Stolen Valor Is Highly Decorated Douchebaggery

It’s Stolen And I Know It:

Valor theft is one of the most vile forms of douchebaggery.  This song and video are perfect in every way.

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  1. I used to work at a place where the office head was called out by a group of vets who hunt down phonies. When it hit the press he resigned and left the studio. The dumb part? Both he and the higher ups who had invested in him/tried to defend him seemed genuinely surprised that anyone would bother to do a background check after the guy claimed he was something he was not on national TV!!! Anyway, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…

  2. This is funny on many levels, but the way the uniform is all fucked up cracks me up.

    1. i assumed the uniform bling made no sense.

      1. It’s just all misplaced. Like that blue cord he’s wearing – that should be on his right shoulder, not his left. The ribbon on the top position on his stack is the Army Service Ribbon – that’s awarded for completing Basic Training; it’s one of the lowest in order of precedence and should be on the bottom row and right side.

        It was obviously all done on purpose to make it look screwed up.

      2. He’s also a Major (epaulettes) , Staff Sergeant (sleeves) and Command Sergeant Major (collar.)

        1. El Duderino Avatar
          El Duderino

          That’s pretty much all you need right there. The ribbons are effed up but the multiple ranks are pretty easy…

  3. Amazing! Their ‘Veteran’s inter-monologue’ is a goodie too!

  4. Having seen a couple dozen bronze and silver stars handed out for idiotic reasons in my unit after Iraq, medals have lost their luster for me. That’s not to say that a few people don’t merit recognition, but just because someone has a medal doesn’t mean they did shit. We had a female in out unit who (as far as I can gather) got a bronze star for emptying a can of M430A1 40mm at she sound of an AK whist driving by in convoy. Whoopee!

    That said, people who claim valorous acts should rot in self loathing for a long, long time. I wish them long, hollow lives.

    1. “There will never be another Audie Murphy.”

      1. LOL. Try again. Colonel Robert Lewis Howard, US Army Special Forces (Airborne), Retired. RIP, Colonel.

    2. I remember a coworker about 15 years ago explaining his ribbons to me, i think he actually did something he thought semi useful for one or two. He likened them to your kids getting participation awards at school, if you were in the army while something somewhere happened you got a medal.

      1. Well put; and that trend of handing out me-too medals has done more to utterly debase military “awards” than all of the wannabe posers out there. The Army for sure, and probably the rest of the military, is destroying its own traditions.

  5. That was pretty funny!!!

  6. JohnTheBaptist Avatar

    Does anyone know where I can get a rack like that…?

  7. The last scene reminded me of the village people. Well I guess thats what happens when you end dont ask dont tell, they all come out of the closet.

  8. Diarrhea cha cha cha Avatar
    Diarrhea cha cha cha

    Funny, these fags are always spouting off about fighting for out rights. I guess the first amendment is not one of those right they’re fighting for. The courts have settled this.

    1. Isn’t calling out some one also exercising that right?

  9. Crunkleross Avatar

    That the Stolen Valor Act was ruled unconstitutional is further evidence the Supreme Court can’t read or comprehend. The First Amendment was about affirming citizens right to speak out against the government, what kind of perverted thinking does it take to think it was written to legalize spineless assholes stealing the identity of heroes?

  10. Crunkleross Avatar

    Ex Seal and for real bad ass Don Shipley does a great job in outing fake Seals, it’s estimated that every living Seal is carrying 100 fakes on his back. He also runs Seal Experience a school that offers a taste of Seal training to those thinking about trying it or just want to for fun.

    His youtube videos are funny and serious.

  11. If I was an African warlord or dictator, I’d use this for inspiration. Need converse sneakers and aviator ray-bans to be legit though.

  12. As a veteran of the Great Peloponnesian War, I am disgusted by imposters.

  13. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    He looks legit if you compare him to any J-ROTC 1st Sergeant hahaha

  14. Holy shit…I love it. Nick is the man!!!!!!!!! I love the Ranger Up guys. If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy other titles such as: whatcha gonna do PL? Lol

    I hate douche nozzles who think that every woman is gonna fuck them because they’re Special. Yeah….hmmmm….lets see….women really look for a guy who’s gonna screw them and then leave for 300+ days a year and earn next to no real money. Hahahahaha that’s funny. My marriage is on the rocks and the divorce rate in my unit is around 95% just sayin’

    We do get some incentives like bonuses and pay for additional quals but we don’t really do it for the money either. Oh we’ll C’est la vie!

  15. Manuel J. Avatar

    Funny video. It’s too bad there really are jerks like that though. Regarding comments about medals being denigrated (i.e. “easy” to qualify and handing them out like candy), that really is too bad and does not bode well for the services.

    Back in the 80’s, I served with the 1st ID. We provided helo support to SEAL teams 4 & 6 (yes, it’s the same Team 6), Special Forces Group 7, etc. My ARCOM, and other medals, were redacted to remove references to our having supported the above groups and performing in the combat zone. In fact, a Special Forces friend of mine (Sgt Fronius) died and his bravery wasn’t acknowledged for about 25 years; Gregg was the awarded Silver Star posthumously. To think they treat the decorations this way is truly sad.

  16. HMC(FMF) Chris L. Poe Avatar
    HMC(FMF) Chris L. Poe

    You guys are f@#$$?* awesome!!!! I search stolen valor sites all the time and just now hit your video. Outstanding job!! Kudos and thank you. Way to make a statement.

    Very Respectfully
    Doc Poe