Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Preview

Preview for the new game, set in the year 2025:

Horses? Zombies? *shrug* why not, right?

Whats the consensus among you gamers?  Is this gonna be good?

You can pre-order the game over at Amazon for $60 if you’re interested.  November 13, 2012 release date.


36 responses to “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Preview”

  1. eeee.. yeah, they ran out of wars for the storyline.
    I kind of hate “futuristic” themed firearms..
    the only exceptions are if it’s based on a remotely/totally different universe than ours (gears of war, mass effect, etx..), and ghost recon.

    1. I completely agree with this. I love Gears and Bulletstorm, but I like my realistically war games realistic and my fantasy war games fantasy. I don’t care for them when they blend the genres.

  2. I like the “five minutes into the future” sci-fi vibe, but the demo that was shown on E3 is boring as hell.

    And I’m pretty sure I’ll be locked of multiplayer again, as was the case with all CoD games since the 4th one.

  3. NYzombie Avatar

    Looks like halo, fake and gay

  4. A bunch of the COD games have Nazi zombie sub game which is a hoot. Sounds like they are expanding the sub game and making it better which should be fun. So Zombies are not new to COD. not sure I care for the future aspect of it though…..Its kinda sad the COD franchise has come to this.

    1. Komodo Saurian Avatar
      Komodo Saurian

      Why? They progressed from 1940s to the 2020s.

  5. Treyarch makes the worst cod games,

    1. world at war was decent enough to play..
      black ops? . . . meh

    2. Indeed. InfinityWard 4-life. Not that I even play much anymore since I got a motorcycle. It only took me 27 years to outgrow video games!! Hooray for me!

      1. Infinity Ward isn’t really Infinity Ward any more. At least not if you mean the people who made Modern Warfare.
        A major issue in the entertainment industry right now is who should own the intellectual property: the people who actually made it or the people who published it. Right now its mostly who published it. This is why Halo will never end since Microsoft owns it. Pixar has the same problem. They keep making sequels because if they don’t Disney (who owns the IP) will and the people at Pixar can’t bear to see someone else ruin their work.

  6. Ha! One of my friends was just saying: “What would they come up with next, COD Future Warfare?” Looks like it.

    COD was just gun porn for me. And guns that dont exist dont do it for me xD

  7. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Will it have a shotgun effective past 7 feet?

  8. VoodooJak Avatar

    I am not a hardcore gamer, i play video games because the weathers bad or I am sick so I don’t care if it is set in the past, present, or future. I am sure it will be entertaining. If you want realism join the service.

  9. This game is gonna suck. Its turning black ops almost into a Halo game. I wouldnt be surprised if they had aliens in the game.

  10. doyletoo Avatar

    Anyone know where the guy in the video got the “Zombie Labs”
    t shirt? I couldn’t see the whole thing but it looked interesting.

  11. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    The problem is. I like Halo. That said, I liked Halo because it was uh…different? People rag on it now because of…well whatever their online experience was. I was the guy who bought all the books and immersed himself in the lore, which was pretty alright for a simple FPS game.

    So I like Halo. Just to counter the Halo = Teh Suck people here.

    That said, ain’t wasting money on COD:BO2. I hated the first Black Ops and I honestly want something better, but to me, Call of Duty World at War was the last truly Good COD game. The best is the first three COD games, since the whole schtick was you get to play as the US, Brits, and Rooskies in WWII. Storming German positions in Stalingrad > Future Bullshit in BO2.

    I’m gonna give the new Medal of Honor some time though.

    1. Legacy Avatar

      +1 on the Halo comment. I don’t get why it gets so bashed here. Immersed myself pretty heavily in the lore as well, mainly because it was very fleshed out and deep. Same with Mass Effect (minus the ending).

      Which brings me to my next point. It’s the publishers shoving this down people throats. Look at what happened to Mass Effect, whats about to happen to Halo, and what’s been happening to CoD. The publishers see it as a cash cow, and the developers don’t feel the same way. Like PJ said, most of these developers can’t bear to see someone else ruin their intellectual baby. So they press on like beaten trailer park wives. Forcibly releasing content so they won’t get gutted (like IW) or so their IP isn’t passed off to someone less capable.

  12. Lame, i’m not impressed…

  13. Off topic, but it seems like it would be a good idea if your horse was somehow armed when you went into battle. Like maybe if you could somehow secure a penetrating weapon on its forehead. Like maybe a horn. Yeah, nothing would be more badass than a horse with a horn on its forehead . . . .

    1. Warhorses were trained to bite, kick, and stomp.

      COD, trained to squeeze out mediocre and rehashed “new” I.(crap)P.

      Zombies have now jumped the shark.

      I can be hopeful, but I feel more meh.

  14. It’s a good thing something this generic has the COD brand to fool the masses into checking it out.


  16. Single player will be done in a couple of hours….

    Will try to play online for about 20 minutes…and be called fag bitch homo cocksucker nigger jew raghead dike whore punk fucker by people that would never say it to my face….

    So i’ll just go back to ‘Black’ for the PS2.

    (hope i didn’t offend, nut if you’ve spent a minute omline gaming you should be used to it.)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL at the “be called” part hahahha so true

    2. Dilhack Avatar

      “if you’ve spent a minute online gaming”
      …so true. I love the “mute” switch on my mic :-)

    3. I’ve made a pledge to only play with friends (good friends at that) I’ve known in person online. It’s a policy that’s been working well for me for quiet some time now. Cooperative only game play also helps keep the jackass behavior down.

  17. Dilhack Avatar

    Homefront had the story and style that was fantastic for a “future” war setting that I think was set up in 2027…this just looks like a mix between Black Ops and Halo. Both are good games, but should never mix. They’ve really got my hopes smashed on this one – I’ll probably be getting the new MoH instead. Although, despite the zombie fad being way overdone and boring/stupid now, blowing away endless hordes of trey-arch nazi zombies never gets old…so I’ll probably pick it up for that factor.

  18. The problem with the COD games is that they are made for people like this, and not people like me.

    1. so this is the typical face of the people who always wants to “fuck my mom”

  19. øyvind frivold Avatar
    øyvind frivold

    the graphics are the same as in world at war, they are not pushing the envelope at all, just fucking around and not really doing anything new. infinity ward and treyarch are the “crappy boybands” of videogames, just following the same recipe all they way, and never doing anything new with gameplay or graphics.
    to those who want a cool war game i suggest Red orchestra(it’s ww2). at least tripwire try to make good games instead of remaking the succes from six years ago again and again.

    Cod should never have left WW2, and if they had to then korea and vietnam would have been good choices.
    future warfare = waste of money

  20. By the time this comes out, Battlefield 3 will have been out for a little over a year and it will still be the better game.

  21. duhwut Avatar

    hahahha this looks so stupid! Anybody with a brain will tell you that 2025 won’t be like that. reminds me of when people expected flying cars in the year 2000……back in the 1980’s

  22. Anyone else notice the Garry’s Mod on the screen at 2:57? I wonder what that’s about.

  23. trying to be optimistic but this does look really cheesy. Battlefield 3 all the way…

  24. Arm3nian Avatar

    “Coming off the black off we were really energized, the team has done it’s best work ever….”
    Best work ever?! In what fucking field??? Black ops was a bug riddled garbage. If that was their best work, I think I will skip this one….

  25. The horses are supposed to be from a segment set in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Honestly, I wish they had gone with that setting for the entire game, because Rambo 3 has a monopoly on that setting and it would be perfect for actual black ops instead of a war against hacked robots.