The Lego Wire

The attention to detail in this is awesome:

Unless you just started following the blog, you know how obsessed I am with HBO’s The Wire.  

Every time I see a stop motion animation video, I still can hardly believe how much time it must take.  This vid was even better than The Wire Musical I posted about a few weeks ago.

I can’t stress enough, that if you haven’t seen The Wire… you need to get on that.

Hat tip: Raeshawn


3 responses to “The Lego Wire”

  1. With that intro I was really hoping Jurrasic 5 was going to keep playing… They did an awesome job with this video.

  2. James Versluis Avatar
    James Versluis

    A note to everyone watching and listening: download the whole Wire and watch it at your leisure, and make sure you watch at least a couple of episodes before you make your mind up. It sneaks up on you: I went from “Oh so what, how trite” to “This is the best television show in history” without even noticing it.

    Everyone everyone: The Wire is Where It’s at. Please purchase, borrow or steal the whole series.

  3. Robert Avatar

    “What’s up his ass?”

    “No one likes our season, that’s what.”

    Perfect. This thing is perfect.