see the pivot point and the washers, the string is going to be a straight line between the two.

    Ok, after spouting all that bullshit lemme just say: very amazing shot! Nice!

    1. Didn’t he say he was going to aim 4-5″ above the washer? That’s also where he cut it.