Denny’s On America’s Greatness

Predicable but good:

I haven’t been to Denny’s in ages.  Oh well better places to go as long as you’re not looking to eat at 4am.


Hat tip: Alexander N.


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  1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Considering I just got off work at 330am, I stopped by and ordered my usual (Country Fried Steak and Eggs) but tried their Americana meals. Alright I guess, but the Denny’s I went to wasn’t well known for having competent short-order cooks. I might make a trip out to another location where I know my food is cooked properly.

    Otherwise, it seems…well, refreshing to see something like this at least.

  2. The only version I’ve seen on the TeeWee here in northern Va has the 2nd Amendment reference cut out.
    For that matter, the Denny’s fare tends to get better the further you get from D.C. as well.

    1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      Odd, I prefer the one over at Fairfax. Their night staff are really good.

  3. Dan The Viking Avatar
    Dan The Viking

    The runs of this I’ve seen had the “2nd Amendment” bit cut out too.
    It’s kind of sad that you hear these things coming from a DENNY’S commercial more than you do actual peoples’ mouthes.

  4. If they run that commercial uncut, I will go to Denny’s and buy a meal for a hobo just to support a company saying the right to bear arms is a reason this country is great.

  5. M-cameron Avatar

    theyve been running the uncut commercial here in Massachusetts… if only i could find a Denny’s

  6. doyletoo Avatar

    I haven’t seen the second amendment version either. It matters not, Cracker Barrel has pushed Denny’s into near nothingness here in the SE unless your in a “big town” like ATL.

  7. derpmaster Avatar

    All of the food in that commercial looks like a heart attack on a plate. Murrica, f yeah

    1. ‘Merica fuck yeah indeed.

      Now if we can only get IHOP to use left over pancakes as skeet targets or food for the homeless…. Or both.

  8. Bravo to Dennis for being unafraid. That said, I only ate a Denny’s once in my life in 1981 and I am still trying to deal with the mental scars.

  9. I’m sure people won’t agree with me; and maybe it’s even just the franchise closest to me – but denny’s food sucks. (and my dennys has shit service) granted my Denny’s is near the hood.

  10. Dude gets some SOLID character acting jobs.

    This was the Airline Security dude who found the electric shaver in Edward Norton’s bag in Fight Club!

    1. Dood! Yes!

      Another reason to go dig out Fight Club and watch it again.

      1. As if you needed another one!

  11. I hate TV and don’t have one, so no clue on the 2A portion locally. That being said, I’ll actually eat at a Denny’s in support.

  12. dave w Avatar

    The only dennys near me is just like the one in the commercial. But its not near a hood and attached to a decent hotel, cant think which one, and the food always was great. But i have been to some of the bad ones.

  13. The only time you go into a Denny’s is at 3 AM when you’re drunk with your friends.

    It’s a sad, sad place to go sober.

  14. Why doesn’t Denny’s accurately portray their actual customer base?

  15. Rob C. Avatar

    When you need food at 4am, Waffle House. Waffle House all the way.

    Going to a bad Denny’s is so bad that you will be physically unable to ever enter any Denny’s ever again.

    1. ^^^This.
      Waffle House is the place to go when everywhere else is closed. Plus you can always find a ride hitchhiking home at one if your car has died, you’re too drunk to get back, etc.

      1. I just can’t find a Waffle House that takes credit cards. They are all cash-only.

        When I’m looking for food at 3am, I’ve already stuffed all my cash into some strange girl’s g-string. All I’ve got left is my check card.

        1. Most of the Waffle House’s now take cards. The problem is that the corporate Waffle House’s have the “No gun” policy and the private ones are hit and miss.

    2. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      I wish there were more Waffle House locations here in the N. Va side of the DC Beltway. I’d definately go there over Denny’s. And concur on the bad Denny’s = all are bad sentiment. I cannot go to the Manassas location anymore.

      1. Waffle House does not exist in Oregon.

  16. The Denny’s commercial is hardly positive for the 2a. They used a sweet, seemingly militant in her conviction, grandma to quote the 2nd to communicate “militant and antiquated” concerning the 2nd.

    If anything I’m slightly offended by it, the underlying message is poor.

  17. Dilhack Avatar

    The Denny’s in Ohio/Tennessee must be different than where you guys are…like Holiday Inn or something (horrible hotel to go to in the North, much more classy in the South…)

    Anyway, I don’t have TV so I don’t know what version is being shown here – but I like it.

  18. Very nice to see their support.