Lock Stock And Two Smoking Zombies

Looks like some funny gun related scenes in this movie. That said, i’m so sick of the continued flood of zombie content.  It all ends up basically being the exact same.


Hat tip: Kevin


13 responses to “Lock Stock And Two Smoking Zombies”

  1. I loved Snatch and Lock Stock so i’m sure ii’ll enjoy this. Its like shaun of the dead meets the east end.

  2. MrMaigo Avatar

    1968 called, they want their slow zombies back

  3. Jacob B Avatar

    I think it looks hilarious. Yeah, it’s a gore fest, yeah, it’s been done before.. But you guys can’t tell me you don’t enjoy a good Zombedy. I mean, look a Shaun of the Dead, everyone loved that movie. It’s gonna be good.

  4. Loved Shawn of the Dead this looks along the same line looking forward to it

  5. JohnTheBaptist Avatar

    I figured I see more 3″ pocket knives and such considering how the strick their gun laws are in the UK.

  6. 2Wheels Avatar

    Oh look, another zombie movie… How original…

    Now I’d love to know where all these gun hating brits got their hands on all that firepower? C’mon limeys… Make your zombie movies realistic, complete with british stab proof knives!

    1. Clearly you have never been to the east end, the only limit is how much you are willing to spend

  7. That guy who shoots to dead Avatar
    That guy who shoots to dead

    Geez, no realism at all? At best, we’d be looking at the survivors having only Glocks and MP5s, and that’s ONLY IF the police hadn’t already taken them. Although, the katana was cool.

  8. Might be worth watching on DVD. Definitely not paying theater prices too see it.

  9. You see, shawn of the dead got it right the first time. There’s no need to mix that movie with zombieland and create this shit. I think it looks really bad.

  10. thebronze Avatar

    This looks wicked awesome! I’ll see it!

  11. Nakedgun17 Avatar

    There’s always room for more zombieness…. especially since the sequel to Shaun never came to life.

  12. just watched it, funny movie