Shelf With Hidden Drawer For Concealing A Firearm

If this was a bit thicker and longer…

It would be awesome for hiding some handguns or a rifle.  This is the kind of thing you could probably convince a wife or girlfriend to put in the living room without too much trouble.  Pretty neat that you need two magnetic knobs to open it, although it wouldn’t be idea if you needed to get at your firearm in a hurry.

Made by Torafu architects out of Japan.

I wonder if a person could modify a cheap shelf at IKEA to serve such a purpose.  Maybe i’ll try to muster up the courage to venture back in there sometime and check it out.  This shelf looks promising, but it appears to be a bit thin for such an application.



18 responses to “Shelf With Hidden Drawer For Concealing A Firearm”

  1. Thats what she said!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      lol I knew someone was going to say that… nice work on making it comment #1

    2. I don’t think that’s good news if that’s what she said…

  2. I do not like the magnets to open it, but would be nice for something like a LCP, or one of similar thickness. But I think it does seem a bit to complicated to be used in a time of need. Maybe if it had concealed buttons instead of the magnets, with single hand operating capabilities…

  3. There are numerous companies that do the same thing with furniture, many are designed to hold firearms.

  4. NikonMikon Avatar

    pretty slick

  5. The Lack is about as thick as Ikea has to offer: Not convinced 2″ is enough space to fit all the stuff you would need (or that it’s internal structure would be amenable to being gutted).

  6. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    The magnets should be disguised as ornaments on top, like that little stone deer thing.
    Just grab one off the top and use it to open the drawer

  7. What about using one of those draws that pop open when you push in? That would eliminate the knobs

  8. i think, right in the middle there is another support that divides in in half. i doo have my shotgun ammo in a space between drywall, but that’s mostly because my 8 gun cabinet would have trouble holing 8 bb guns.

  9. The hardest part would probably be finding a shelf that was hollow.

  10. Instead of magnet handles…it could be held shut by a few magnets, and opened simply by pulling on a lip on the underside of the drawer/shelt itself.

  11. It’s a pretty sweet shelf and I would have uses for it. But hiding a gun in there would make it hard to get out…

  12. MrMaigo Avatar

    Instead of magnets, you could just put a small finger hole under it, just give it a little diddle and it’ll slide right open for you.

  13. just give it a little diddle and it’ll slide right open for you.

    Thats what she said!

  14. I was at a gun show a few weeks back ….

  15. I love the disguise idea but wouldn’t it be difficult to get a gun out of that? Besides, having a hollow bottom would probably make the shelf frail. The weight of the gun would also make it frail. I also don’t like the magnetic knobs thing because it would ruin the idea that it is just a shelf and does not serve any other purpose.

  16. I’m pretty creative and have quite a bit of experience with woodworking. I would just build my own and come up with a better idea than magnets to open it.