Springfield Armory Wants There To Be Tension In Your Relationship

With a shitty new vinyl wall cling depicting one of their firearms:

These things are terrible for so many reasons.  First of all, their firearms in stock configurations are boring as hell.  Secondly, using isometric views for this purpose just looks queer.  My tertiary concern is that you are essentially putting a 2 foot sticker on your wall.  I’m not saying everyone’s house has to look like something out of the pages of Architectural Digest, but for god’s sake have some dignity.

If you have no respect for the aesthetics of a particular room in your house, or the feelings of your significant other then head over to the Springfield Armory website and drop $30 on one of these 2 ft. monstrosities.

And no I wouldn’t be on board if Glock did the same thing with vinyl clings.


Hat tip: Sarah


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  1. Max Powers Avatar

    I could see this and something for a gun shop.

    1. Or where I reload and clean my firearms.

  2. Replace “post” with “sticker” and you’ll understand my feelings towards these things.


  3. Is it just me, or are they trying to appeal to the “I’m the kind of person who would hang a gun on my living room wall but I’m too damn poor to buy one” market? Because that’s a pretty small niche.
    And besides, I feel like they picked the wrong type of firearm for that. I would hardly call a sporterized M14 “appealing” or “not ugly”.

  4. I’m taking your Blog out of my favorites. I like reading positive things about firearms. Most of the stuff you post is critical in some form or fashion. If I wanted to read someone being negative all the time, I would subscribe to a bunch of liberal idiot blogs. So Long!!!!!

    1. Busdriver Avatar

      I am not sure if that is a bad joke or if you are just a moron. Either way don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If you like reading positive things you must not have followed me for too long. Best of luck with your life’s quest for positivity, we will all pour out some liquor and have a good cry tonight over your departure.

    3. See you in a month.

    4. Thanks for your 2 cents. Later Gator.

  5. If you are going to hang a huge shitty sticker on your wall, why not just get a gun rack and hang a bunch of beautiful guns on the wall? Both are still advertising that you have guns, but at least the gun rack is on purpose. Or pin your guns to your wall. Then when people come over you can literately show them your guns. And when they ask you why you have guns, you take one off the wall and hand it to them (unloaded) and ask them why wouldn’t you own something as beautiful as that.

    1. who hangs unloaded guns on the wall?
      Always ready people.

      1. elephantrider Avatar

        Yeah, James Yaeger says only pussies hang unloaded firearms on their walls.
        and only pussies hang pictures of unloaded guns on their walls.

  6. Great for the walls of a shooting range.

  7. it’d be awesome if my mom would let me hang this up in my room

  8. i have a friend who hung a two foot tall vinyl cling of Yoda on her dining room wall. Yoda is cooler than that thing.

  9. If the last few Buck Yaeger videos have taught me anything It is that if you obsessed with the size of your carry gun or wall decal it’s because you have a little dick.

  10. agree that this is for advertizing, like at a gun shop or range. that and mall ninja teens who play cod all day. the marketing on this is essentially like domino’s pizza trying to sell banners for $5 hot and ready to customers on their web site. there is a market for advertizing paraphernalia, look at all the sport fans who hang beer adds in their man caves, but i think springfield is being a bit optimistic here. . . .

    also lol @john, i don’t know what blog he has been reading all this time but i come here because you are a sarcastic sob who makes me laugh. keep up the good work.

  11. I’m not saying everyone’s house has to look like something out of the pages of Architectural Digest, but for god sake have some dignity.

    I heart you so much. :)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      <3 you back

  12. This is way ugly! lol.

  13. I fucking hate Springfield, seriously, who would actually buy a 15 pound .308 rifle and tack more shit onto it adding more weight? My dad had one of these tacticooled out and it was so unwieldy I couldn’t imagine a practical use for it. Plus there 1911’s are shit and overpriced, my sons ATI fatboy shoots better than my Springfield. Piece of shit gun company in my opinion.

  14. And while I’m on the subject, when are they going to come out with a new rifle design, how long have they been selling these fucking rust buckets? After the old breed dies off and quits buying these rifles I’d bet.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      I agree. I find it hard to believe that SA hasn’t come up with a line of ARs yet. They wouldn’t even need to be particularly good ones since the SA brand would help them sell. Ruger has done it, S&W has done it, suprised SA hasn’t by now. Maybe they think it would piss off the hard core M1A fans.

      I used to own a couple M1As. While there were reliable, they are also hard to work on, un-ergonomic, and heavy. If you add any sort of optic rail or chassis stock, they become a boat anchor.

  15. I’m not shelling out $30 but I’d put something like that on my wall right next to the posters of Kate Upton and Chuck Norris facts. I’m not making a joke and I reserve my right to be a redneck and hang dumb shit on my walls like the AC Delco auto parts clock my grandma gave me for Christmas.

    Hanging real guns on the wall is much better except for the fact that they’re not secured and are vulnerable to theft if someone breaks in. If I wasn’t worried about junkies breaking my windows to steal my stuff my guns would be on display and I wouldn’t have to hang redneck art up.

    1. amending my above comment to include rednecks who like to hang dumb shit on their walls. i competently forgot about that demographic. it was a rather large oversight on my part and i apologies. i in no way meant to include you in with the dumb ass teens.

      i hear you on not wanting to hang nice things on your wall for fear of theft. i still haven’t figure that one out myself.

  16. If they made the background to it circular, and tinted it pink, it would look like a weapon spawn location from vice city.

  17. Well, i for one have been waiting for these for a long time. Perfect addition to add to the authenticity of this…


    (and no, i have not and will not ever put any of that sh*t on my walls.)

  18. Rickenbacker Avatar

    Now, I like guns, but I’d rather have a hole in my wall than put that up in my living room.