FPSRussia At The Fake Office – Shillin’ Like A Villain

I’m not buying it:

That’s his office?  Heh right… looks like a set somewhere.  I don’t believe anything this guy does anymore.  I find it hard to believe a 26 year old guy with lots of money would have a dingy office with wood paneling, a mainly empty suspicious looking cabinet,  and zero stuff on the walls.  You never know though… I’ve been wrong once or twice before haha. :P

The NY reload holster (holster for two guns) is pretty neat.  The point of the video seems to be advertising for those companies he mentioned.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why treat your viewers like idiots and pretend that “i’m just showing you comrades around the office”?



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  1. How in the fuck is he making all these class 3 items legally? Is he a dealer?

    1. His parents or something probably own a gun store

      1. I did some research quite awhile back to figure out who he is, and if what I found was correct (and usually what I find is correct), his family owns a chicken farm.

    2. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      He’s got an FFL-7 and is in bed with his local police department, he’s mentioned as much. Basically if he wants it then they request a demo and he gets a dealer sample.

    3. TimeToChange Avatar

      FPS Russia is as fake as his fake Russian accent. FPS Kyle aka FPS Russia is a scamming liar. Just look at what he has posted on his new website where he is now claiming to be a military contractor. Here is what he has posted
      “Welcome to FPS Industries Global LLC a World Leader in Military Technologies
      FPS Industries is proud to be world leaders in product development and testing for hard use firearms shooters. Our current and future innovations in military firearms technologies make us a leader. When it comes to reliability we set the standard.”

      He is a LIAR. His irresponsible antics with borrowed high-power weapons is driving this mass trivialization of these assault weapons in the minds on young impressionable minds of kids and teens and mentally unstable adults. We do not need creeps like FPS Russia in the USA. As long as we have manipulative opportunistic people who will put on such displays for the gun lobby groups we will continue to have the propagation of disturbed individuals hoarding weapons and shooting up schools. FPS Russia is quite responsible for this dissemination of misguided display of assault weapons. What kind of person allows himself to be used in such a terrible way by gun promoters and irresponsible gun lobbyists? FPS Russi uses the alias FPS Russia because he knows what he is doing is wrong. The people of Newtown, CT should know that FPS Russia is helping produce sick gun crazies like Nancy and Adam Lanza. FPS Russia seems like an intelligent person so why is he allowing himself to be used by the gun lobby?

      1. Roadkill Avatar

        Why don’t you go blame hollywood and the generally liberal actors that get millions from their on screen glorification of violence? I think shooting up watermelons and targets are infinitely better than the badly simulated deaths on the big and small screen. FPS Russia is a persona, we all know it. You act as if it is some great secret or something. Oh wait. Common sense. I suppose it WAS a big thing for you to figure out.

      2. F you I got one for you anytime bang bang

      3. You really aren’t bright, are you?

      4. You just one of many SICK crazy idiots who like blackhole games in bad with your fellow dildo. Who gave you right to judge any one around??? Did you create the GREAT Constitution of America? Did you write the Bill of Rights? Look at you, in the mirror, go loose some pounds and don’t DICTATE how to live in this Great Country, for hard working people who respect 2nd amendment !!!

        1. How did this libtard get on here

  2. He just gave himself away:

    “but coming out of the AR platform, which i prefer”

    No way this guy is a ruskie. They like their vodka and their AK’s. 50 years of proxy wars in third world countries hasn’t changed that.

    1. I said the same exact thing. Haha

  3. This guy is a supreme douche, as Vhyrus said, where the hell is he getting these weapons? Judging by his last video, where he damn near became fajita meat, he’s obviously not bright enough for a class 3 license…ide hope. Where’s the BATFE fuck-up squad when you need them?

    1. AftermathGunClub Avatar

      We don’t need them. Please don’t encourage the BATFE to start a fuck-up squad.

    2. Dilhack Avatar

      You never need them…don’t say things like that, it may give them ideas.

  4. Is it possible that he’s just trying to take the piss on WeaponsEducation? Given that title, I thought maybe. He seems serious enough, but the writing for FPSRussia was never that good, so maybe he decided to try for a funny one.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I doubt he would give Weapons Retardation the satisfaction. Can you imagine if he actually acknowledged his existence? That guy’s ego is already dangerously huge, because somehow despite coming across as a massive douchebag he managed to become very successful in real life and gain an impressive following on YouTube.

  5. Kenny Blankenship Avatar
    Kenny Blankenship

    FPS Russia strikes me as a pretty smart guy actually. He’s a solid shooter and has obviously forged a very successful youtube business. What you have to keep in mind though, is that his videos are not primarily aimed at our demographic. They’re tailored to entertain the teenage, first person shooter-playing crowd—remember, FPS Russia/Kyle originally started doing Call of Duty videos. And the same things that make us cringe are immensely entertaining to that audience. So when Mike asks why he treats his viewers as idiots… for the most part, they are. Just read the comments on any of his videos.

    1. Dilhack Avatar

      Exactly. He’s an entertainer, and judging his personal toys he is very well paid for what he does. And I’m guessing he is as or more knowledgeable (sp?) about firearms and as fine a shot as anyone here.

  6. FPSRussia isn’t russian. There was a video of him on youtube a few years back where he was talking in a normal american accent saying that he was copying a former employers accent for S&G’s. I have heard that a local Type 7 I think hired him/lets him use their stuff for his videos as part of a coming marketing blitz. (Isn’t a type 7 which is needed for a manufacturer? And a Manufacturer can build dealer samples for LE sales.) I don’t know I just worked for my Ex FIL who had a type 1 as we sold some modern stuff even though our specialty was black powder guns.

  7. He’s got a weak Russian accent and he shoots like a fucking jackass sometimes – but I still like him and what he does.

  8. Kyle is from Georgia. He works/involved with a gun store that loans him weapons that the shoots on his family farm in Georgia. He has made tons of money off tshirts and youtube commissions. Its just a character that has access to cool guns.

    1. I had always wondered if he had someone to supply the firearms for the videos. I have a friend who insisted that he owned all that stuff, in large part due to all the youtube money. I always figured there’s no way he could possibly afford all that stuff himself.

  9. MrMaigo Avatar

    He’s soooo booooooring. How lame do you have to be to make guns boring?

    1. Yet you keep watching.

      1. MrMaigo Avatar

        I don’t watch at all

        1. How do you know he’s boring then dumbass?

  10. Alexander Avatar

    I don’t think he ever really supports his channel as truth. He’s admitted to it being a character and he’s from Georgia. He recently set up a company called FPS Industries Global LLC that manufactures machine guns (not my words). I don’t understand, I thought it was pretty well known that he does the accent to be funny and that it was a character. I mean, in videos with other people they never bother with accents. I don’t think he’s trying to kid anyone.

  11. Legal to a civilian? You *are* a civilian FFS.

  12. So he has a factory?

  13. John Vid Avatar

    This video actually shows a walk thru of the entire place. At this point it’s nothing special. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czG0Cv7JBQY&feature=plcp

    As you will see the idiot FPSRussia has gone into business looks like a real winner. Keith Ratliff

    The Federal Firearms License has Keith’s signature and he also represented the business in a recent zoning meeting with the city. Here is the FB page that shows the license. https://www.facebook.com/pages/FPS-Industries-Global-LLC/215238495219408

  14. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    That guys is one funny actor. For some Georgia hick to pull of a semi-decent russkie accent is actually pretty impressive.

    His site is funny, but never ever to be taken seriously.

  15. Well I went to see if I could find the double rear holster at the website. No joy. In fact the holster choice is only about five. And not a single left-handed one.

    He’s just shilling now.

    But I do wish I could get my hands on an AA-12.

  16. Anyone who has ever thought he was really russian is not too bright, and anyone who cares is even dumber.

  17. That is his real office at the company he recently started called FPS Industries. You can the the company building and the office in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czG0Cv7JBQY

  18. *see

  19. Okay so I just wanted to search one good time to see what I could find and when I seen the first line of the website on the Google page, I was actually laughing but I wanted to put it out there that I happen to know him and yes the ancient is fake but if I’m not mistaken it has been the trademark so don’t hate. and yes just as Josh said, his family does own a farm and yes these guns are legal to anyone with the correct licences. To add, actually quite a few of the guns they use are special guns and can only be in the procession of highly trained individuals and in some cases only the military. These are DEMONSTRATIONS of guns and explosives. So my thoughts are to do your research and to do it well and maybe you wouldn’t be shown up.

    1. Thank you for that; it was hilarious. I cracked up at your comments like, “the ancient is fake but if I’m not mistaken it has been the trademark,” and,”they use are special guns and can only be in the procession of highly trained individuals.”

      The ancient is fake; what does that mean? Things that came long before are false?

      And what about, “and can only be in the procession of highly trained individuals”? Can those weapons only be used in a parade of highly trained individuals?

      I would suggest you go back and try to finish high school… Or at least invest in a dictionary.

      (I won’t even get into your lack of proper punctuation; that would take way too long.)

  20. So annoying how completely uneducated people leave blog posts like this. Take 20 minutes and do some research first, and you will leave Kyle (FPSRussia / Dimitri) is very successful, that office is FPS Industries, the company he founded, they do custom weapons for military / law enforcement and large companies. Custom weapons, incase you didn’t know, can be extremely expensive, 5, 10, even 20 thousand dollars a weapon, and when you have people ordering in bulk, that’s a lot of profit. As well as the fact that his entertainment show earns over 17,000,000 monthly views, and is partnered by Machinima who offers roughly a $2.50+ CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), so 17,000,000 / 1000 * 2.50 = $42500. Maybe that doesn’t seem possible for someone who doesn’t know a lot about the industry, but it is, and the fact that almost all of his videos the past year have been sponsored / had product placement advertisements inside them I’m sure he’s making way more than this, easily. He also does videos with others on other large channels and commercials, such as the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 commercial, or his episode on EpicMealTime, and many others. This is all public knowledge and from someone who works heavily in the industry. Please, just next time do your research on posts before you create them, it discredits your website and can harm other people in the sense that you’re posting false information.

  21. Alright JOSH we were not in a battle tho see who could speak correctly if I’m not mistaken. The point was to get it across that FPS is totally legit and so with that, I’m glad you found humor in my comment jackass.

  22. Here’s a complete tour of their offices…

    1. I’m certainly impressed. Looks real legitimate to me, as does their website:

  23. How has this guy gotten so far without a real Russian kicking his ass?