Increasing Your Grip Strength For Shooting

Regular blog reader and former U.S. NAVY diver Jess Banda shares some tips:

You can buy the Captains of Crush hand grippers for around $20 here.  This will also help transform your sissy handshake to a more manly one.  It’s embarrassing meeting guys who have handshakes similar to an 8 year old girl’s.

You’ll also notice around the 2:25 point in the video Jess has on the ENDO M16 Selector Switch t-shirt!

You can follow Jess Banda over at his blog Banda Tactical Fitness for more tips and reviews.



12 responses to “Increasing Your Grip Strength For Shooting”

  1. Between drinking milk and the Captains of Crush grippers, I now have the handshake of 14 year old…

  2. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    Steadily wrapping more and more tape around your barbells helps a lot too. Over time, I increase the tape until barely able to grip the bar. Works great and doesn’t seem like work.

  3. BrowningBottoms, that’s a trick I used as well. However, it gets to be messy and time consuming. And with my lecture/seminar schedule, I’m at public gyms that frown at taping thier dumbbells. When on the road, I use Fat Gripz (really inexpensive)…they work great and can be used on all types of gym equipment.

  4. Kettlebell training will greatly increase grip strength.

    Another good exercise….get a wooden dowel/pole about shoulder width in length. Drill hole at the halfway point. Tie one end of 6′ rope to/through hole. Tie other end of rope to a weight (10 lbs is good). Grab dowel w hands about shoulder width apart. Extend arms straight out, parallel to the ground. Then roll the weight up by rolling/turning the dowel, one hand at a time. Let it down by reversing the process (and slowly…don’t just let it drop). That’s 1. Repeat, never letting your arms drop. Work at it until you can do 5, then increase the weight.

    1. That works great too, but once you develop a significant level of strength, the dowel will break due to the weight utilized.

  5. Here’s another great idea; Just Kidding… I liked the video, good points!

    1. Appreciate it, thanks!

  6. 032125 Avatar

    Watching vast amounts of smut daily has improved my grip 157.9%, but now I have a significant grip imbalance. If I ever get around to weak side shooting, I’ll have to learn to fight southpaw whilst firing off knuckle children.

    1. Never had that issue…as BOTH hands are required :)

  7. Then the other half — when you are shaking hands with an 80 year old grandpa — don’t grip with the same strength you grab for 1911 with.

    Remember they are from a close providence. ;-)

  8. Try the new Grip4orce. I like them for hand gripping and using in the gym. Great for the fingers and the wrist. I at times use captain crush but now just use the Advanced grip4orce for a hand gripper and the Intermediate grip4orce for direct grip and arm work in the gym. Check them out and let me know your thoughts, to me they have been best for carry over to the sport of shooting. thanks for the info Jess :)

  9. elephantrider Avatar


    Didn’t see you close the grippers all the way anywhere in the video. Do you avoid that for some reason? The makers of the grippers often use numbers of completely closed closed repetitions as a sign of when to move up in resistance. Are you just trying to gain endurance in your own partially closed sweet spot?