Nintendo Zapper Gun Kydex Holster

I feel sorry for kids too young to have ever played duck hunt:

Source – AF275

What a great looking holster.  No surprise that he scored perfect on the test runs. :)

Hat tip: Dnine


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  1. Why can’t someone release a 22 based on that Nintendo zapper.. Beretta neo is close but i want one just like it.

  2. Thanks a lot for posting my holster. It was a really fun and tricky project. We should have a video of it in use very soon.

    We have sat around for a while looking at guns like the Neo seeing if there would be any you could make furniture to make one into a zapper, so far nothing really works. Only guess like you said is a manufacturer will have to build one from the drawing board.

    1. This totally reminded me of that cartoon, Captain N, from the 80’s. You should do a modern update of the costume with this and submit it to some game sites!

    2. could probably come really close with a custom slide for the neos. never handled one myself, so i couldn’t say for sure though…

  3. So that’s why the glock grip angle feels right… Many a duck, and clay pigeon fell to my zapper. Lots of laughing dogs too.

  4. I have one of the original grey zapper guns.

    Gloss may have a point as to grip angle…

  5. Oh man, I wanna see you open carry this to a gun show.

  6. NinTactical

  7. are these brady campaign approved?

  8. No. They could be dangerous.

    Go smoke another cigarette, have some booze, and drive a-mile-a-minute to cheerleading practice.

    1. There was supposed to be a “end snark” comment, and a disclaimer that my comments were “adding” to M’s snark, not bashing M. ?

      1. ENDO hates greater/less than symbols, apparently.

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          Haha yea it thinks you want to do an unauthorized HTML tag.

  9. Nice! I preffer making my own kydex hoster instead of buying… This is a fun idea.

  10. Depending on the game, if a high capacity mag ban ever happened you’d be breaking the law plugging this in.
    Know your state laws, Duck Hunt at least is CA approved.

  11. Now I want an open front race holster. Because Duck Hunt.