Tactical Lamp Kickstarter Project

Meh… I’m sure some of you guys will like it, but I can’t say I’m impressed.  Maybe if it didn’t look like a Portal style robot i’d be on board.

I’d prefer an AR-15 desk lamp made out of real parts any day over this perpetrator.  Plus if you get bored of the AR-15 desk lamp you can always just use the rail on another AR build.

At the time of writing this the project has 206 backers with $53712 out of the $70000 goal raised.  At first I was really surprised, but then I remembered the COWWADOOTY crowd. *facepalm*

You can check out the Kickstarter project page – HERE

Thoughts?  Agree with me?  Or are haters gonna hate?

Side note: I get a kick out of seeing the term “industrial design” used so frivolously nowadays. Good job description to drop to try and impress girls though I suppose. They’ll become wise to that and realize you’re just a standard nerd that knows his way around Solidworks by the end of date #1 though, and the joke will be on you. haha

Hat tip: Clayton, Zach, Rick


26 responses to “Tactical Lamp Kickstarter Project”

  1. Really? A Lamp?

  2. dave w Avatar

    i prefer that gals gold lamp from a while back.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea! https://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2012/03/15/m16-lamp/ I didn’t put it in the post just because it wasn’t picatinny rail based.

  3. COWWADOOTY – took me a moment. Nice

    1. Professor Romeo Avatar
      Professor Romeo

      i personally prefer Cock of Dooty

  4. Dan The Viking Avatar
    Dan The Viking

    That’s fucking stupid.

    1. ^This.

  5. hydepark Avatar

    I just backed them for $15. I personally think this thing is awesome and I wish I had heard about it sooner so I could have grabbed one up for $230. You guys are really some downer motherfuckers. It’s still a free country and maybe Kevin, Dave, and Dan can all get together and design and market their own product.

    1. It sure is a free country; I never said I didn’t want them to make it – it’s just a fucking lamp though.

      1. A lamp with rails for 230 – 300 bucks? 550 – 600 retail? Come now. That’s plain stupid.

  6. TomThumb Avatar

    I wonder how many of these they will sell at $560.00 + shipping… also, its kinda old-school but that lamp should have a touch sensor…

  7. doyletoo Avatar

    I dont think it’ll be a long term business success, but gotta give them credit for trying and actually DOING SOMETHING instead of sitting on their butts sponging off their parents or the govt.

  8. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    looks like a tactical microphone teleprompter thing.

  9. Eric G Avatar

    > Industrial design

    It is definitely used improperly often. Per wikipedia “…combination of applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, and usability of a product…”

    It doesn’t mean you “design industrial-looking things” Arg.

  10. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    I’d rather have a “woman’s leg” lamp from “Christmas Story.”

    Was $299.99, now just $199.99:


  11. I agree… pretty meh.

  12. 0:45 – Here is what we should have used, compared to what we wasted time and money into designing to make no significant difference except now we can overcharge because it’s “ours.”


  13. From an Industrial Designer (I have a degree in ID and a job in the design industry) I like the thing. Industrial design doesn’t mean what most people think it does, it’s product, interface, user experience, and social design. Everything from sippy cups to super cars, so this certainly fits the bill. Whether or not you like the design is completely up to you, but saying something is crap, or isn’t Industrial Design based entirely off your own opinion when the guys have obviously done a good job researching, designing, producing, and marketing the thing is completely unfounded.

    This thing is way better than the Stark lamp, and while it likely won’t look right in your regular living room, in the right setting this could really set off an industrial styled office or workshop. That’s just my opinion.

  14. dave w Avatar

    i just looked up industrial design on wikipedia and got this

    Industrial design is the use of a combination of applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, and usability of a product, but it may also be used to improve the product’s marketability and production. The role of an industrial designer is to create and execute design solutions for problems of form, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, and sales

    So if you design something that doesnt work or sell you are a designer. If you then take that product make it prettier, fix the things that break when the consumer tries to use it and put the buttons in a easier to use place then you are an industrial designer. if i have it right.

    1. dave w Avatar

      which i might not as that paragraph i quoted really didnt convey much to me.

  15. Maybe we can hang a knife off it?

    Not a chance would I spend a dime on a lamp like this unless I’m picking the lamp up at Unclaimed Salvage And Freight.

    It looks like something a military geek might buy. The first thing a GF would do is find a garbage can.

  16. Johnny Come Lately Avatar
    Johnny Come Lately

    Haters gonna hate. These guys are trying to do something cool and while it might not be my cup of scotch it’s more than most of the internet troll-hards tearing the effort down can say for themselves. Of course that said, they’re gonna charge way too much money for it and it basically screams “TACTICOOL BACHELOR”.

    1. dave w Avatar

      i already have a theme that this wouldnt go with so…
      Milk crates and concrete blocks are a theme right?

      1. La Vie Boheme, then.

  17. It’s a neat idea, just not for me. I would be into it if it were mildly affordable but since I can buy a case of ammo for that price, ill buy ammo instead. It reminds me of that super tactical mug that was really expensive.

  18. Ryan C Avatar