Deep Penetration Ammo

The newest in extreme long range armor piercing ammunition:

Waiting to strike:

Because sometimes regular rounds can’t get the job done.  This is the absolute cutting edge when it comes to boutique dick humor rounds.

Vigilant Spectre is an early adopter (yea no surprise there, I know), and word on the street is Buck Yeager wants in on the action.

The ammunition is obviously not California compliant due to its ability to penetrate all thicknesses of every type of armor that has ever and will ever be made.

Hat tip: The Specialists LTD. 

If you want your own Deep Penetration Ammo give The Specialists a call at 212-941-7696, ask for Steve G. and mention you saw it on the ENDO blog so he knows what you’re talking about.  Don’t expect it to be cheap if you just want one, because it’s a custom job.  A nice addition to any collection though.  You can also request any additions/changes you want made; they were even talking about making the pictured prototype spring loaded! haha

No word on the ballistics of this round yet.



90 responses to “Deep Penetration Ammo”

  1. Disgusting

  2. Needs to come with 2 90 caliber musket balls.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah word

  3. Aaronine Avatar

    Can it be used as a HDS (Herpes Delivery System)?

  4. Does it come in black?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re out of luck, that’s forbidden under the Hauge Convention IV of 1907 Article 23(e).

      1. this is why we cant have nice things

  5. Dan The Viking Avatar
    Dan The Viking

    Do these come in a painted variation like XM855s?
    Y’know, like purple-tips?

  6. I understand it is real popular in San Francisco…

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      There is an uproar though because they can only have 10 of them stored in a magazine at once.

  7. HAHAHA ENDO delivers once again.

  8. D Larsen Avatar

    These fucking Vigilant Spectre derpy derpingtons of herpness shove these things up their asses before bed every night I’m sure. Mike I’d be perfectly fine with you posting a vid from them every day so we can shut them down.

    1. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. You hiding something from yourself, D?

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Too bad their vids are turning from hilarious DERP to just plain boring and retarded.

  9. Hahahaha!!! Is this for real?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Real life Church.

  10. D Larsen Avatar

    Nah man these fuckin faggots just piss me off running around in camo playing army giving all firearm owners a bad name. They look like they’re all in their late 20s to early 30s so its time to grow up.They probably got kicked out of any ranges in their area for playing dress uP and in all likelihood are virgin unemployed welfare trash that bought their shitty mall ninja weapons with our tax dollars

  11. D Larsen Avatar

    And mike anything they Post is hilarious derP to me


    1. only if the balls touch

      1. Sounds like rationalization to me. Something you want to tell us?

        1. I want you to have my babies.

  13. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    do not want.

  14. D Larsen Avatar

    Anybody got an address from those derps yet?

  15. 180 Courics Avatar
    180 Courics

    You know I don’t think they much care what goes on over here. If they have already said that they pretty much ignore this blog

  16. D Larsen Avatar

    Well then we can make them care. They care enough to make “official statements” file police reports and block comments. We already got them to take a video down too.

  17. 180 Courics Avatar
    180 Courics

    Along with that Yeager fuck too! He is way worse

  18. 180 Courics Avatar
    180 Courics

    What video did you get tem to take down?

  19. D Larsen Avatar

    Yeah I hate Yeagar more

  20. D Larsen Avatar

    You must be referring to the one that they removed, edited and reupped. You are starting to believe in the endo myth

  21. D Larsen Avatar

    What the fuck? The last 2 comments are NOT from me, i think those derps are fucking around on here. Mike, there needs to be some intervention on this.

  22. D Larsen Avatar

    I hate the VS derps more than anything. The vid they took down was of the boonie hat derp giving his cheap shitty rifle a blowjob and muzzling the fuck out of people.

  23. Not hardly, endo has been deleting my comments like a bitch. You guys wish that VS would give you the time of day.

    VSP! VSP! VSP!

  24. I used to frequent this blog until he started on this BS. Now I realize how much of a tool he is. He is Jealous that he was born a short skinny douche

  25. D Larsen Avatar


    is probably that little wombat faggot bitch. Even IF ENDO deletes your comments its because you’re in league with derpness, but I highly doubt ENDO would censor anything on the blog. Anything said in favor of these imbeciles is just more derp entertainment for all of us and we all know that. He DOES give us the time of day. They’re dedicated to giving us derp and we love them for it. His latest video is just more proof.

  26. Their latest video is making fun of you for wasting your time plugged into a blog complaining about dudes in camp and face paint. And mike censors a lot, anything to maintain his image of being in control. Believe it if you like or open your eyes and see it for what it is, a facade of a kid with skinny little boy syndrome that is pissed off at the world

  27. Camo

  28. The truth is that mike needs people like FPS, Yeager and Spectre to generate traffic on his page. Look down the threads, how many of them generate viewership like this one…. And you mr Larson play into it like a fool thinking ” you are on a side” when you are just generating traffic for funding for more TShirts and faggot glock stocks. I bet any one of those dudes would rip you a new asshole if you ever stepped out from behind that whimpy keyboard

  29. D Larsen Avatar

    At least I’m not playing army and dress up at age 30 and pretending I know what I’m talking about when I can’t even get into parking ticket lady school much less military or law enforcement. All just a bunch of fat wannabes

  30. Yet another endo perpetuated falsehood. VS had Military and LE members and advisors. Yeager has LE members. FPS is just a badass. You have been drinking the cool aide too long there bud

  31. Beyond that you have just as much right to go out and shoot in a clown suit or in a derpy white polo and law enforcement hat like endo… Who is not LE. So where is the logic there. Pot meet Kettle.

  32. Has*

  33. D Larsen Avatar

    The wombat faggot has it in their website that he has owned guns for like a year and thinks he’s some kind of TACTICOOL home defender faggit. The fattest of the fatties is an unsafe dbag and the wombat the safety officer is the most unsafe 1 in the bunch of derps. Plus there are no LEOs in that group they made it up all of a sudden. And the only 1 who claims to be military claims to be navy. Not fuckin related to this shit they try to pass off as real training at all

  34. D Larsen Avatar

    Mike is absolutely a LEO. Where’d he get the hat then dumbass?

    1. Leo? really? i always got more of a capricorn vibe from his posts.

      1. D Larsen Avatar


      2. D Larsen Avatar

        So dave what are your thoughts on the wombat faggot and his butt buddy terry?

        1. actually, i haven’t seen more than about 2 mins of their vids so i cant comment. they seem to enjoy themselves so kudos for that.

  35. I am going to let that one go as sarcasm. But they said they made a recent LE acquisition and The bacon guy is Military. Another ignorant remark that endo told you and you believe like he was your priest or something

  36. OH SHIT!!!!!!!! We done been infiltrated by VSP

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      Just by terry the wombat faggot. No big deal. Well get them to shut that channel down. I have plans in motion

  37. Go ahead think what you want Endo is lying to you and will probably remove some if not all of these comments. Those are good people over there and they don’t really care what you say. I’ve even seen them say things like they welcome the blog because it increases their video traffic. You are being played. For the record I wish I could say that I am one of any of the groups you criticize. One I have not been invited and two it wouldn’t matter. I was injured in Afghanistan and can’t shoulder a weapon anymore.

  38. D Larsen Avatar

    Whatever wombat faggot. Now you’re even posing as military just like that fat drunk does on veterans day. Loser derp liar

  39. Oh and before I go Larson, my shrapnel wounds hurt a lot more when I know that they were for idiots like you

  40. lol – look, regardless of the “lies” of ENDO, if someone actually takes anything VSP does seriously, you’re out of your mind.

    /end feeding troll

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      Thank you. So finally somebody backed me up on hating the fucking wombat derp. I hate that little bitch. PM the shit out of him on YouTube. It’s hilarious

    2. allow me to rephrase that – if anyone takes what VSP does as serious, legitimate training, you’re out of your mind. I take it seriously because there are a lot of people out there who see people that look “tacticool” and immediately listen to every word coming out of their mouths. That’s dangerous, especially with idiots like VSP around and on the internet. Although, admittedly, some of that traffic has and will continue to be generated by this blog.

  41. D Larsen Avatar

    The most noble undertaking we endo bloggers can perform is the systematic destruction of all these little derp militias

  42. My flaccid penis is 2.1″ long

  43. Hey I think this is a little over the top. I mean seriously, I think that this has gone from entertainment to lunacy. Plans? To get them to take down their channel? WTF… If that is all the better you have to do then you are no better. Larsen if they are watching then great job asshole they just found out that they are getting to you. As for any “PLANS” you have you need to STFU because anything you do can be traced here.

    Now to the exchange with Terry, it is certainly a VS troll. However, it may very well be a sub of theirs. If it is true and he is a wounded veteran you should show some respect you puke. Wether you like what he said or not. If he is then you should be ashamed.

    That being said, I like to watch the vids then read the fallout over here. But I have to say that “Terry” is pretty on point. A lot of what is written here is blown way out of proportion or just wrong…. On that subject

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      So you support their derpness? I can’t believe terry is a legitimate wounded service member. He’s the wombat faggot for sure. And they won’t be able to trace what I have in store. Trust me I’m good at what I do. Endo crusades against derp and I advocate the crusade. Join up or shut up

  44. D what are you going to do… send deep penetration ammo to your “DERP faggot” buddies? you drank the koolaid for sure. grow the hell up dude and leave these guys alone. Also, you SHOULD be extremely ashamed that you are being so incredibly disrespectful to a member of our armed forces.

    on another note, ENDO.. how did you find out that “deep penetration ammo” existed? my guess is that a search for “ammo” does not bring up photos of penis bullets. just saying.

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      Man come on that terry guy is the wombat faggot for sure. Look how pissed he got when I started going off on that little bitch. You wouldn’t put it past them to pose as military on here? They do it in 147 videos in their channel already. Don’t buy into it. Crusade against the derp

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I know people who know people in R&D over at The Specialists, and some guys there also apparently read the blog.

  45. D Larsen Avatar

    I mean for christs sake these derps even stage fake lying glock malfunctions on YouTube to discredit the greatest battle implement ever devised and you don’t want to shut them down?

  46. why the fuck wouldn’t “terry” just say he was “wombat” then. that doesnt make sense. i think “terry” just has some common sense.
    i have an idea, D, you should get your own militia and asked the VSP to a duel. See how far that gets you.

  47. D Larsen Avatar

    I’m 34 years old. I shoot at a range safely and don’t pose as military or pretend I know wtf im talking about like this derp militia. Wiping them off the face of the interweb is the greatest service endo can do for the gun community

  48. D Larsen Avatar

    Unlike this derp militia* I’m too old to play dress up and so are they. Fucking welfare trash using our tax dollars on face paint

  49. point taken. i like glocks and they were busting on them hard. i dunno i can see why no one likes to see them. I’m just saying dude, the threats make you sound crazy.

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      It’s crazier for normal gun owners to accept anything other than bench shooting at a range unless you’re a cop or military

  50. true… he even wasted the government-funded face paint on his LEGS. who the fuck was he hiding from in that video that he needed to use welfare leg paint. DERP for sure. but you should shut the hell up about getting them to shut down, because that is technically a threat and you could freak out his bitch wife again.

  51. i’ll make some plans to shut you AND the VSP project down. shut the fuck up man you’re pissing me off.

  52. ill make some plans to shut YOU down if you don’t shut the hell up about it. you sound exactly like fucking endo when he went on his stupid rants about this vsp guy. you are just as ignorant.

    …but, I will still make a disclaimer that I do NOT- repeat do NOT- support vsp. I just think D is a moron derp trolling around and trying to find someone to pick on behind his mom’s computer screen.

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      Mother fucker you’re a Boone hat deep that can’t hit anything over 800 yards with an AR15 just like vigilant derpness

  53. vigilant derpness couldn’t hit a fucking thing at 800 yards, ill give you that. but thats the only useful thing you have said about him on this thread.

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      Are you fucking kidding me? His material is priceless. Exactly what not to do. Fucker couldn’t even hit shit at MAYBE 300 yards max. Watch the vid. It’s pathetic. And that wombat faggots gun doesn’t even work haha

  54. D Larsen Avatar

    And he hates glock yet pretends to know about firearms then says endo doesn’t know shit? Dude endo BUILDS ar15 stocks and puts them on glocks. Fuckinf epic. And he stomps out derp. I love this blog

  55. which vid should i watch. i only watched a few and didn’t get through the vids because they were so derpified. wombat is not the worst, VS himself is the biggest derp virgin boone of them all. he thinks he is running a militia and tells the others what to do when he doesnt even know wthell he is doing.

  56. D Larsen Avatar

    What do you think endo? Biggest derp vote?

  57. D Larsen Avatar

    It’s the Bonnie derp 556 clinic vid that like 4 hours of derpness. Mike put it on here a while back and it was pure gold

  58. D Larsen Avatar

    However I must disagree with endo on saying it was safe. They told the 180 degree line to go fuck itself and no eye pro on anyone. Fucking idiots

  59. Derp vote: 1 for VS himself. Mike, do you second this? should VS be the leader of the derpified boone derpfag running around like little bitches fighting off paper bad guys?

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      Derp vote for wombat faggot

  60. I think the worst part of it all is the over use of the word “derp”.

    Shut the fuck up

    1. D Larsen Avatar

      How else would you describe them? IF they read and are intelligent enough to comprehend anything on this blog then calling them derps undoubtedly enrages them

  61. I bet these VSP guys get together and whack their dicks off looking at this blog. it’s like gun porn.

    1. dutch rudders for all!

      1. D Larsen Avatar

        all day for these derps. they sit those mall ninja guns in a pile and just go around in a circle for sure

  62. Anonymous Avatar

    SO how about them dildo bullets, huh? Kinda funny, huh?

    1. I thought so, but apparently they sparked a troll jihad.