Colin Goddard Is Like The White 50Cent

Except he’s incredibly boring, has a dead end career, and only got shot 4 times.

What is one question you would ask President Obama and Governor Romney about gun violence in America? Is the question…

A bunch of random bozos jumped at the chance to get behind the mic and attempt to look intelligent:

Wow… painful video.  I was praying someone was going to troll the shit out of him and say something like “I would ask them why criminals can easily get their hands on shoulder things that go up, high capacity assault clips, and exploding long range anti-aircraft bullets”

Maybe it would be a better angle to not blame guns?   Food for thought Colin and company.

Is the Brady Campaign grooming this guy to take the reigns sooner or later?

Hat tip: Weerd (where he also responded to the questions)


24 responses to “Colin Goddard Is Like The White 50Cent”

  1. comments disabled on the video, why am i not suprised?

    i would ask if he has any empirical evidence as to any gun law that has prevented any crime. then i would show him the statistics (in percentages of population, not raw numbers) of violent crime statistics in ban states, non Concealed/Open carry states, and magazine limit states vs those states without bans. id also show him how there have only been 2….yes TWO LEGALLY OWNED LEGALLY OPERATED machine guns used in murders since 1934.

  2. If I was Romney here’s how I’d handle these questions.

    1. Why aren’t there more regulations for Assault Rifles and other fully automatic weapons?

    The fuck are you talking about? Go to your local gun shop and ask for an M16A1. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    2. How would you stop people from buying American Assault Rifles and bringing them to Mexico?

    Fast & Furious is over, dumbass. It’s been over for awhile. And if you think that AMERICAN guns are the reason for all the violence in Mexico than HOLY SHIT how are you able to tie your own shoes in the morning without strangling yourself due to pure stupidity?

    3. How would you stop illegal gun-trafficking?

    Uh, by continuing to prosecute such an action as a federal crime? The fuck do you want me to say?
    You should also brush your fucking teeth, and probably see an orthodontist because, holy shit, your mouth looks like the fucking Sarlaac.

    4. Why aren’t you planning on banning armor-piercing bullets and high-capacity clips?

    Because any intermediate rifle round and above can pierce modern body armor? I mean, I’d have to ban nearly half the civilian gun market if I wanted to remove the populace’s armor defeating capabilities. And high-capacity clips? No, fuck you. I refuse to debate the issue until you learn the proper fucking terms.

    5. Should we have mandatory background checks during firearms purchasing?

    You know what? I hope you get hit by a bus on the way home. I REALLY do. Next question.

    6. How would you ask Congress to ban the sale of handguns and any non-shotgun long guns?

    Let me break it down for you, so your puny, little fucking brain can understand. First, I would open my mouth by about one to one and a half inches. Then, I would exhale air through my vibrating larynx and past my moving tongue and lips. This action would allow me to create a serious of guttural sounds that I like to call “words.” Each different sound, or “word,” has a unique meaning. I would then arrange these “words” into a set of meaningful combinations as to communicate my intentions to Congress.

    The resulting noise vomit would sound like “hello Congress, let’s ban guns hurr durr.”

    Now I’d never actually do something this stupid, but I hope I’ve cleared up as to HOW I would ask them. Dumbass.

    Sure I wouldn’t get elected, but good God it would be satisfying

    1. ^You’ve got my vote.

      1. Mine too. I’d actually donate more than $100 to someone with the sack to tell it like it is, that way. I’m going to use some of your phrases the next time I hear some nimrod bring up more gun control.

    2. I love you

      1. Aw, I love you too buddy!

    3. If that was the only issue — I’d vote for you.

  3. Porterhaus Avatar

    The level of ignorance infuriates me. You can’t really blame those people for not knowing things and stating what they know to be fact, but what gets me is the fact that on every video they remove comments and ratings. Here’s an idea: If your argument actually holds any water; allow fucking criticism.

  4. “Because no one actually hunts with an AK-47.” I BEG TO DIFFER SHITBRICK.

    1. For serious. 7.62×39 is equivalent to 30-30.

    2. hnl.flyboy Avatar

      MATTER OF FACT, a good friend of mine is looking for an AK-47 for hunting wild boar in Hawaii with dogs…

  5. So totally scripted, its like he told them what to ask, very obvious. The wording….lol…so gives it up.

    Lame kid this boy is.
    (Pat Sajack called, he wants his MIC back)

  6. Haha, just checked out their YouTube Chanel..they joined in 2007 and have a whopping 252 subs…brahrahaha

  7. These people are goddamn ignorant the same way that tea baggers are ignorant that the Koch brothers have them brainwashed to do their bidding.

  8. These questions were fuckin’ gold. It’s mind blowing how little people know about the current laws, sales, and purchasing of firearms as the laws currently stands. How can you expect good responses from morons who know ABSOLUTELY nothing about this topic?

  9. Wow, that video made me sad.

  10. I’d ask whea da fuck can I gets dem armor piercing bullets fo my nine wit da beamz cuz dat nigga ‘twon down tha skreet been runnin his shit suckin ass mouf. One.

    1. Charleston thug life up in here *eye roll*

  11. I have to give Colin credit – he managed to find an organization who will be willing to pay him until he dies for doing pretty much absolutely nothing, all because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and hid underneath his desk.

    Or, rather, I would have to give Colin credit if he were not so busy attempting to undermine and destroy my Constitutionally-protected rights.

  12. Croppedxout Avatar

    hahaha AMEN SIR! The only thing that left me more shocked, dismayed, and disgusted than the ignorance coming out of these peoples mouth, was the ignorance growing on homeboys upper lip at 0:52.

  13. Where is this filmed? Yuppie park?

  14. They’re all gay POS.

  15. I mean they’re all POS , not gay LOL

  16. Well, everyone in the video looks very well-informed about this topic.

    And monkeys might fly out of my butt.