Call Of Duty – Black Ops II Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Armchair operators gonna operate:

From what I’ve seen on past posts you guys either love or hate COD. As I mentioned in the past, I’m not a really a gamer, so I get impressed when I see gameplay footage like in the trailer.

That microwave weapon at 0:36 is epic!

November 13th Release date.

You can pre-order the game over at Amazon for $60 if you’re interested.

Thoughts?  Is this looking any better to any of you guys that thought you were going to hate it?


22 responses to “Call Of Duty – Black Ops II Multiplayer Reveal Trailer”

  1. That actually looked really dumb. The more this series strays from the grounded in reality originals, the more absurd it looks. Guess I’ll stick with Arma 3 and Red Orchestra.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      I had no idea they were making an ArmA3 – you just made my life so much better! As for the reality issue…yes.

  2. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    I still don’t feel that tingle up my leg.

  3. Having played shooters for over 9 years (once or twice a week), this looks very blah. It’s a $60 MW3 expansion, nothing really new in gameplay terms, same old run and gun with weapons that look different.

  4. I keep telling myself to not keep playing CODs, but then I see this and can’t help but get a little excited. I’m not as bothered as I thought I would be with the future weapons and fake stuff. It is a video game after all.

  5. I’m a fan of the O.G call of duties, so I will buy this for single player when it is on sale for 20 bucks, other than that it is all about MoH and Skyrim!

  6. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    No dedicated servers means in 3 days it will be a cheat fest, like MW3.
    I can’t make maps, I can’t run custom mods, like the paintball mod, or star wars mod. I can’t do anything cool, its just the same 6 maps unless you pay another $20 for 3 more. NO NO NO NO.

    I would rather waste my money on something else.

    1. Like ammo! (but that’s not a waste)

  7. You should check out ArmA III and II..

  8. Battlefield 3 all the way. By the time this comes out, Battlefield 4 will be chugging along in development and the fourth major expansion for BF3 will be out a month after BO2.

    Just saying, I far prefer the strategy involved in BF games to the arcade style run and gun noobfest that is Call of Duty nowadays.

    1. The BEST part of BF3 is playing on TDM/SDM servers — all the COD noobs play there (Because they don’t know how to use their classes, don’t know how to play as a team, and therefore suck at the game), and it’s SOOOO easy to beat the pants off them. To the tune of having a final score that is approximately equal to the combined scores of the next two highest scoring players.

  9. Just not a fan of the rail-track campaigns and scripted events. I’m sure the multiplayer is where it’s at, but I’ve given up playing in public games due to adolescent boys who find online gaming a place vent their insignificant, real-life frustrations.

  10. Meh, I don’t buy these games anymore. But COD does allow online split screen so I show my nephew how it’s done since he always buys the new ones…

  11. The second half of this video had 90% of what I hate in shooters like this. The sad thing is that the COD franchise encourages d-baggery. I know people are throwing out better shooters so Red Orchestra II will be my pick. Yay for Mosin Nagants!

  12. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    Seems like a lot of people here like prefer Red Orchestra, which I can’t blame them for. Crawling through the dirt while trying to flank an MG position under heavy artillery fire in RO is way more awesome than getting spawnkilled by some jerk’s over-powered killstreak in CoD.

    1. Yea man, I love Red Orchestra but sometimes it is so random about where you are getting shot from. Entertaining multiplayer for sure.

  13. NYzombie Avatar

    Shit looks like halo, Ill stick to my COD4

  14. EventHorizon Avatar

    These games have jumped the shark not to mention to really play them “online” you will have to invest another $60 or more to stay current on multiplayer maps. I have COD Black Ops, but I am not buying anymore of these no talent ass hat games. The level of douchbaggery in the games, and like someone else said, all the knucklehead kids and their mic abuse is ridiculous.

  15. Just like the first blackops… Only in it for Zombies. The COD franchise sucks compared to Battlefield.

  16. The element of “sports gaming” aka “pro gaming” with commentary just make me yak up my egg foo yung. Fuck that whole scene.

  17. Mr_Rich Avatar

    Come on tomahawk to the face. What’s not to love.

  18. COD lost its way with the first modern warfare, the gameplay wasnt all that bad, but they need to stick to historical gameplay in my opnion. Why no Korea War games? Its just like WW2 but with jets and nukes, and the player would get to fend off 100,000 man Chinese assaults.