007 Skyfall Coca-Cola

I’m excited about Skyfall… Coke zero in any form I am not:

The first time I tasted coke zero I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me.  I’m all for minimizing caloric intake, but not when sacrificing taste.  Whenever I decide to drink a coke you can bet it will be the regular one… I don’t mess with that diet bullshit either.

If you haven’t seen the Skyfall trailer yet, watch it and prepare to have your mind blown.

Back to the coke zero Skyfall cans though… I’m just glad to see bond and some barrel rifling on a coke.



14 responses to “007 Skyfall Coca-Cola”

  1. fxhummel1 Avatar

    coke zero definitely tastes better than diet coke to me. But they both taste like ASS-partame

  2. If you live near a store that sells kosher food, you need to try kosher coke. Made with real sugar, not HFCS. That is real Coca-Cola.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea! Kosher Coke is the best, I grab one when I go pick up Gyro meat at the Halal store I go to every few weeks.

  3. Sky fall will be sweet, unlike this crap.
    Not real thrilled about the personal coded
    PPK tho. Pathetic nod to the anti gunners, IMHO.

  4. EnfieldEM2 Avatar

    Kosher coca cola, I have got to try that

    I was able to choke down one half a can of this terrible stuff back when I was young and stupid before I used what was left as a bb gun target, ugh.

  5. Can’t wait for the movie, and the soda cans look cool. But that stuff is terrible!

  6. HazmatJeff Avatar

    My parents always bought diet soda when I was a kid so I got use to it. Regular soda tastes gross to me and I really like coke zero, it’s great with some Captain Morgans!

  7. EnfieldEM2 Avatar

    My aunt tried to pull that stunt when I lived with her for a couple of months, she always bought diet because it was cheaper, so she said. I could have gotten hooked on that stuff, glad I didn’t, although my addiction to high fructose corn syrup is still pretty bad.

  8. The Costco near me, as well as some higher end grocery stores have been stocking Mexican Coke for a while now in those classic style glass bottles. They use real sugar too.

  9. 45CALifornia Avatar

    make a cool skyfall/dr pepper tie in and i’ll buy it by the pallet.

  10. Where are the rifled barrels?

    Or do you mean the ‘camera shutter’. :-P

      1. For some reason i remember it snapping closed like a camera shutter.

        Obviously not the case. (wonder what else i grew up beleving that isn’t so :-(. )

  11. Not sure if Kosher coke is the same as the Mexican cokes made with cane sugar, but the Mexican-made cokes are the hot shit!