The Expendables Music

The voices are what make it great:

I still have to see that movie.  I comes out on Blu-Ray in a couple days (August 28th) so i’ll have to check if Red Box gets it soon.

Thoughts?  Is the movie as entertaining as the trailers make it seem?

Hat tip: Al


14 responses to “The Expendables Music”

  1. the movie was so bad though!

  2. You’ll only enjoy the movie if you have a pair of steel balls dangling between your legs.

    1. Mr_Rich Avatar

      I think brass balls are good enough.


    2. +1

  3. Great movie both of em. smiled almost the whole time in a mangasm of awesomeness, and this music was great!!

  4. HA HA HA HA !!!

  5. Good movie, I actually just watched it on Netflix yesterday. Good music, great fight scenes and an awesome ’55 Ford F-100 truck.

    1. Ringo45 Avatar

      and awesome 1911 in the awesome ’55 Ford.

  6. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    Well all I can say is that they got the message about the bugs in the first one, although there is a metric ton of product placement in the second I would give it a light recommendation. Can’t recommend the first one though.

  7. Doyletoo Avatar

    Good, not great. The cameos and lines said but Willis and Schwarzenegger seemed really forced and not funny. I thought the worst actor of all (by rep) Van Damme, did the best job. My 15 yr old son had no idea who he or Dolph were…

    1. Doyletoo Avatar

      By, not but. D@mn autocorrect!

  8. The Dude Avatar

    #2 was awesome!

    I read Arnold was paid $10M for his 4 days of a 14 day shoot where the total budget was $100M

    If you’re 12, then yeah, its ‘Who are these guys, and buy me a $8 bag of popcorn’

  9. Russell Avatar

    Just saw the second one, absolutely amazing! So hilarious and so worth it.

  10. That was flat out hilarious.