Gunplay Is A Scholar And A Gentelman Who Has A Penchant For The M1

Video starts at 0:28… I need to know if he’s talking about the M1 Garand or the M1 Carbine.  My money is on the Carbine:

“A M1 here / A M1 there / Everywhere M1 / Ni**az don’t care”

It appears this guy doesn’t have a problem with the proliferation of firearms (especially the M1) so as a community we obviously share that with him.  The question is though, are we (you) glad to have him on our side?


24 responses to “Gunplay Is A Scholar And A Gentelman Who Has A Penchant For The M1”

  1. i really dont like this song he has other ones that is kool but he is getting better as a n artist

  2. “A G23 here, A G23 there, Everywhere G23, S&W don’t care…”

    Who says writing rap lyrics are difficult, just keepin’ it real…peace out b*tches!

  3. M1 Abrams maybe?

  4. Mike, I know personal preferences and all, but damn how can you listen to that sh*t. I liked hip hop/rap back in the day but it is getting way too easy to cut a track nowadays.

    No disrespect meant, but uggghhhh the current sh*t is awful. :-)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Gunplay is probably my least favorite. A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson, Stalley… those are some new rappers I listen to.

  5. Tyler H Avatar

    See, real gangstaz don’t need assult weapons and high capacity mags. Give em’ 8 rounds in an En Bloc and their good.

  6. Almost looks like he is wearing your “Run Guns” shirt.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea they didn’t keep with any sort of RUN DMC theme on his though. So many companies just put those red bars on the top and bottom and call it a day.

  7. BBJones Avatar

    Is there an English version of this?

  8. Maybe he’s talking about the M1 motorway in England…. ;)

  9. I couldn’t watch the video. Between the spazzy flicker of the frames and that turd on his shoulder it got too distracting.

  10. nope

  11. Gwotronin Avatar

    Sorry but gotta go here….
    1) gun play???really??? Drive bys on civillians don’t count as gun play asshole.
    2) excessive use of the word nigga will get him shot by a few black amigos of mine who know what gun play really is.
    3) abundant disrespect of the M1 hopefully will get him shot by a geriatric badass who carried one of those fine weapons.

  12. kosherbacon Avatar

    Good thing our benevolent government blocked the import of all those M1 Assault Carbines!

    1. i wonder where they went instead?

  13. Perhaps a reference to Gran Torino is what his M1 is, but he’d probably hook in a “get off my lawn” here and there to get that reference in.

  14. theforgottenman Avatar

    He’s probably making a case for the State Dept. to allow for the reimportation of M1’s from South Korea.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha I laughed out loud when I read that.

  15. This song sucks!

  16. Arm3nian Avatar

    He is talking about drugs, not guns fellas.
    M1 is a drug.
    Also that song sucked ass

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Interesting I didn’t know about that slang.

      Not that his grammar is above a grade 6 level, but he does say “A M1 here / A M1 there” which doesn’t really make sense if you substitute drugs rather than a rifle in there… “A Methylone here / A Methylone there”. Plus his rap name is Gunplay. Who knows though you might be correct.

      1. Arm3nian Avatar

        My guess came from this line
        “Nigger only knew powder and the product’s all pale”
        I had to look up the lyrics, cuz what brother is using ain’t english.

  17. If gun control is actually reducing the gangs to procuring clip-fed battle-rifles, then maybe its working! (sarc)