DIY Tramp Pistol In Movie Trailer

Come for the DIY lesson, stay for the guitar riff:

This apparently is the trailer for a movie called “The Tramp”.  The YouTube description says:

A young woman from a small mining town turns into a cold blooded killer after being kidnapped by a gang of ruthless human traffickers.

Sounds like a good time, although I’m not holding my breath considering the website quality.

Ban pipes, matches, and wood!

Hat tip: Scott


8 responses to “DIY Tramp Pistol In Movie Trailer”

  1. This scene looks identical to this scence from a russian gangster movie called Brat 2 (Brother 2).

    1. Nice catch! In that video, if the driver had a 1911, I don’t get why he would yield to someone with a muzzleloader

    2. it’s the exact same scene! right down to the floppy sweater cuffs

    3. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah nice! good catch.

    4. Komodo Saurian Avatar
      Komodo Saurian


      Posted this vid on one of the older DIY firearm ENDO blog post as well :)

  2. Terrible choice of ammunition especially considering she wasn’t using a firm wad, most of the already limited propellant gas will flow past the screws, which being of poor aerodynamic shape and density will not do much damage.

    That being said, in the original Russian version it is realistically depicted as being enough to incapacitate someone when shot in the face.

    1. It serves more a purpose as a DIY Liberator than a real weapon. It’s to get you up to a real gun

  3. Fun fact, In some states blackpowder weapons arent even firearms by law. If my understanding is correct, in Texas they’re not even listed as a weapon.