Bill O’Reilly Knows Nothing About Gun Laws

There is so much bad information in this video:

When O’Reilly got worked up the first time, I was just wishing that guy he was talking to was going to say “U MAD hahha that would have been priceless.

60,000 rounds LOLOL OMG…


Hat tip: Heath, Chris


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  1. USSMunkfish Avatar

    “…and you tell me where I’m wrong.” –Proceeds to talk over his guest the entire time.

    Bill, shut your damn mouth and listen for five frelling seconds!

    1. Professor Romeo Avatar
      Professor Romeo


  2. Dan The Viking Avatar
    Dan The Viking

    45 seconds in and I just could watch it out of fear of through my monitor through the wall.
    Go away, Bill.

  3. Alex S Avatar

    Media + Guns = Fail. Every F___ing Time…

  4. Is this what passes as American TV? Fuck me, that’d annoy me to the point I’d shoot the presenter in the cock.

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      Now you know why most of us listen to the radio or view the Internet.

      1. 2nd Amendment Avatar
        2nd Amendment

        yea man i love Rush Limbaugh.

    2. Dillankid Avatar

      O’Reilly is typically moderate…you should see CNN/MSNBC.

  5. elephantrider Avatar

    Always assumed that O’Reilly was an A-hole. That assumption is now confirmed. He paints a portrait of firearm transfers as being completely un-regulated. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. His machine gun, mortar, and cannon comments are off the charts ridiculous. He makes up a new “heavy weaponry” classification to bolster his argument.

  6. Even without looking at the video, I love how they have the flash suppressor set aside from the rest of the gun, like it was some evil monster all by itself.

    That said, one typically uses that type of flash suppressor to extend the overall length of barrels by pinning and welding it in place… I wonder if that SBS they just created is appropriately registered and tax-stamped?

  7. Poor Bill. He has no clue. He has absolutely no clue. Wow.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      Not to mention he got that number wrong those 30 times…classy reporting.

  8. FR4NCH3K Avatar

    Excuse me Bill, how many rounds? Not sure I caught it the first 30 times…..

    1. chechen Avatar

      no u


  10. 60,000 rounds and the FBI is alerted!? So, how many SASS, IPSC, 3 Gun, IDPA, Olympic, Skeeet, Sporting Clays, Trap, etc. competition shooters is the FBI going to follow. 60,000 rounds is off season training. Thats the problem with this kind of talk, one man’s “arsenal” is another man’s weekend at the range.

    I want to see one 3 Gun shooter on the news just once respond to one of these idiot questions:
    Q: “Why do you need a 30 round magazine to hunt deer?”
    A: “I don’t. But I do need a 42 round magazine to make USPSA Nationals.”

    1. Doctorscorry Avatar

      Thank You, somebody gets it unlike this idiot. His greatest talking point was to simply talk over the other person, freaking idiot.

  11. Doesn’t Bill refer to the AR used in this CO shooting

  12. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    would these same pundits promote the licensing and regulation of their 1st amendment rights?

    1. dave w Avatar

      there should be free speech control, anyone on tv should be licensed and all they say fact checked or they are fined/ revoked/jailed/used for minefield clearance.

      1. ^ this ^

  13. Croppedxout Avatar

    “HEAVY WEAPONS” DUN DUN DUUUUUN! I went to the local gun show and bought a Howitzer bazooka tank machine gun ied cannon and 90,000 child soldiers and NO ONE made me do a 4473… THIS COUNTRY IS OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL! Bill is a fucking dumbass. I have the urge to slap his stupid face off his head threw the internet. His voice is like fingers down a chalk board.

  14. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    to have better gun control we need to need to have more guns in the hands of people that will use them correctly. the more people holding the less killing sprees will take place or a least they will not last as long. If 6 or 7 people had guns in the theater and started shooting back. maybe they could have got him or maybe they could have suppressed him enough for some people to get out.

  15. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    to have better gun control we need to need to have more guns in the hands of people that will use them correctly. the more people holding the less killing sprees will take place or a least they will not last as long. If 6 or 7 people had guns in the theater and started shooting back. maybe they could have got him or maybe they could have suppressed him enough for some people to get out.

  16. Allen Rountree Avatar
    Allen Rountree

    How ignorant does Bill look after this video?

    1. thebronze Avatar


  17. xpo172 Avatar

    It is amazing to see how ignorant people are on certain topics when they cross over into something that you know really well. It makes you wonder how ignorant they are on other topics. Say healthcare, defense, foreign relations, education…..

    1. dave w Avatar

      When i was in college, i realized the media knew nothing about the the field i was studying. When i changed careers they were always reporting incorrectly about that one. Now i take an interest in firearms i realize they don’t know anything about that. I see a trend here..

  18. Everywhere in the world, journalists come with their own made-up idea, and start to open their mouths about subjects they don’t know. Idiots.

  19. dave w Avatar

    i also think the dumber elements of the gun community help contribute to this too. ‘i have an ak47 dude;
    well no, you dont, you have an ak47 lookalike. unless its full auto, its not an ak47. your sagia isnt an ak47 either, its a shotgun shaped like an ak47. And of course the folks that sell them as such. At least the m16/ar15 distinction is usually made.

    1. hydepark Avatar

      Actually, I’ve got to kinda correct you on something. I have a Norinco NHM-91. This is definitely in the “family” of Kalashnikov. So, the AK or Kalashnikov type design was introduced in 1947 (roughly). This means that basically NOBODY has an AK-47. The difference is model or family. So, yes, I do have an “AK.” It just happens to be a Norinco copy of the original design. It’s okay, my services here are always free of charge.

      1. dave w Avatar

        “The NHM-91 is a semi-automatic variant of the AK-47 rifle, and was built by Norinco and marketed in the U.S. by China Sports”
        not an ak-47

  20. Grudge Avatar

    Media does not report the facts!!! Facts are boring! Media’s job is to entertain, and since there are already comedy shows they need to get your attention a differetn way. So they sensationalize everything. Then people will watch! And tht is what it is all about. they don’t care about the issue they care about ratings. Poor ratings and you are out of a job. PERIOD!

  21. Thanks ENDO for making me mad everyday (no days off for my anger).

    Bill is a fucking idiot – I’ve seen a few other news gun control reports on this massacre where the liberal cunt reporter spoke over the guy who made sense about what gun control really is.

  22. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Why is the president the media and now Bill Oreilly talking ab out AK47s? Cause they could give a rats ass about being correct. AK47 just sounds so sexy. Oreilly wants a Police state so that 60,000 rounds or “Heavy weaponry” is always investigated. I guess an AK47 would be heavy to Billdo it is about 10 pounds for the douche bag.

  23. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    It annoys me how Bill keeps using the term “AYE-KAY-FOURETY-SEVUN” just to stirr images of full-auto baby killing assault weapons. A real full-auto AKM is really hard to come by, and the AKs on the civilian market are SEMI-AUTOMATIC. Can you say SEMI-AUTOMATIC? If a gun is SEMI-AUTOMATIC, it’s not FULLY-AUTOMATIC. So civilian AKs are not actual “AK-47s”, but semi-automatic copies with similar actions.

    1. Exactly. And it’s another reason why I’ll avoid saying, “News” when really it’s just “Media” (as entertainment).

      It’s a shame Bill doesn’t actually have someone investigate the laws regarding full-auto and AK47s, which the perp didn’t even have at the time of his arrest.

    2. It works though, my brother in-law knows nothing about guns. We talked about the killings and my bro in-law actually said, “yeah, but he had a gun that was as deadly as an ak-47.” Yes, people are that dumb, and yes, it’s because of news reporters just like this.

  24. Joshua Avatar

    Typical Bill O’Reilly fashion. I’ve oftentimes wondered why people continue to appear on his show and set there as he projects his stupidly uninformed opinions over them as they attempt to speak. This is not debate, Bill.

  25. BBJones Avatar

    I am unable to control the pitch or volume of my voice.

  26. WOW!!! oh wow!

  27. I am ashamed to know that he graduated from the same high school that I did.

  28. If I make it to my local IDPA club every month, that’s 1200 rounds a year per caliber, supposing only one run per match. I’ve been known to burn up a brick or two of .22lr on nice days, so I have about 3k rounds lying around. I sure hope Bill doesn’t report me to the FBI! Also, I need to find these gun shows where I can buy Class III/NFA without the tax stamp or background check. I needs me a Kriss with a can.

  29. ThatOneGuy Avatar

    I seriously just want to get on the show, calmly listen to what he has to say, then burn up the rest of his air time violently beating his misinformed ass to death

  30. John Tan Avatar
    John Tan

    Bill O’Reilly targets for sale. $0.25 each. Volume discounts available.

    1. Sign me up! I had to stop the video so i wouldn’t punch my LCD…

  31. John Tan Avatar
    John Tan

    Talking targets are $1.00 each.

  32. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    “F*ck it! We’ll do it live!” LOL

  33. NoiseMekanik Avatar

    Yikes. Since when is Fox News advocating for gun control? The 2nd amendment is one of the only areas where I usually agree with neo-cons, and now they’re dropping off? Maybe they’ve run out of things to bash the Democrats on, and since they’ve been lax on gun control lately they decided to attack them on that…

    I used to be an install tech for Dish Network. It was absolutely frightening how many people were addicted to Fox News. On numerous occasions the first question asked of me upon arrival was “How long is this going to take? Will it be up and running by 3? I gotta have my Glenn.” I wish I was joking.

    I don’t give a shit if his campaign is doomed and 95% of the nation thinks I’m insane. I’m voting for Ron Paul.

  34. What someone with an NFA needs to do is offer to take Bill out for a two or three day session including a gun show. He might actually learn something.

    I suspect Bill is a hoplophobe and would refuse to take anyone up on the offer.

  35. A howitzer, did he really say a fucking howitzer. I can’t stop laughing a fucking 155mm howitzer, with rounds that weight over 100lbs. ahahahah I am going to laugh my ass off all weekend. I’m sure their would be a line around the block for the newer Triple 7, self lay.

    Don’t forget to bring your semi truck to tow it.

  36. John Tan Avatar
    John Tan

    Introduce him to a karambit practicioner. Once he sees how much bloodier the knife art is, he may want to focus on something else asides from howitzers and mortars.

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      Just take him to a crash scene. Especially where a motorcyclist grabbed front brake at 70mph while swerving and face planted. Not a pretty sight.

  37. Jayson Avatar

    karl lagerfeld actin like gargamel
    haha that cam’ron interview was truly epic.

    dame and camron had him seeing red

    regarding this topic, i thought oreilly was more educated on this topic. he sounds like your average clueless hoplophobe in this video.

  38. Demosthenes Locke Avatar
    Demosthenes Locke

    Bill-O, you’re a braindead moron.

    “AK-47” doesn’t automatically mean “machine gun”. There are single-shot versions of this gun that aren’t fully-auto. Second, Holmes didn’t have an AK-47, he had an AR-15, which is a semi-auto, single-shot-per-pull version of an M-16. Getting a machine gun is governed by totally different laws with massive sharp teeth, to the point where if you devise a gadget to automatically pull a trigger, or even *accidentally* break a firearm so as to make it fire full-auto, you can be held liable for “having” an unauthorized machine gun! And woe betide you if you do something like file down a sear to make a gun fire full auto, or some such! You’re in deep shit if you do!

    Gun shows don’t even CARRY full-auto firearms, because the reporting requirements are so onerous. You can’t just take one home from a gun show. Also, there are only a very few full-auto weapons even eligible for resale, ones made prior to a certain date, and they only become available rarely. It’s not practical to have one at a gun show. The prices on such weapons are astronomical, no one could AFFORD one at a neighborhood gun show!

    They don’t have *explosives*, like bazookas or mortars at a gun show either. You might see shells, but they’re universally “demilled”, made harmless. The “mortar shells” Holmes had were not military mortar shells, they were commercial-style FIREWORK mortar shells, some of which it’s suggested he MADE. YES, skyburst fireworks are called “mortar shells”, look it up. They’re highly explosive, regulated as hell, and terribly dangerous if misused.

    Lastly, none of the weapons carried by Holmes were “heavy” weapons. An AR-15 is neither “heavy” nor “high-powered”. It’s somewhat “high velocity”, but any centerfire hunting rifle wipes up the floor with it in terms of firepower — that’s a simple, objective set of numbers that can be looked up, a factor of bullet weight, muzzle velocity, and kinetic energy. Even a .30-06 has twice the kinetic energy and between 2 and 3 times the bullet weight of an AR-15. We’re not going to even MENTION a rifle like a .470 Nitro Express, that makes an AR-15 look like a .22 long rifle, much less a Barrett .50 BMG! At least that last is frequently used on the battlefield as a sniper weapon. The .470 is an elephant gun.

    Lastly, Bill-O, every time there has been registration of firearms, it has led to confiscation. That’s why it’s a bad idea.

  39. NikonMikon Avatar

    Geezus fucking CHRIST Bill is a fucking moron.