Picatinny Facepalm – Customizing Your Empty Rail Space

Does the thought of empty picatinny rail space makes you sad?  DERP up your rifle!

A confidence boost knowing Buck Yeager approves whatever OP I’m currently engaged in:

Vigilant Spectre reminding me to “Stay Vigilant”, because sometime even the best of us forget:

You can pick from a lot of different snap-on options over at the Custom Gun Rails website for around $25.  *add witty internet nerd criticism about running the site on a subdomain and having nothing on the main domain, the fact they use a low end template and the navigation is shit, the company logo is some rookie lolz, and more general asshole-ish observations*

The above two examples are definitely what I’m going to write the company about sending me.

I’m really surprised Arm-Tape-Costa-Lupus hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon yet.  He could rep all sorts of operator brand logos during classes, getting paid just to show up.

One last thing, this line from the Custom Gun Rails website product pages kill me:

Our products have been deployed with Special Ops and conventional units all over the world and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Special Ops?  Guys, are you sure you didn’t mean Special Olympics?  I can’t see why special ops units would use something as frivilous as this.  Oh wait never mind… they probably have the BLACK OPS ones.


Hat tip: Rick, Paul


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  1. Mountain Nagant Avatar
    Mountain Nagant


    My god I need to order a few of those.

  2. Thats funny. Love your photoshop skills. There aren’t for me but they remind me of the popular “morale patches” worn by tons of soldiers or the old WWII nose art. Putting custom messages on military armaments isn’t really a new idea.

    “if” I was to have one of these then mine would say “my other rifle is a Les Baer custom”.

  3. As frivilous as they are…there is so much potential to turn your weapon into a meme machine.

    1. Dear. God. Yes.

      “Need training? Why not zoidberg”

  4. You have already weighed your rifle down with more railspace than you could ever hope to use. Why not weigh it down more!

    (And, yes, I have railfarmed more than a few rifles myself…)

    1. Not that I’m taking their side but if those “weapons” are free floated then more rail means you can take advantage of that in different positions without resting your barrel in something and therefore negating the free float effects. Not that any of them can shoot well enough for that to matter in the first place

  5. Ya know what I’ll actually be nice today. The wombat faggots AR isn’t really that mall ninja. I mean he at least didn’t camo it out like the other 1s. A leatherwood CMR in a PEPR mount is a decent setup and there’s not a lot of shit hanging off it. I’ve seen a couple vids where he didnt have the optic on there and his rails were empty although he apparently now has a HUGE flashlight or laser in there. Ah who the fuck am I kidding It’s a weapon in the hands of derp therefore it sucks donkey balls

  6. Fallschirmjäger Avatar

    Y’know, if it were sumthin’ half-ways useful, like ….hmmm, ballistic tables, or a 9-Line Medevac reminder, I could Maybe see it.

    1. THAT.. isn’t a bad idea.

    2. You beat me to it.

  7. I could see maybe a spec op having a punisher skull but that pushes it.

  8. Oh wow!! The 2 pictured are priceless!!

  9. Hmmm, ballistic tables.

  10. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    I want one that says “My other gun is a FAMAS”

  11. Curby HUGENUTS Avatar
    Curby HUGENUTS

    Yeager, what a tool.

  12. Curby HUGENUTS Avatar
    Curby HUGENUTS

    And yes, Wombat Fag is the worst one, his jib has broken more than one of their videos

    1. Virgin for sure

  13. This little accessory fits right in. To this thread.
    You csnt be a high speed operator unless youve
    Got your gear branded! Notice the names….


  14. i’m trying to figure out if mike hates these guys why does he keep giving them free advertising ?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yeager may or may not benefit from me constantly posting about him and making fun of him. Vigilant Sphincter on the other hand do not have the combined brain power to turn their derp into profit. Either way, if I only made fun of products or services if I was getting paid, I would be doing myself and you guys a disservice.

      1. if you only posted on things you were getting paid to post on i dont think there would be much of a blog. anyways yeager is a tool there might be some hope out the for the vs guys they are getting a little better and i know id much rather watch a vs video than a 45min nutnfancy video, or watch yeager parade around pretending his ops are blacker than yours

    2. the more we call out the derpness of their vids the more we shut down anyone who may stumble upon it inadvertently….i mean seriously they somehow are managing to add subs but if anyone who clicks on their vids sees the comments are all from anti-derp advocates like mike and i then they are more likely to just move along and forget their nonsense

  15. Where’s Gecko45’s rail-pic?

  16. who cares about yeager…this is way better….(rip it before its gone)


    1. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      Is that Tex Grebner in a loin cloth with a double headed dildo?

    2. NMBigfoot02 Avatar

      What has been seen…

  17. Somewhere soon, a soldier, male or female, will add that Yeager pic to their rail for a higher speed, lower drag combat jack.

  18. Actually I can see a use for the Custom QR Code one. If you were to put a code in that was “mailto:[email protected]” if it were ever stolen and the idiot didn’t realize it, you have a way of getting it back.

  19. I also find it interesting that on the company’s website about us section it states, “Custom Gun Rails, Inc.(CGR) was founded in 2011 by a former Green Beret.” NOW I’m not saying the founder was not a SF member or that he didn’t serve but most legit companies in this industry, when started by a former service member state that persons name and rank. It just comes across sketchy to me, anyone else?

    1. Angel Mendez, SSG 7th Special Forces Group (A)

  20. if only they made a rail mounted arm tape dispenser

  21. I could see putting a picture of my family on a house gun. Why the Hell not, it’s as useful as any other rail cover, and I like looking at my family more than “tactical” OD, FDE, etc.

    But I’d love to take one of these to some high-speed tacticool carbine class labelled “This Space For Rent”. {chuckle}

  22. Looks to be the design of paintball players. That should explain it sufficiently.

  23. Travis Jones Avatar
    Travis Jones

    all of you complaining and making dumbass comments will be the first ones ordering these. of course most of you pricks probably cant afford an AR anyway. There are many designs and they look nothing like this page owners fantasy guys he photoshopped into these pictures. if you dont like them dont order them but otherwise keep pieholes shut