The Dying Art Of Pakistan’s Gun Makers

Those guys definitely know their way around a machine shop.  That’s nuts how the one guy was eyball-milling out a handgun and inner parts by hand on a drill press.

I wonder if they read ENDO? haha  If so, I want one of those unfinished Beretta 92 replicas. :P


Hat tip: Eric


16 responses to “The Dying Art Of Pakistan’s Gun Makers”

  1. 9 children!?!? Jesus H Christ!

    PS: Nice test fire pit

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      “You’ll shoot your eye out with that thing.”

  2. Rob C. Avatar

    I would love one of those just to have…. It would be a great conversation piece. “Khyber Pass” ripoffs have a long history. You’d have to be suicidal to shoot the thing, though. I wonder how many incidents they have when testing those.

  3. hydepark Avatar

    Yeah, I’m with Rob. I don’t think you could pay me to discharge any of those “handguns” coming out of that workshop. I’m sure they’re relatively safe, but in the long run, there’s no way these guns could stand the test of time. Cool find.

  4. As hilarious as it looks, there’s nothing separating that from some American guy making a gun in his workshop when it boils down to it, that dude’s been doing it for 40 years!

    I did find the H&S for test firing pretty eye-opening though… No ear-pro, no eye-pro…

    1. Rob C. Avatar

      Except that they get their steel from railroad ties, scrapped cars, pot metal, etc. I’m sure if you lived there you would go to the guy who has a reputation for quality work. I do think that it’s INSANELY cool that these guys build (theoretically) functional firearms using hand tools and scrap metal in a shop with a dirt floor. I’m also sure that there’s more than one person who thinks he owns and shoots a martini-henry or lee-enfield and actually owns one of these. The mystery steel would make it a no-shooter for me though.

  5. Chris Avatar

    If I start a vigilante army, I probably still wouldn’t go here to get my arms.

  6. The guns might not be as bad as you guys think. There are handmade American classics that still function wonderfully.

  7. 032125 Avatar

    Anyone who would shoot a 19th century firearm should be perfectly comfortable with the products of these craftsmen. I think they are awesome in their own way.

  8. Cool video, but that test fire pit is something else.

  9. JonMac Avatar

    That is NOT a replica of a TT33, let alone a Turkish one.

  10. JonMac Avatar

    Also, they may or may not be licenced by their own government, but the intellectual copyright they’re exploiting sure as hell isn’t!

  11. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    This is NOTHING compared to Danao

  12. At first I thought this was a tour through a Taurus manufacturing facility.

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      My first thought too. We must be those good minds people are always saying stuff about.

  13. Michaelbak Avatar

    That 92fs replica at the end looked slick as hell. Better than a Taurus :/