Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight

These guys make it easy:

The knife and picatinny mountable sheath is $135 over at Tops Knives.  That seems like a lot, but can you really put a price on having a rail accessible backup knife? :P

I wonder how long until larger brands start pumping out picatinny rail sheaths for existing knives in their lineup?



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  1. Well crap, now my inner gear whore wants a rail mount for an M9 bayonet sheath

  2. That BSA red dot on the AK is mounted backward. Nice. Must be some real gun people taking the pictures. Maybe a nod to HK. Maybe just dumb.

  3. Dan The Viking Avatar
    Dan The Viking

    This looks like something Solid Snake would use.
    But $135? Jeez. I could just make a Kydex sheath and bolt some scope rings onto it or something and be done with it.

    1. Torontogosh Avatar

      “This looks like something Solid Snake would use.”

      Best comment I will read on the internet today.

  4. That looks like a terrible place to draw a knife from…

  5. Chris Avatar

    Holy GAY accessories Batman! Lame.

  6. MrMaigo Avatar

    I’d rather have a nicer knife on there, but I support this. A blade on the gun you’re already holding is sure to be quicker than reaching back to your vest/belt. And really, would expect you to draw a knife from your gun?

    Lets face it, it’s better than the under barrel glock mount.

  7. Interesting concept, and certainly falls into the “why didn’t I think of that?” category. Not for me perhaps, but I can see how this could have some merit.

  8. Curtis Avatar

    It’s a cool idea, and I support modularity in all forms. That said, I’m not sure I would want a knife changing the handling characteristics of my gun when I can carry the knife elsewhere. Plus in a bad situation where the rifle stops working, you might forget the knife was there when you sling the rifle and draw a handgun. Also you are missing out on the reach and leverage of a bayonet, even though you are carrying the components. But I appreciate the ingenuity of it.

  9. Critter Avatar

    i think the bayonet is going to make a big come back.

  10. Can I get a mount for my handgun too? Then I won’t have anything to carry on my belt. Also add a couple mag pouches too. Kind of getting more and more rediculous aren’t we?

  11. 032125 Avatar

    I’d take a Benchmade SOCP knife (attached securely to my person) before this option, for the same reason that I wouldn’t attach a survival knife to my backpack. If someone gave me one I wouldn’t throw it away, but I’d never buy one. The concept is just flawed.

  12. And I’m done, never coming back to this blog. I can’t put up with stupid stuff like this, much less the people that think it is a good idea.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah damn. If you haven’t already figured out that I write 99% of the posts with sarcasm then the blog was way over your head anyway.

    2. 032125 Avatar

      I’ve said that to myself a dozen times, but here I am. See you in a few weeks Matt.

    3. This is ENDO, not nutnfancy. This is not a review site. This is a anything relating to guns is any shape of form. 95% fun, 5% serious (maybe…).

      1. I could immediately tell it was nut nuntnfancy when there wasn’t a 15 minute music video intro followed by 20 minutes of rambling and finally about 5 minutes of actual usable info sprinkled in between playing dress up in field.

        1. You’re already back Matt? I thought you were never coming back.
          I’m kinda reassured.

          1. 032125 Avatar


            EDNDO isn’t the most intelligent or in depth firearm blog, but he keeps cranking out items every freaking day. When The Firearm Blog or Vuurwapenblog haven’t published an article in a few days, you can count on Mike to have pooped out something fresh for your daily gun fix. That’s when the “I’ll never come back” crowd ends up here over and over.

            1. This.

  13. Not a fan, but don’t worry Mike, I still love you. lol

  14. SouthpawByNW Avatar

    This piece of kit will probably wind up in a Marky Marky movie (sans the Funky Bunch) where he is once again trying to convince the world he is an action star. Kind of like Nicholas Cage, but with more hair and less range.

  15. Vhyrus Avatar

    For a survival bug out gun, this would be pretty sweet, although the price is pants on head retarded.

  16. dave w Avatar

    If you need a blade on a gun, by a mosin.

  17. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    I think I’d prefer a grip for an AR-15 that holds a blade directly up in it would be better (with the handle sticking out). It would be faster to grab and very quick.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      -in the pistol grip, that is-

    2. It would also probably get caught on every pouch and strap you are wearing as well as the sling.

  18. Dom P. Avatar

    $135!!!! Are you fucking HIGH!?

  19. bayonet anyone?

    seriously, if you’re going to stick that weight out there why not at least put it in a useful position!

  20. I want the knife on me, not the firearm.

    Short of a SEAL team cold camp, nine chances out of ten you are going to be crapping out that you have your firearm in arms reach, but not carrying every single moment.

    That way when you reach for your knife, your hip is the natural reaction.

  21. Ca 6 ounces of weight at the muzzle end of my rifle, just what I’ve always wanted!
    135 dollars of swing-weight FTW!

  22. Chance Avatar

    I don’t see any of you assholes inventing anything new.

    1. You don’t see me inventing anything worthless either.

      1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

        “You wouldn’t have happened to have seen?……Anything at all.”

  23. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    If it launched the knife, I’d be all over it.

  24. Jayson Avatar

    Gina was a high school cheerleader

    1. Jayson Avatar


      ANNIE was a high school cheerleader.

  25. So, for everyone that thinks that this is a stupid idea, well, you are entitled to your opinions. These knives are actually a very high quality knife 100% made in the USA here in my hometown. I have hefted a gun with this mounted on the front, and honestly it doesn’t add enough weight to notice. The method to draw from the sheath is a bit awkward at first, but after practice should become much simpler. I’m not saying it’s perfect, there’s a few things that could make it better, but overall it works. And as a backup knife it’s not such a bad idea.

    1. A high quality knife is never a bad idea. I don’t think the knife is stupid, I think the placement of it is poorly executed. Taking up valuable rail space and with something that belongs on your person as well as the way you would have to deploy it is not tactically sound. A knife is a last-ditch weapon system at best. If your rifle goes down the smart move is to draw a sidearm if you can’t get it back up immediately. If you HAVE to use a knife as a weapon and you have a rifle at hand then the extra reach afforded by a muzzle strike or butt smash is a much smarter decision. With a little bit of entry-level CQB training it becomes very apparent that mounting a knife retention system to a rail is a tactical mistake.

    2. Did anyone here discount the quality of the knife?

      The knife may the best ever made on the quality of Badger Blades

      That being said the Picatinny rail was designed to give an operator an advantage with tactical lights, laser aiming modules, night vision devices, reflex sights, foregrips, bipods, and bayonets.

      Since this isn’t a bayonet fixture, all it does is give weight to my primary weapon.

      Each operator gives consideration to what and where they wear equipment. Some will carry their knife on their main belt (i.e. not giving up till they die). Some will wear it on their LBE (i.e. depending on the situation it is not needed at hand). Others may like this option of carrying it on their weapon.

      But I’d rather have a scope, laser, light configuration on my primary weapon. The pistols have lasers. The knife is relegated to LBE or belt as needed for a configuration.

      In addition, the $130+ price tag leads most people to it’s overpriced for it’s function. I can get a nice survival Gerber for somewhere in $40 range.

  26. Why not a back-up pistol kydex holster mounted on the side of you rifle? That would be valuable, provided the gun is high quality.

    The only problem is that adding my loaded .50 Deagle on the side of my rifle will definitively make it shoot too much on the right… unless I put a second piccatiny holster for magazines on the left, and then I am more balanced (or am I not?), but I need to figure out how I draw/load/chamber/shoot with one hand.

    Damn this is hard…

  27. As I stated, I wouldn’t buy this. But I like the idea. Any kind of innovation, no matter how absurd, could lead to more, better ideas.

    I don’t like the placement, and I think the only knife mounted to a gun should be a bayo.

    I do like the mount itself.

    ITW is making some picatinny rail sections that will mount to MOLLE, webbing, straps, etc. So, you can attach rail accessories to these mounts when you don’t need them on your weapon (like a pistol light, if you don’t have a holster that will accommodate a mounted light). Depending on the location, a weapon light could even be used as a headlamp/hands-free-light in this manner.

    Similarly, there are some holster rigs and the like that have short rail sections.

    I’d mount the knife to something like that before I’d put it on a firearm.

  28. scout12 Avatar

    Im shocked at how many folks speak of going for a back up handgun, or want t reserve the rail space for optics, lights, lasers and such. I would like to remind or inform those that don’t know, not everyone has a sidearm. Nor dose every soldier have lasers, lights, and optics. I understand the idea that there are better places to draw from, but the military adopted gear that can be configured different for every soldier due to the fact that everyone is different and has different ergonomics. Having options dosent mean you have to use them.

  29. SilhouetteLies Avatar

    Did anybody think to consider the fact that if this can be mounted on the rail of your rifle, it could also be mounted on any other 2 inch section of picatinny rail. For instance the section of rial right in from of your pistol on a blackhawk serpa thy rig. Or the picatinny attachment for a molle vest. Or the fact that you can get a swivel belt clip for the sheath. If you really wanted to go crazy you could throw it on your helmet, atv, motorcycle, truck or whatever tickles your fancy.

    For all you tech whores that state the picatinny rail was designed for reflex, holo sites, scopes, night vision, thermal vision, laser sites, back up sites, bipods, flashlights, grips and so on. How many out of that list do you not only carry at the same time but have mounted to the side rails. Most of the time you have a laser on one side and the flashlight on the other, everything else being mounted on the top or bottom rail, leaving you with 7-9 inches of open side rail space to either leave unused or cover with the “extra weight” of rail covers. I feel that this is a great multioption idea, even if it is mounted on the rifle. Plus a little muzzle weight will only prevent barrel rise, just how Rock River designed their elite operators, with a little bit of extra muzzle weight to keep her down. ;)

  30. Ok guys now I know that a lot of people are mocking this but I had to draw a knife in combat I got lucky if I had had this then I wouldn’t have a scar I can see an application for this like cutting zip ties on Hadji hands while keeping your rifle on them pulling it for that person that pops out the room to your left or if someone is close enough to grab your weapon and push it up fast draw with left hand and ran the glad in their throat it is a CQB attachment and it fills that niche