Navy Seal Stop Motion Terrorist Elimination

Yet another stop motion to blow my mind:

Good use of the Mobb Deep – Shook Ones instrumental.  Filmed on a Canon 60D too!  That’s what I have.

“Just keepin it Delta” <– if they are seals wouldn’t it be DEVGRU?


Hat tip: Daniel


11 responses to “Navy Seal Stop Motion Terrorist Elimination”

  1. LOL last words, “Well the Giants are pussies anyway.”

  2. You’d think they’d have better trigger discipline.

  3. So…. the guy with the SPAS 12… he runs out of shells and pulls out a 1911…. even though he has a MP5 STRAPPED TO HIS FREAKING CHEST!? WHO WRITES THIS SHIT ANYWAY?!

    1. Yeah the animation was great, but the person obviously knows NOTHING about guns.

      Also note how the SEALs enter the combat zone without a round chambered. yeah that’s smart! They’re doing all their cool sweeps and clearing with EMPTY GUNS!

    2. I winced at 3:20 when the flash hider was right next to his buddies ear. even with hearing protection that fucking hurts…

  4. Awesome, awesome video but that definitely isn’t the Shook Ones instrumental.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yes it is. Maybe you’re used to Shook Ones Pt.2

      I even linked to the song on YouTube in the post!

      1. Ah, the link didn’t go through for me. Sorry about that. And yes, I got it mixed up.

  5. Who has time for this? Good job, and where the fuck do you get GI Joe guns with working slides and shit?

  6. I won’t put it with Act of Valor you can tell they put an effort in.

  7. “Let’s free the hostage and get back to the sink…”
    PRICELESS! great fun – regardless!