Universal Sandal Handgun Holster

When life gives you no money for a real holster:

You have to improvise.  This got me thinking… with the right type of flip flop you could have a ghetto NY Reload holster.  If you can’t steal one of your wife/girlfriend’s flip flops then hit up payless and cop a pair. This will either give you a backup holster to have on hand in case the 1st one breaks… or better yet carry 4 guns and call it a Detroit Reload setup.



13 responses to “Universal Sandal Handgun Holster”

  1. DoubleTap Avatar

    You might be a redneck if….

  2. Critter Avatar

    when life gives you flip flops, make your holster a flop.

    no, no, need a better slogan…

  3. Should be titled, “When the wife gives you no money for a real holster:”

    1. bahhhhhhhhh i’m not even married and my girlfriend has me on a spending leash. I’d rather go back to iraq than ask if I can buy a scar.

  4. That’s actually the ultimate tactical holster. How many other holsters turn into an impact weapon?

    A lightweight, slappy, hilarious, impact weapon.

    I would pay good money to see the police recruit grandmothers that rode along on patrol and instead of arresting the low end knuckleheads, just gave them a good ol’ fashioned country style ass whuppin’ with a flip flop.

  5. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
    Dr Kranknstein

    well this would end the cop issue of saying a holstered open carry is still concealed.

  6. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    Is that Tex? “Good way” to blow your leg off like Tex Grebner (only he managed to do it with a holster):


  7. NoiseMekanik Avatar

    lol at “Detroit reload”

  8. I don’t see the humor in this because I don’t support poking fun at people who are clearly pregnant.

  9. This is such a bad idea, I don’t even know where to begin…

  10. When he blows his leg off he can buy a new holster and a new shoe at the same time.

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar