Biblical Self Defense

Oh just a standard bible… or is it! *dramatic music*

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I’ve hollowed out a few books in my day… didn’t put guns in any of them though.  The hiding guns in books option and how-to was discussed already, in addition to other places to hide guns in the house.

Thou shalt not kill though right?  Hmmm what’s self defense considered?  I haven’t been to church in a while.



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  1. I always find stuff like that to be pretty neat even if i’ll never use it. I like the hideaway clock things from the older article but they look super dated, if there was a style update i bet people would jump on em.

  2. The word translated “kill” in that commandment in some versions is better translated “murder.” Self defense is not against the Christian faith in most cases. I carry daily, at home and in the pulpit. The church elders regularly carry as well. I should qualify this by saying I am in Alaska and a conservative evangelical.

    1. Sendarius Avatar

      I’m with Pastor Bill – I am pretty sure the commandment is “Thou shalt not murder”, an killing in self-defence is not murder.

      … but I won’t be hollowing out my family heirloom Bible to hide a gun.

      1. Anonymous Avatar

        I tought it’s actually “thou shalt not kill with evil intent”. Saving yourself is hardly evil.

  3. Dilhack Avatar

    To back up Pastor Bill with my own theology-fu, the Hebrew word used is certainly referring to murder. IIRC the only translation that writes it as “kill” is the old KJV. As for the Christian perspective on self defense, in Luke 22 Christ had his disciples be sure to have a sword with them on their journey’s. Swords weren’t exactly a hunting weapon, but the roads they traveled were plagued with robbers – so they needed defense.

    As for Christian pacifism, there is a time and a place for violence or submission to an oppressor. Christ never condemned nor supported war – but conceded that it was just a fact of life.

    And for the topic of the post…I think I would hollow out War and Peace before a Bible. I don’t think that would exactly put God on your side – lol.

  4. This is the perfect opportunity to throw in a shameless, yet relevant plug for a book I recently published: “Tactical Bible Stories: Personal Security Tips from the Bible” The Bible is not only very pro-self-defense, but also has numerous examples that illustrate practical self-defense concepts.

  5. Frank Avatar

    The root of the word shows up as “murder”. In my Heb-dictionary.

  6. I have all kinds of hiding places in my house for weapons.