AK Battle Axe Zombie Killer Buttstock

Remember kids this is a “novelty” item:

$42 from seller kmantor on eBay.  How long until some newb sharpens it up and slices an artery, or else tries to chop down a tree with a loaded AK as a joke and fires off a round back at himself?

I can’t decide if this is more retarded or less retarded than then picatinny rail knife sheath mount.


Hat tip: Marco


22 responses to “AK Battle Axe Zombie Killer Buttstock”

  1. They had to drill holes in and paint a Romanian lower handguard black? What a waste of a cheap handguard putting it with that furniture…

  2. Kenny Blankenship Avatar
    Kenny Blankenship

    That rifle has one correct blade. It’s not the one in back.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar


  3. Such a waste of time… and money!
    Not taking into account the fact that you maybe be arrested by the good-taste bureau, which clearly prohibits such a useless and ugly feature on any firearm. Ever.

    Make a piccatiny-compatible sheath for an small axe…:-)

  4. Willy Wonka Avatar
    Willy Wonka

    I wish somebody would some of those chicom folding spike bayonets. That’s more my style.

    1. Willy Wonka Avatar
      Willy Wonka


  5. Worse idea, Much worse. The knife on the 1913 has potential to be practical. This is just pants on head retarded.

  6. It has a false edge, completely for show. Just for fun and when you come at it from that angle and not the “every must be fore serious use” I’m ok with it:

  7. It’s a real bad day if you’re holding onto the other end of your rifle.

    1. Have ever heard of a butt-stroke?

  8. Actually when it’s on the rifle, it doesn’t look that bad. However the welds don’t look like they could stand much abuse anyway.

  9. All I have to say is atleast it’s not like $150. I’m sure dudes who play gears of war or some shit like that are gonna eat it up. Not my cup of tea though…

  10. theforgottenman Avatar

    This is going to be a standard stock on the next batch of Red Jacket firearms.

    1. Then they will say they thought of it and claim it has neva been done befo’.

      1. El Duderino Avatar
        El Duderino

        Well neva wif the RJ logo plasma cut into the metal.

        Scene 1:

        Will: “I got a call from one o’ my police buddies an’ he’s lookin’ for somethin’ really special for their patrol rifles. I got a surprise in store for him…”


        Scene 2:

  11. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    Seems like the stenciled graphic would weaken the blade.

  12. Frank Avatar

    Mount the goddamn ax on the goddamn rail, that’s what the goddamn rail is for. Goddamn it.

  13. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    I’d rather have my tacticool rail-mounted bottle opener.

  14. Who makes that foregrip? Is it a modified wood one or is it plastic?

  15. Looks like a fun novelty item.

  16. Everybody here is mostly right. This in its current stage is an accident waiting to happen, but maybe a change in placement, some strengthening of the blade, and maybe some serration, and this could POSSIBLY be worth the money