FPS Russia Upgrades His Tank And Does More Dumb Crap

Russian accent getting progressively worse:

That 76mm round is a beast. When he started jamming that potato in I was like “wtf?”… It wasn’t impressive at all, he should have stuck to the 76mm.

He’s definitely on the payroll for the World Of Tanks video game.  He shoe-horned a few mentions of that in the last two videos.  At the end of the video is says they let him borrow the tanks.   Why would a video game company own tanks?  Seems to me like something you’d just rent or borrow to make the models accurate, unless they are rolling in the dough.

If you want to check out FPS Russia’s previous escapades in the smaller M5 Stewart tank check it out here.

I would have liked to see the targets moved back further.  The car and that hut didn’t even look like they were 50 yards away.



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  1. dave w Avatar

    is not russian tank. is disappointing for me.

  2. He has the fastest tracked vehicle in wwii there – and you barely see it drive.
    He has a gun that should be able to hit a target at at least 500 yards – and he shoots at spitting distance.


    He could do so much better.

    I doubt the WoT people own the tank. I’m positive they paid for the video, however (in interest of full disclosure, I play WoT regularly).

    1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      Same here, disappoint the thing wasn’t driving around.

      Also, didn’t realize WoT was paying him for advertising. Their in-game trailers are definately better. See: UK Tank Tree trailer. That made me want to pony up for a premium account again and start grinding free experience to jump straight into the Churchill (well, already own the Rooskie Lend Lease, might as well get the actual one eh?).

  3. “Why would a video game company own tanks?”

    Speaking from a gun-nut perspective, I would say that they wanted the tanks first, then came up with a reason to write them off as a business expense.

    1. Viktor Avatar

      We’re already writing off everybody’s salaries as R&D there’s not much room for tanks there :p

  4. in case anyone was wondering what he really sounds like http://youtu.be/bkh33gAsjVU

  5. Jwhite Avatar

    I think his days are numbered. He is’nt funny… Watching people blow shit up isn’t that cool. His Russian accent was… humorous at fist but now it’s just stupid.

    They all go something like this…

    Im a fake russian
    I have a stupid accent
    I got bigger guns than you
    watch me use big gun
    wow that was big gun
    bye now
    ha ha

    *golf clap* You can stop now…

  6. That was kind of sweet.(except the potato thing) I wouldn’t move the car back any further because the round has to cost a shit ton and I wouldn’t want to risk missing…
    The video should have been 2 minutes long, shoot the car, shoot the shack thing, and move on.

  7. Ranger G (of the forest type) Avatar
    Ranger G (of the forest type)

    Wow. Guys, chill a little. This is YouTube stuff, not the big screen, and I’m happy to see a guy who’s a trifle off the wall, still down to earth, and doesn’t seem to have blown his ego up by convincing himself that his starring role is worthy of concrete hand prints and red carpets. As to blowin’ down the road with the ol’ Hellcat, that beast is 70 years old–it was clipping along nicely in the opening shot and running borrowed machinery at top speed is not being a good borrower–and pretty tough on machinery that is irreplaceable history. Anybody want to come up with bearings for one of those road wheels, or run to Discount Tire to pick up a spare track? And shooting at short range? Well–I doubt anybody has a ready supply of 76mm ammo, it probably cost a couple thousand bucks a round, and sighting in a tank destroyer is not simple–it takes some pretty complex work to collimate the sight with the gun, and I suspect even the owners lack the knowledge to do it. Shooting at even a couple hundred yards could easily yield a miss. Good grief–the guy burns a few thousand bucks in ammo and probably a hundred bucks in fuel doing this for our free entertainment and people dish on him. About the only gripes I do agree with are those noting his personal swipes at the lady handing him his burgers in the other clip of the M5–she compliments his handsome tank and he mocked her on camera. And I wouldn’t mind it if I could watch a bunch of shooting videos and not have them laced with profanity, although FPS is not the worst offender on that poing. All in all, FPS seems like a good enough guy to have on the line with you, so I’ll give him 2 thumbs up….

    1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      While he gets props for being able to play with military tech, I wouldn’t want him on the same line I’m in. I kinda want friends or friendly people, not self-inflated egoes due to youtube videos.

  8. Pretty clear he said he hooked up with the company that supplied the tanks that were modeled by the gaming company not that the company purchased and let him use the tanks.